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Do you know your Portal Profits?


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Elvenar Team

This beauty is usable for many things. If your Magic Academy is a level 5, you can disenchant it for Spell Fragments. A lower-level Magic Academy might give you fewer Spell Fragments.

50% Portal Profit - 3360 Spell Fragments
25% Portal Profit - 1850 Spell Fragments
20% Portal Profit - 1510 Spell Fragments
15% Portal Profit - 1180 Spell Fragments
10% Portal Profit - 800 Spell Fragments
5% Portal Profit - 420 Spell Fragments

But this is not their primary use in the game.

They are meant to be used to replenish Settlement Goods in case you run out of them and cannot reproduce them as fast as you would need to. How many resources they will give you depends on their value and the size of your Portal Storage. A level 1 Portal has only a tiny Storage, and you will get less from a Portal Profit than when your Portal is at level 4. The Vortex of Storage also increases your Portal Storage, but you cannot get this Ancient Wonder until Chapter 15, The Elvenars.

Do you know what goods you can expect from your Portal Profits? If there are multiple goods, you will always get all of them, not only one. If you are short on only one good, you might exceed your Storage Capacity for the additional goods.

Chapter 6 - A Portal to the Past - Granite, Copper
Chapter 7 - Blossoms of Promise - Night Essence, Ambrosia
Chapter 8 - Mud and Mushrooms - Loot, Mushrooms of Wisdom
Chapter 9 - Natives of the Continent - Wood Ghosts, Wind Chimes, Treant Sprouts
Chapter 10 - Elvarian Sorcerers Society - Arcane Alchemists, Alchemy and Arcane Necromancers
Chapter 11 - Halflings - Tingle Bread, Savy Soup, and Jolly Jelly
Chapter 12 - Elementals - Elvenar Essence
Chapter 13 - Amuni - Grave Goods and Traps
Chapter 14 - Constructs - Humanium and Elvarium
Chapter 15 - The Elvenars - Human and Elven Collections and Manifests
Chapter 16 - Embassies - Statutes
Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Elvenarin Zero
Chapter 18 - Teamspirit - Visitors to the Park: Humans, Elvenars, and Elves
Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile - White and Black Magic
Chapter 20 - Power of Music - Bars
Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend - Prey

Portal Profits are always helpful, but in the higher chapters, they do not necessarily give you the final Settlement Goods needed for your Research, but only goods to make those final Settlement Goods. Or if they offer you the final Settlement Good, you might need other goods to upgrade your Settlement Buildings.

This time, there should be no difference between the Elvenar App and the Browser Version.


There is also a 33% for 2310 Spell Fragments

To craft a 20% Portal Profit costs 10 Combining Catalyst and 3k Spell Fragments - not much of a bargain.
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Hence why all my Trading Stations are churning out those lovely 10% Portal Profits. I rarely use these in game, usually it's to speed up completing the Chapter when a Fellowship Adventure is on the horizon. 761,000 (and counting) Spell Fragments across 3 cities will keep the Ancient Wonders ticking over nicely.

Hang on... a 20% Portal Profit costs 10 Combining Catalysts and 3,000 Spell Fragments to create, yet if disenchanted is only worth 1.510 Spell Fragments. Why on earth would anyone bother creating one in the first instance let alone consider disenchanting it...??? This must be the most pointless set of Magic Academy crafting recipes to date...... I await with baited breath a more worthy example......

Anyhow, the game also throws so many Portal Profits out of the Spire it's a wonder my residents aren't wearing hard hats. It would be nice if at the very top of the Spire the reward percentages for the top prizes were better. It take a considerable amount of Troops / Resources to get there only to receive a rather naff reward. It's due to this that so few players across the 3 fellowships even bother going beyond the 2nd (Frog) Boss.

Thanks for this info Solanix & OldHag. :)


It would be nice if at the very top of the Spire the reward percentages for the top prizes were better. It take a considerable amount of Troops / Resources to get there only to receive a rather naff reward.
I agree @Valedoress. Especially since the costs for completing gates above the Frog monster are much higher. We should get 10K SFs and 50 CCs at the top as bonus for sacrificing so many troops/resources. As if they would give us that! :confused:



The Spire of Eternal Resource Consumption :D
That being said, in defense of the Spire, it has gifted me with 12 magic workshops and 15 magic residences so I really can't complain about the gazillion PPs it also throws at me :)


The Spire of Eternity is an excellent source for Portal Profits. You do not need to craft them in your Magic Academy.
Then remove them from the MA and/or reduce them in the spire.


Master of the Elements
Portal Profits are always helpful
Can I dispute this please? They are extremely helpful in the middle chapters. In the early guest race chapters Inno has altered the mechanics of upgrading the portals, so they are downgraded to very helpful. In the later chapters they come closer and closer to being completely useless. By Team Spirit they might as well not exist, so I assume it continues on that trajectory in subsequent chapters.