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Recent content by sunrae

  1. sunrae

    Cross-Tier Trades

    Yes they do, but I can't remember whether it's 10 days or more. If you hover over the green tick it tells you how long the trade has got left before it expires. Edit, I think it is a week.
  2. sunrae

    Cross-Tier Trades

    My fs has no rules about trading, members can trade what they like in a free market economy and if cross tier get taken or not it's up to the other traders. I generally don't take them as my manus are balanced and also if they are T3 to T2 or T1 they are simply unattractive, small quantities...
  3. sunrae

    'A Gateway into the Past' new-format starts in Beta on July 7th

    I played on Beta and won all the set buildings plus 2 extra ones. My strategy was very simple - go for the most red counters. I won several lucky draws which included level 6 Pieces, free dwarf chips(quite a lot) and some random Pieces. I did not re-roll as I thought that was a waste of...
  4. sunrae

    What is the long-term goal of a competitive Tourney/Spire player?

    Great answer @schadenfreude There is also another element, I have 3 cities and am in chapter 19 in my main. I did have 4 cities but retired one. In my "fighting" city I can enjoy the Spire and the Tournament just for their sake alone, it's great to help the fs get the rewards and it's a lot...
  5. sunrae

    Arsenal has 2 vacancies

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Elvenarians :D Today is the day to join a fellowship so please check out Arsenal as we have a couple of vacancies and are eager to welcome new members. Send me a message in game if you have any questions or just apply and I'll get back to you. Happy gaming !
  6. sunrae

    Winter Contest Suggestion

    Elf off the shelf
  7. sunrae

    Easy way to re-organize your city

    @Gladiator810 Hi, this question has come up several times over the years and I believe the answer given has always been it's part of the game as it's about planning and strategy. This is the reason why teleport spells were introduced so that it can help with changing city layouts and moving...
  8. sunrae

    Question Can someone identify please

    Thank you @Herodite
  9. sunrae

    Question Can someone identify please

    S'ok found it on google images and have teleported it back to inventory - is there anyway of releasing the artifacts out of the twilight phoenix so I can use them for crafting?
  10. sunrae

    Question Can someone identify please

    Hi all, could somebody identify the required artifacts to craft this tome please, I'm sorry but even enlarged I can't identify it, it looks like a hairy camel?? I have no ashen phoenix artifacts and until they come up in the Spire am hoping to craft some but have no idea what this is. It...
  11. sunrae

    Arsenal has 2 vacancies

    Hi all, Due to real life we have had to say goodbye to some great players and good friends. We have vacancies to be filled and are looking for active daily players who love the tournaments and enjoy the spire. Come and join in with a bunch of Elvenar loving players who have a lot of fun ...
  12. sunrae

    Game Freezing Feedback.

    Hi, I had this problem, sometimes several times in one session. Freezing when going in/out the trader/MA/world map and randomly. For the last 2/3 days it has not happened at all. Fingers crossed
  13. sunrae

    Version 1.150

    @kimkimkim @Herodite Hi, I don't want to say anything out loud as the Fates are always listening but..... my fingers are crossed and have been for the last couple of days. ;)
  14. sunrae

    Version 1.150

    I just had to refresh twice. Once going into my notifications and once going into the spire in Winyandor. I use Chrome on browser. Edit - also froze several times in Arendyll, before going into trader and after.
  15. sunrae

    Closed | Archived Trader freezing

    It's not limited to the trader, I've had it in the MA and now just clicked on notifications and the whole game freezed. I also have this, dont know if it's related or not. Just clicked on guest race portal and the game has freezed !! Kinda just random freezing now it seems, but it's really...