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Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest


Master of the Elements
@Pauly7 , with your experience I am amazed that you struggle so much with the quests. Since there is a quest list available in Gems you can back off, if needed, from the Spire and/or tournament if there is an upcoming quest that requires encounters or relics. You don't have to go blindly and see what the next quest might be... :)
Don't mistake my complaints for struggle. I don't think there's ever any doubt that I (or probably anyone else) would get through the quests one way or the other. In fact, as it goes, I just caught up with the quests yesterday.

My problem is that I don't like the sequences of quests they are putting out now. The more time passes the more people there are with massively long scouting times. They're also increasing the number of quests that ask for encounters to be completed or relics gained. I don't look up the quest lists any more (in fact I haven't for years) because I don't see any need for it. With the quests as they are there is not much point doing it anyway because you aren't looking for many things that you can plan ahead for. Sure I could paw over the "cheat sheet" and look up where all the encounters quests are and plan my tournament play around that. I don't need to do that, but it just makes the whole process really dull.

In this event I spent a cumulative total of over 2 weeks with absolutely nothing to do except wait for tournaments or Spires to come around or wait for scouts to finish. I was probably unlucky this time with how things fell, but that is what can happen when all the quests are - complete encounters, gain a good amount of goods, gain relics, complete more encounters.

In the old days you could still happily play an event without looking up quests. It was kind of fun to guess when I might be asked for 3 x toolboxes or 5 x 2 day manu productions. Whatever happened you could get some things set up and you were never normally kept waiting for more than a few hours at a time. With how they are now I find myself time and again realising I have to wait 3 or 4 days for a tournament to start... so you decide to use up the available provinces... and then they run out because you just got 4 quests out of the last 6 asking you to collect 12 relics or complete 10 encounters. Then you bounce through a few more quests and it starts all over again.

As others have said (and I'm fully aware) you can get through it without using up provinces. You just need to give some thought to playing tournament rounds and Spire rounds at certain times. I will probably now do this for a couple of events to build up a buffer of available provinces again. This tactic is not so conducive to pet food management though.

I'm waffling. My only point is that three years ago you didn't have so many people with 90 hour scout times... scouting times which can only ever go up... but back then we weren't faced with half so many of this type of quest. I just find the whole process quite boring now. If there is an event on I would prefer to feel like I am playing one... which would mean having things to do every day. I realise they're trying to remove the need to build shanty towns, but I don't think they've found the correct solution to that problem (if it is a problem).


I have completed the event and just managed to get enough cats for 9 artifacts. I used only the 420 purchases and ignored a lot of out of the way items.

I played again without spoilers and managed to complete all the quests comfortably this time around.

A fun format also and that made a nice change.


I think INNO might have shot itself in the foot with the cat hunt - I need 4 cats to finish but have no Idea id buying a few more magical ingredients will buy be enough light sources to find them - so I won't pay.


I got my level 10 witch hut today.........which is going to make the upcoming fa a bit dull on the prize front, wouldn't you say.

I'm very interested to know if there are many players who got a level 10 witch hut.


If i build the hut i can get it to level 9 without FA artifacts. I could maybe have got enough artifacts to get it to level 10 if i had worked out the best way of going through the prize map sooner. I think i wasted some candles etc at the start.

Sir Derf

I think I just saw a first...

I had a forced route in on the map, with 4/6 obstacles in a column, and an obstacle 1 column before on one of the two open rows.

Deleted User - 199306

I didn't like the event. The only thing that was nice was the art work. That game was simply said bad. I think it's the worst version we have ever gotten. Even worse than the shuffle board. I didn't think they could manage to achieve that. The only reason for that cat hunt I can think of is that developers wanted to nerf the prizes and not work on a unique solution for Elvenar, hence copy pasting form Forge of Empires.


For me the most frustrating part of the event was being restricted to one quest a day once I’d got to a certain point, so I could not do lots of extra quests to get the hats I wanted even though I have lots of time during lockdown. So I gave up, even though I’d have liked my witch’s hut to be at level 10 and producing all those lovely orcs :)


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Don't forget a Fellowship Adventures is coming up as usually following the event. Most of you will be able to complete your Huts!

And we appreciate all your feedback, both positive and negative, regarding the actual event mechanics our the questlines/daily quests. It is precisely one reason there are different styles of events. Different players prefer a specific type of event while others don't like it! It helps the developers come up with new ideas and improvements.


and for those of us who don't need more artefacts, what's the incentive?


I've realised you may get a level 10 witch hut during the event, depending on luck but if you are a 'spender' there is no limit to the number of witch huts you can obtain.
I'm not sure how I feel about that, to be honest.
Is this going to be another 'bear' like issue, in that we have repetitive annual events so new players who don't have a pheonix, brown bear and now a witch hut, get the oppurtunity to win one, so they're not missing out.

Any chance of repeating the xmas 2018 event rewards, I'm kinda thinking I'd like some christmas trees I missed out on. ;)


Master of the Elements
and for those of us who don't need more artefacts, what's the incentive?
This kind of bothers me a bit too. Rewards for Fellowship Adventures are all awful, but if you need the artefacts then at least there would be a good reward for the endeavour. I now have 2 spare artefacts for so many evolving buildings because I've mostly done enough during the event to get it to level 10.


Hi, giving this feedback quite late so I hope it can be taken into consideration.

I've been happy with all the Events so far other than this one. My main problem was with how meagre, pitiful and almost offensive the prizes were. Please upgrade the prizes to those of a better standard / quality, because stuff like winning two Knowledge Points is practically useless!

I also really didn't like that accumulating e.g. 60 of the "tokens" did not guarantee a prize. You could click around with those and get nothing in the mist. With the chests you were guaranteed to get at least something.

My favourite prizes in Events are usually the troops, and the Event buildings themselves.