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Runeshard Changes


Thank you Killiak for your answer. I get it, now.. it took a while. Slow learner, and I'll live with the rune shard issue, as obviously, if I don't need them.. I'm doing okay... and yes, as players run out of runes it will stabilise - but a 5 rune shard win still sucks..

Also, thanks to the rest of you.. jack, I get it. But one player in 3rd division is not going to make premier league players out of 24 others, particularly when they don't practice as they preach. Forcing kp swaps however beneficial is not in my game play rule book. I'm an occasional, play as you feel like player, not a spire or FA addict or a 10 chest wonder.. (been there, got the T-shirt, etc). Maybe we deserve what's happening, but again.. if you used the same analogy with tournaments, there'd be all out War. My complaint is the fact that the contributors do not contribute anything else..

Yes, all kp donations should go to someone else's AW.. in house if possible, or otherwise to a good neighbour, trader - but a lot of us choose the option to help a FS member.

And again, I have a certain admiration for the KP hunters who go to some trouble.. the problem is - AGAIN - that they can butt in, without invitation and push down the rewards for others who have worked hard over time..
I suppose all I'm really doing is pointing out the anomaly, making sure they donate well over the 1 kp, or even 15 with the way things are right now.. and asking, if there's any way to limit this to players who also trade and visit.

I am a member of an FS that was strategically targeted and by the time we realised, our only option was to either to let the AW's sit and not upgrade them, or try to make every member aware and beg that they better the offer.. guess what happened?