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Recent content by sunrae

  1. sunrae

    Arsenal are Recruiting

    We have one space in our team :marble::silk::gem: a bonus ;)
  2. sunrae

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Just my thoughts so far. I am in chapter 16 (just) on Beta, and in a fairly quiet fs comprised mainly of small/mid ranged, & a few inactive cities. I initially found that the new format of tournament very expensive in troops and mana/orcs. However I have a brown bear and plenty of time...
  3. sunrae

    Question Fellowship ranking in Tournament

    Great, thank you.
  4. sunrae

    Question Fellowship ranking in Tournament

    Is there a way of seeing your fellowship tournament ranking as a whole? I can only see individual ranking on the tabs
  5. sunrae

    Looking to hook up with a Fellowship (How Original)

    Hi Trehan, I have sent you a message in game, however I'm a little puzzled as your city in winyandor EN2 is in the orcs chapter. Are you sure you have posted on the correct forum world?
  6. sunrae

    Question Ambassador

    Click on fellowship shield. Click on the green downward arrow at the side of the players name and there is a drop down list. Click on ambassador.
  7. sunrae

    Question Chat disappeared.

    Still not working here, winyandor, refreshed 3 times now.
  8. sunrae

    Question Gaining Ranking Points in FA

    HI, yes you do, each waypoint gives you 300 points and each tricolour gives you 900 ranking points for stage 3, I'm not sure if it's different for each stage. The more waypoints you finish the more ranking points you get. If you click on a waypoint it tells you at the top how many points it is...
  9. sunrae

    Second city player seeking fellowship.

    Hi Sathein, I've sent you a message in game :)
  10. sunrae

    More types of citizens on the streets

    I've often thought is would be nice to see children as well as adults. Do our populations just clone?
  11. sunrae

    Bigger Roads

    This is a great idea, it would make the city look more realistic and provide extra benefits. At the moment I don't really bother with some of the new roads offered as they get lost behind the buildings.
  12. sunrae

    Felyndral KP Exchange

    @QFol2 MM done Needles please
  13. sunrae

    Arsenal are Recruiting

    We are a 10 chest tournament and Spire fs who are looking for daily enthusiastic players. We require a 1000pt average maintained in the tourneys and active Spire participation. We offer friendship, help and tips, very active AW threads and good trading. If you have team spirit and play every...
  14. sunrae

    Felyndral KP Exchange

    @Zandael Not done MM please
  15. sunrae

    Felyndral KP Exchange

    @Zandael NoT done MM please