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Recent content by Solanix

  1. Solanix

    Question Booster Spells

    @Torkan2021 the green button with the hourglass allows the usage of Time Boosters, the blue button with a Diamond is for the usage of Diamonds.
  2. Solanix

    Faster NH visits

    @SkyRider99 now I understand what you mean. Instead of the city openning, you want the same window coming up as if you work through your notifications. This would need then a solution for an actual visit of a city. Sometimes I like to look around to see how other players are dealing with their...
  3. Solanix

    Faster NH visits

    @SkyRider99 I do my NH only via the Notification Button. I only visit via the map when I have done my 'usual' visits and then get a quest to do visits ... I am lucky, my neighbors are all coming back to me before they would drop off from page 10 :)
  4. Solanix

    Faster NH visits

    @SkyRider99 I am not sure if I would like those pop-up windows when somebody visits me. If they would all come within an hour, fine, that would be just bearable. Now imagine you are doing your tournament battles and every few minutes, a pop-up interrupts you. Or you are spending hours to move...
  5. Solanix

    IM's missing

    @Pierke can I suggest to make a ticket to support? They can look into this for you.
  6. Solanix

    Question Orcs, what are you doing?

    The pink fluffy one might smell of strawberries :)
  7. Solanix

    Building upgrade suggestion

    @Primrosa we had this question already several times. It is not possible to rotate buildings as they are 2 dimensional (no matter how pretty they are). It is part of the game to arrange and re-arrange you city. :)
  8. Solanix

    Winyandor Quest To Be More Precise

    @spieler20200712 the Good Production Boost is in the next column, not very difficult to find :)
  9. Solanix

    Winyandor Quest To Be More Precise

    @spieler20200712 there is only one Good Production Boost in your Research. :)
  10. Solanix

    Question Orcs, what are you doing?

    @Sir Derf my thoughts were always that these 230 Orcs were needed to liquidize the Strawberries for making the Beer. That job is so hard for them, that they just have enough after 3 hours treading Strawberries and they leave the city. I always avoided to continue the thought of Orcs treading...
  11. Solanix


    Did you know all about Support? Our Support Team is busy with answering all your tickets all around the clock. But not everybody knows how to contact them and what they can help players with. If you are in the game and something did not seem to work as you expected, i.e. you cannot find a...
  12. Solanix

    Open Game not loading correctly.

    @LOCHABER NOREMAC this is something for Game Support ... Have you ever tried to clear your cache and hard reset your Modem?
  13. Solanix

    Elvenar Scavenger Hunt. Unlock the hidden combination and open the sunken treasure!

    No worries @Princess Penelope. the other players cannot see your entrance. :)
  14. Solanix

    New to Forums

    Welcome to the Forum @GracefulPam :)
  15. Solanix

    Explosive Phoenix

    @Sir Derf and I thought that only the Goblins can handle them with the help of their Shrooms :)