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Recent content by sunrae

  1. sunrae

    Announcement: Hide Building options in Browser version.

    So pleased we can do this now except although I downloaded the film, theres no audio and it does not show how to use the option. Nothing has changed to the move function in my city and I can't work it out, *scratches head*
  2. sunrae

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    One truly sad thing is that we will lose all the indepth and extraordinarily well researched information guides, such as Mykans to name one. I have so many names in my mind, players that have now gone but have left great ideas and help. All this will be lost. For me the forum runs alongside...
  3. sunrae

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    It wont let me claim the account as my email was registered a few years ago & it keeps saying as it's already used I can't claim. I don't think I will bother with it, the forum is where I get all my info and questions answered anyway, it has always been very useful. Instead of discord perhaps...
  4. sunrae

    Answered why cant i help my fellows anymore?

    Thank you for your excellent explanation, a great help, I appreciate it :)
  5. sunrae

    Answered why cant i help my fellows anymore?

    Hi please would someone clarify, if the advanced help gives us more time to give and return NH, (I assume to help those in different time zones who miss out on golden hands?) then increasing the time ie 46 hours instead of 23 will mean that we will get less supplies and coins and not more? Sorry...
  6. sunrae

    Game doesn't load

    I'm on EN2 and still stuck on 23 on laptop :( cleared cache, done all the stuff.
  7. sunrae

    fellowship adventure ,

    @wittymonica I have sent you a message in game :)
  8. sunrae

    Arsenal has 2 vacancies

    There are two vacancies in our active and friendly fellowship. We are seeking tournament and spire players who are keen in the game and play daily. We expect a 1000 point average to be maintained in the tournament & we have High Halls as our minimum in the spire :diamond: although we aim...
  9. sunrae

    My Own Personal Thank You....

    Thanks @Herodite and a Happy New Year to you and all Elvenars everywhere :D
  10. sunrae

    What do you want for Christmas?

    I would love to see some birds flying over my city, or better yet a dragon. Perhaps the dragon could drop a magic egg or two giving gold or diamonds occasionally. I would be quite happy to research a tech for this but without lovely creatures flying in the sky (including you dear Santa) it...
  11. sunrae

    Unofficial Elvenar Guinness Record #8 - Book Club

    Carting Libraries 7 :)
  12. sunrae

    Time to say Goodbye

    Jack you have been a "Go To" for me, and a great many others I'm sure, we will miss your presence here so firstly I would like to thank you very much for your committment to the game and your dedication to helping all of us enjoy it to it's max. Secondly my I offer my congratulations on your...
  13. sunrae

    Cross-Tier Trades

    Yes they do, but I can't remember whether it's 10 days or more. If you hover over the green tick it tells you how long the trade has got left before it expires. Edit, I think it is a week.
  14. sunrae

    Cross-Tier Trades

    My fs has no rules about trading, members can trade what they like in a free market economy and if cross tier get taken or not it's up to the other traders. I generally don't take them as my manus are balanced and also if they are T3 to T2 or T1 they are simply unattractive, small quantities...
  15. sunrae

    'A Gateway into the Past' new-format starts in Beta on July 7th

    I played on Beta and won all the set buildings plus 2 extra ones. My strategy was very simple - go for the most red counters. I won several lucky draws which included level 6 Pieces, free dwarf chips(quite a lot) and some random Pieces. I did not re-roll as I thought that was a waste of...