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YouTOPIA Recruiting Office


Hi mates ! ;)

After more than 2 years of activity, we decided to re-shape our fellowship, according more to its principles... :cool:

The anciently called Back Again names now YouTOPIA, the utopia for YOU and YOU only... :rolleyes:


You play for fun ? ;)
You don't like rules ? :p
Come along with us, no headcatch here :cool:

Enjoy the game :p


OMG... I forgot to mention : search for YouTOPIA in the ranking and send a mail to the woodface on top of the members' list... :p




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Recruitment is ON for a while :)
3 spots to provide... This offer won't last forever
Please, have a look at our FS presentation page to check our requirements first...:cool:

Note that we are very severe with players not playing this game their own way and we will expell any player following one of our rules... (because we have none) :p
But we aren't a retirement home though, daily playing is still required !!!

We can't promize you to have fun because Inno is wrecking this game regulary but we're still trying... :D

Please contact us ingame (see above)