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Do you know your Grid?


Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
When you click on the crossed arrows in your city and then on the little house icon above, you can see your city's grid. It is very colorful, and you have an unrestricted view of all your roads and building shapes. But do you know the color code?

Pale yellow - Ancient Wonders
Bright yellow - Residences and the Builders Hut
Blue - Workshops
Pink - Manufactories
Bright red - Military buildings
Purple - Cultural buildings from events, gifts from InnoGames (think Unicorns!), and rewards
Light blue - Cultural buildings from the Buildings menu
Green - Settlement buildings
Black - Expired buildings

Each building has, no matter which color, a tiny symbol of its purpose. So, if you are color-blind and cannot differentiate some colors, you can work with those symbols.

Please remember that this is based on the browser version. In the App, it may look different.