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The Double Spiral Design


Master of the Elements
I never build for efficiency, but I've heard it talked about a lot that placing all the culture, etc, in the centre can be the best tactic.


Hello all,
is there a suggested city layout (not settlement, the whole city layout) best for Amuni chapter? :)

I've seen the double spiral, the wheat ear. I'm wondering how to layout my city for Amuni, if there is one better than the other one.

Thank you!
Sorry beeing late with my 2 pence... I'm no more interested in doing Inno's job by passing here...

My N°1 nearly didn't change his "random" layout as he usually dismantles a lot of buildings to make room for the settlements... he used disconnected lvl1 residences and workshops to keep all the Amuni's buildings in one spot.

Myself, I used a "wheat ear" design with most of my streets going from top left to bottom right and connected to one main street starting from the Mainhall on the top and descending to the left corner... I put 3 WS on the bottom side of a secondary street along with other buildings of the same size facing another secondary street where I had 3 or 4 residences along with other buildings of the same size... inbetween those 2 streets, I let a gap the width of the trapmakers and goldsmithes... I only used 4 of each fully upgraded so the whole stuff fit in one single row...
Have fun ;)