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We offer you a Sip of Clarity!!!


Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team

This little potion bottle contains a Sip of Clarity and may well be your best-ever help in the Magic Academy.

You might ask how this would help me?

If you are waiting desperately for a certain Recipe to come up and do not want to wait for the next Recipe cycle of Crafting Recipes, you can use a Sip of Clarity to move the Recipes forward! Previously, you had to dig deep in your pockets and pay for this with 50 Diamonds. Now, you can save your Diamonds and choose to take a Sip instead.

Where do you find these little potion bottles?
The main source is the Gatekeeper before the last Boss in the Spire of Eternity. Defeat him, and he can, as part of his rewards, grant you with a stash of 5 Sips of Clarity. If you do not manage to climb so high in the Spire of Eternity, you can also get them from our main events as well as our season events. We also have some Quests and Passes that give Sips of Clarity.

Where can you find out how many Sips of Clarity you have available?

They are hiding in the Magic Academy. Open your Crafting tab, and if the button below the Mystic Object shows a Sip of Clarity, hover over the "I" for Information, and you can see how many you have available.

Please remember that this post is made in the Browser version of Elvenar. There can be some differences in the App version.