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Runeshard Changes


Everyone's going to have a maxed out GA before the end of the week arrives at this rate.


If you want to get past rune circles it's not a good idea to spend your runes to nothing unless you have that AW maxed already. Decide on an amount to hold in reserve.
I can see this happening a lot in the future. Time to fill the rune circle..... oops, no more rune shards left :)


I can see this happening a lot in the future. Time to fill the rune circle..... oops, no more rune shards left :)
That just makes broken shards valuable again. I'm not going to be holding much in reserve, I'll fill in the rest with broken shards.



What is this unannounced change you made to the game?
Why is Inno changing things without telling us?
Have there been MORE changes we were not told about? IF so, I certainly hope you will be forthcoming with them ASAP. Or rather, right now.



Seems this is also part of the change indeed.

I also wonder if this will cause problems within fellowships like ours that use continuous swap threads, where you donate kp to the person who replied to the mail thread before you and it is not a direct swap between two players. As this will mean that we might not be able to donate kp to our fellows in the way we were used to, after for instance doing a large tourney run and being stuck with a large amount of kp in the kp bar...?

I understand this is being done to prevent unfairness and imbalance, but I am seeing some problems arise as well with this new 'rule'. It's great that you are finally doing something against pushing, but if it's hurting the majority of players in their normal everyday gameplay, is it worth it...?


I received this error message while I was donating kp to a person as part of an agreed large amount kp swap and I was only able to continue donating after they had started to donate their portion of the swap, thereby getting rid of the imbalance.

Edit: However, if I look at Killiak's message it seems it's not so much about an imbalance between two people, but more about an imbalance in one person's account. If they have received a lot of kp on a certain day, they will only be able to receive more, if they also spend kp themselves that day. So that would imply that a problem of the kp swap threads would not occur, as the person replying to the threads before me will have already spent kp, therefore creating a positive imbalance and will be able to receive kp from me if I reply to them.

Am I correct in this assumption?

And also, I am very curious to know what the maximum amount of allowed kp imbalance is per day? And at what time will this imbalance be reset? 00:00 UTC?

Could any of the game moderators or community managers please elaborate a little on this new rule? (@Silmaril)
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In both of my FSs, we are using KP threads and in order to comply with this new feature, I have introduced a few new threads, so now we have 150 (only for AWs up to ch 15), 75, 60, 30, 20 and 15 = 350 KP in total. We have such fun with it and I have only 1 person so far locked, because he is a very active KP hunter. We have upgraded so many AWs in 2 days and everything is working fine so far. I love this new feature :). Although hunting is not against game rules, but it looks like it has been damaged by this game update. Are we to understand that KP hunting is frowned upon by Inno?


@Regina8, your Fellowship must be in a massive rush with upgrading Ancient Wonders. Fair enough, but can I point to the multiple threads on this Forum about the increasing Tournament difficulties with each Ancient Wonder level? Keeping the fighting as easy as possible is no longer important? Just wondering :)
Thank you @Solanix, we are aware and at the moment, we are upgrading only military AWs, that hopefully should give more benefits, than increased difficulty due to bigger squad size. Do you have an answer to my question though, about KP hunting?


@Regina8, everything is fine, as long as it is done in moderation. Everything has to be balanced. By all means, feel free to hunt KP. But be aware the game will slow you down if you do not balance things out. :)
Ok, thank you for the reply.


@Killiak You are looking at just one of the measures we have put in place to prevent game manipulation. As you can no doubt appreciate we do not make our formulas public especially if they are designed to encourage fair play.

That does not answer the questions, and I did not ask for the formula actually.

So let me try again:
Why is Inno changing things without telling us?
Why wasn't it announced at all? Just a general description would have sufficed.
Have there been MORE changes we were not told about?

This is the reason why I have trust issues when it comes to Inno. Changes just 'happen', and we are clearly not told about them.
I have written often before about Inno and (the lack of) communication, but unfortunately this seems to have fallen on very (tone-) deaf ears.
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Community Manager
Elvenar Team
We let our players know last year that changes were being put in place to address game manipulation and have been introducing these for the last six months. This is just one of them, Fellowship Perks and their associated Spire of Eternity and Tournament cooldown times are also part of these.
The specific one that you are referring to (on a thread that is unconnected to this topic) has been added to help address players who have been playing the game in an unbalanced way. Historically most players who have operated Push Accounts, have mainly (although not exclusively) abused Knowledge Points, this specifically is in place to now prevent this.


Give it a few days and it will all settle down.
Mad rush at the moment to spend the stuff that's been sitting gathering dust for weeks/months/years.
In a month there will probably be a shard shortage.
Then all the ones I haven't spent will be worth a fortune. Mwah ha ha!


We let our players know last year that changes were being put in place to address game manipulation and have been introducing these for the last six months.

Without telling us that one was put in place recently, and without telling us that it has direct consequences on sharing KP.
We had to stumble across it and experience the annoyance of it, without even knowing what it was.

Inno REALLY needs to communicate better, and you as CM are in the driver seat on this. Please do better.


@Killiak - I got the impression the mods were as surprised as us to see this new feature being implemented on live world before they had the chance to notify us.

I'm enjoying this new feature, mucho.


I didn´t like these changes, it is too much KP, it mainly benefit long time gamers that didn´t had their AWs fully upgraded.
It would have been cool the shards were 3 KP for domestic use and 5kp for donating to your fellows AWs.
Oh and this new feature penalize KP hunters, looks like Inno at the end attended the complaints from those that got angry because someone gave them free 5 kp in their AWs (uuuhhh so evil kp hunters).

Besides that, it is good that at last (according to Silmaril claims) Inno is trying to do something at respect of push accounts ( But they failed in the proper measure to stop them, affecting with this a sector of players that enjoy kp hunting).