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Spiera Kallipygos™ looking for fun teammates


Greetings! We're looking for fun teammates who love team play and being on a team.

  • Have a sense of humor
  • Willingness to learn
  • Think challenges are fun, not work
  • Love team environments and teamwork
  • Can laugh it off if you accidentally delete a level 21 Monastery knowing your teammates got your back and will rebuild it for you
  • Can climb to the Lab of Spire (2 sections)
  • 1600 weekly tourney
  • Responsible adult who can communicate using words and not telepathy
  • Adept at making puns about buns

What you get back:
  • Lots of advice and guidance if you need it (beginners welcome)
  • Up to 250 :diamond: a week if you can complete the Spire (certified GOLD baby!)
  • Blueprint every week
  • 15 Tourney chests
  • High team contributions in team events (Spire, tourney, and FA)
  • Hyperactive wonder building
  • Build fun vocabulary words from chat
  • Discord channel for extended nonsense with Open Mic Night
  • Popcorn to spectate trash talking between the Kiwis and Aussies
  • Random trivia about Australia, like how they fought emus and lost
  • Very international group of strangers that turned into friends


Responsible adult who can communicate using words and not telepathy
this is the best of all!!!!


I like that, easy games are boring.
I see you have an abandoned city in Arendyll @Silly Bubbles. Are you coming out of retirement? ;)

this is the best of all!!!!
That deep belly laugh suggests someone's been Archmage before!

We just got someone that joined who only wants to do the FA with us. So we may look full, but will have room after FA. Also, the Aussies are claiming the emus had home field advantage.


Real life is taking another victim. We will have an opening Saturday!


Ok, our FA part-timer has departed and we've got room. We came in 2nd in one of the ugliest and most devious FAs ever created and 6th overall across all EN servers, despite being down a few bodies! While everyone else was kicking and screaming, we just hunkered down and got it done! That's the beauty of playing as a team...we all shouldered the coin rain debacle together. We'll get you through all three FA stages, and occasionally with some extra mustard. We do FAs for the team building, not the prizes.

Also, the Aussies went down with COVID but still got back up to plow through the FA. MAD RESPECT! I have to cut them some slack about the emus now...maybe.


We've just had a player retire so we've got room for one more beautiful player looking to develop spectacular bums from climbing Spire stairs. Are you invested in becoming callipygian?


We have an opening because a long time member left to become a Pharmacist. Adulting has claimed another elf. The Aussies claim she'll be working at the chemist, because the chemist is apparently not a person, but a location, or maybe a state of mind. Oh, and we did pick up another Aussie so there are 4 of them now. I guess that's what happens when I left them to do the recruiting. Msg me in game if you are callipygian material!
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