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Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves

Please use this thread to discuss the Mystery of the Misty Forest!

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Sir Derf

They can be so precisely non-precise to have considered and announced that there are extra hours at the end of the event, and how those extra hours are handled, but yet not precise enough to give us the exact start and end times... You know, they have to actually work harder to be this vague...


Sure they are doing their best, let's not be so hard on them, in any case, I can't wait for it, I like this kind of event :)


Any news on when the video will be released ?
Also spotted a text error in the announcement.

We wish you all the courage you'll on your journey through the Misty Forest and would love to hear your feedback in our discussion thread!

I think something got missed out.


If I look at the lists provided by either Platinum Leaf or on Elvengems, some of my cities won’t get far. Can kiss the frogs good bye right now. Not good to have do 8 encounters and/or 8 spire encounters. Once perhaps, but multiple times .... no sorry, no can do.


Seems like my cities won’t loose out on the frogs, at least not all of it, but some definitely won’t be able to do all the quests. Which brings me to the question, why change what worked previously?


The interface on the map is not very intuitive. I've currently got a lantern symbol sitting just beyond the first row full of obstacles. When I hover over it it has the lantern text and says rewards:1. It's not clear how I claim this reward. and it's not keen on letting me place a candle in the next row. Anyone made sense of what to do here?