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Do you know your Quests?


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Elvenar Team
Elvenar comes with many (and different) Quests to keep us busy. Story Quests are generally very helpful for navigating through a chapter; some are for Events or Seasons, and some are Side Quests or Old Story Quests.

Let's start with the Story Quests. You can easily identify them because they have a Scroll with an Exclamation Mark in the Avatar (picture 1).
Quest Story.png

Picture 1​

These Story Quests are mandatory. You have to do them as they are designed to tell the story of Elvenar and its incredibly diverse lore as well as guide you through the parts of the game that are required. Ignore them at your peril, as not only can this make gameplay more difficult, but you also miss out on the required rewards to keep moving forward; this is why they are geared to each chapter and perfectly timed to give you maximum help.

Old Story Quests always have a Cancel or Decline Button. If you encounter such an Old Story Quest, please consider whether you want, can, or should do it. You do not want to do an Old Story Quest when it requires items you cannot produce anymore, gives you items as rewards you do not need anymore or does not logically fit into your current position in Research. The latter point is the most important because we are streamlining our lower Chapters, these trigger Old Story Quests. Please beware, as some of these can appear at first glance to pertain to your current chapter. A good example of this is when you are asked to sell your current Chapter Portal; if you have not just passed into a new chapter, this will mean that if you go ahead with this, you will need to rebuild it again. So mindfulness is very much the key!

Side Quests (picture 2) are voluntary, and you can easily decline them. You do not always have Side Quests available. They are mainly replaced by Season Quests (picture 3).
Quest Side.png
Quest Season.png

Picture 2 Picture 3​

Season Quests are split into Daily and Weekly Quests. As their titles say, you have to complete them daily, but you can take your time for the weekly ones. Nothing negative will happen if the week passes and you still have some of them not met. Some of the following 4 Weekly Quests will enter the Queue. Once you have completed a Weekly Quest, one of the queued ones will move up and appear in the display (picture 4).
Quest Season Weekly.png

Picture 4​

The Event Quests have a progress bar at the bottom where you can see the Milestone Rewards (picture 5).
Quest Event Milestones.png

Picture 5​

Both Season and Event Quests are not mandatory. You do not need to do them if you do not want their rewards (and plenty of them).

No matter which Quest you are dealing with, the button "Claim" will only turn green (and become accessible) if you have completed the tasks.

This post was made using the browser version of the game. The App might look different.