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Answered Have forum competitions ended?


Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
@Herodite @Silmaril @anonglitch @Feridya @Solanix please can we have a forum competition now Discord has proved to have no scope for anything more than "guess the number".
I loved the one last year where we got a highly zoomed part image of a building for the Advent countdown and really hope for a repeat this year, also the word search and many others that require thought and exploration within the game. I am sure it would be hugely appreciated much more by players than the 2 on Discord so far. :)

Hey @m4rt1n i've asked... and i've asked.... and i've asked. Honestly.... i'm not hopeful. Until it gets the Green Light from higher up unfortunately we cannot do this. Believe me it pains me to say that but, it's all I have.

I'm really sorry guys.

And yes, we're extremely limited to what we can offer as far as Competition Content goes....

Kind Regards



I see a lot of big prizes for the discord xmas competition same old generic no thought required though, no research involving the game, very sad we don't have one here on the forums. :(