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Release Notes version 1.15



Dear Humans and Elves,

With next week's update, which is planned to take place on Wednesday 12th October, we introduce our redesigned Battle System and have been able to fix a lot of bugs! The update will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. We hope you like the changes listed below!


  • It is now possible to visit the Forum and Wiki via a new button at the bottom right of the game
  • We have added a number of new hotkeys:
    • You can now use W to go to the World Map from within a Province
    • You can now use numbers 1-5 to start productions in the Barracks - this, by default, takes the largest amount you can train
    • You can now use numbers 1-4 to start productions in the Magic Academy
    • Within a window that has multiple pages you can use the arrow keys to go to the previous (arrow to the left) and next page (arrow to the right)
    • Within a window that has multiple pages you can use shift+arrow to the left to go to the first page, and shift+arrow to the right to go to the last page
    • Within a window that has multiple tabs you can use the tab key to jump to the next tab, and shift+tab to go to the previous tab
    • In your city, using the S key you open the Main Hall on the Relics tab
    • In a province, you can open the encounters using numbers 1-8

  • We have made some major changes to the way the game handles visiting another player's city in our system - this change will help solve an issue where quests that ask to upgrade or construct buildings did not complete correctly
  • The Army Camp screen in the Barracks has been reworked to also show units from other military buildings
  • Training Speed in the Barracks no longer shows in percentages but in absolute numbers: the new number is the factor with which the time is increased (e.g. what previously was 400% is now 4)
  • The lay-out of the Trader changed slightly: you can now see the avatar of the person who created offers, the 'Accept' button changed into a button with a checkmark, and the 'Cancel' button changed into a button with a cross

This update comes with one of the biggest balancing changes we have done to date: the first package of the Battle Redesign! The most important changes are listed below:
  • Many technologies have been moved in the technology tree, mostly those related to battle: units have been moved forwards, and two 'squad size increase' technologies have been moved forward, so that they are more evenly distributed over the research tree. It can be possible that you will have to research those moved technologies first, before you can progress at the end of the technology tree. If you had already unlocked them, they will remain unlocked for you.
    • Two Squad Size Upgrade technologies have been moved forwards to respectively Chapters 1 and 2
    • The Paladin unit has been moved forwards from Chapter 3 to Chapter 2
    • Paladin II's technology has been moved forwards from Chapter 5 to Chapter 4
    • The Priest (Humans) and Sorceress (Elves) technologies have been moved forwards from Chapter 4 to Chapter 3
  • Squad Size Increase technologies now give 3x their number of increase to your maximum squad size, rather than the fixed +12 that they would give until now
  • The calculation of which NPC army you will face has been changed for both regular Provinces as well as Tournaments
  • Updated quests where necessary to reflect the new system and new technology positions
  • NPC units in provinces can now also be level 2 or even 3, depending on the distance of the province
  • Updated the upgrade effects of the Barracks in terms of training speed
  • Updated all Ancient Wonders that offer effects to training speed to accommodate the new system (their strength, relatively, is similar to what it was before)
  • Unit production has been rebalanced: you can now create more units in the same time
  • Unit production costs are no longer increasing when you upgrade your unit, instead they stay the same per unit
  • All the values for the units were changed to accommodate the new system, which can include: damage, health, unit weight, maximum walking distance, reach and retaliation

  • Fixed an issue where a wrong portrait could show in a player's city
  • Added a tooltip in the 'Delete offer' confirmation window in the Trader
  • You now receive an indicator again when you are online and receive a new Notification
  • Fixed a minor display issue in Notifications after changing the Archmage of a Fellowship
  • It is now always possible again to see where a unit can move, even if it is not the unit's turn in the battle
  • It is no longer possible to attempt and visit players via the Rankings who did not yet select a race
  • The messaging system now shows the correct name over each message, even in messages with multiple users
  • Fixed a sorting problem in the Tournament Checkpoint window
Of course we want to know what you think about this. Please take a minute to leave your opinion in the discussion thread for this update! For specific feedback on the new Battle System, please use this thread. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar EN Team