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  • Tasselhoff reacted to Stucon's post in the thread Dr who’s tardis with Like Like.
    Maybe we could call it the Torch Wood (in joke for Doctor Who geeks).
  • Tasselhoff replied to the thread Dr who’s tardis.
    Bindi is just a fictional character of my imagination and his bucket is also part plagiarism of dr who’s tardis and my imagination. As I...
  • artemyren
    artemyren replied to the thread Hello.
    Thank you @cwgiii
  • We have two spaces in The Norsemen for active players who like to do a bit of everything. We stretch across the globe and have no...
  • rock stream
    rock stream reacted to Solanix's post in the thread Hello with Like Like.
    @rock stream the one with those green clouds around it??? :)
  • DunkelSaturn
    DunkelSaturn reacted to Little Lilith's post in the thread Looking for new players with Like Like.
    Happy Friendly Underdogs are looking for new players :) We are a friendly and helpful fellowship trying to strike a balance between...
  • MISFITS ARE RECRUITING - Looking for Steel or Scrolls/Dust combos We are looking for an enthusiastic team player, must be a strong...
  • Herodite
    Herodite replied to the thread Block Player Option.
    @BlueBlou Absolutely you can and we would certainly encourage you to do this! In addition to the report I would also recommend taking...
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  • BlueBlou
    BlueBlou replied to the thread Block Player Option.
    Can we report “downright abusive” replies?
  • Silmaril
    Silmaril replied to the thread Block Player Option.
    This is indeed something that has been asked for previously, but something that is not considered as an option in Elvenar. A large part...
  • This has probably been suggested before but please could we have a "block player option" for those of us who do not appreciate players...
  • Silmaril
    Silmaril replied to the thread Hello.
    May be worth the reminder as we were asked to provide an easier way of seeing the moderators as the colour coding was deemed confusing...
  • cwgiii
    cwgiii replied to the thread Hello.
    Welcome @artemyren!
  • Silmaril
    Silmaril replied to the thread Question Chapter 16.
    Hello there Jules, please do not forget to check our Wiki out as a first port of call, as this will give you some insights on the...
  • Autumn Goldleaf
    Dear Humans and Elves, I am delighted to introduce you to @artemyren , who has joined our team as a new Forum Moderator. From now on...