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Discussion Rebalancing of select (old) event buildings


I now have -2.7k population, from 300+ population I have to rebuild everything and remove a lot of stuff.... and reading on here I see a lot of people in a similar boat. I have emailed support and so far the reply is basically tough... this isn't good enough. Either set ignore population on the accounts with negative, or supply up to 12 squares for houses or supply and do your selves the required boosts to buildings. Currently if I didn't have a fellowship I was leading I would have walked.... Currently I don't know what to do to resolve the mess created by the games people......... I cannot now grow for ... well forever as I cant see me recovering 2.7k and be back to 300+ people and frankly I am not destroying all but the houses and starting from scratch ... currently at the throwing the toys out the pram stage.... Been playing for 2 years and this is an utter farce. The reward for being loyal and staying playing is a kick in the teeth.. if it isn't resolved I will be leaving after making sure all the fellowship who want to stay have new homes.
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I cannot begin to understand Inno's "reasoning" behind this change, but I guess as long as we keep bitching about it, and then just sucking it up, Inno will continue to do just as they please with no regard to any opinions expressed. They only thing they understand is if players vote with their wallets or their feet, and even then...never mind, there'll be some new rubes along shortly.


For the moment, My Elemental account has gained 1170 people (around + 0.0065%) and a second account at Halflings gained around 1,000 people... (the other 23 are still sleeping or at work) so, i don't see the point with rebalancing for those who started the game recently as it seems lower players lost population... Another miscalculation Inno ? Did you count that the rewards become unefficient after 4-5 chapters and have been replaced by new ones by advanced players ?


Inno sure knows how to suck the joy out of a game! Logged in to one city and found myself with -1081 population. No space available to build more residences to regain that lost population. Not long into Sorcerers chapter and now am very firmly ground to a halt before finishing even half my damn upgrades. Job well done Inno, i may well have to close my damn city.


You call this update "balancing", so here's my question, what kind of balance was achieved?

All you succeeded in was unjustly punishing old players that had access to certain buildings that new players did not. Some of these old players, like me, ended up in a predicament to replace a ton of negative population that one measly free spell you intend to give for free will never compensate for.

No players, new or old, benefit from this particular update at all, it just brought up negative consequences to affected players.

So I ask again, what kind of balance is this?


LOL I lost over 4000 in Culture and over2500 pop lol I know your making changes for the Royal Restoration Spell and think you will be offering them for real money soon, as you did this with the Knowledge points that can be used in research :). I regret putting any money into this game and will never put anymore into it .Scammers . My advice is to find another game to play :)



Thanks, Inno games!
According to your explanations, I had to have fewer people.
Now I have 600 more people! :cool::cool::cool:


A very bad idea, clearly tailored to make us buy the new upgrade spell in order to be able to keep premium buildings that many of us already pay for by participating in events with real money. I'm ok buying premium stuff, but having your premium stuff devalued on purpose with a system that requires real money to make those buildings usable again... I really feel ripped off.
Unless this is reverted or mended somehow I won't be buying anything anymore and I suspect I wouldn't be the only one.


As a thought for all those people who have paid money and now find the game unplayable ie due to huge minus population you are having to remove all you have built and change what you have done .The inno are in breach of terms and conditions by making your game unplayable as you have been accustomed to. It is reasonable therefore to ask for your money back. As they changed the game and made it unplayable they are at fault made it unfit for you to use as you were. effectively it is a new game and you have been forced into it without a choice. and you have not agreed to this change... if enough people ask for their money back I wonder how quickly a fix will be found. For me a fix would be ignore population for -ve pop balance for 1 week per 100 pop minus and also add in 1 square per 200 minus pop, for those with full cities plots they will have to add on, on the edge
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Great work Inno, just great. So you introduce this as an event just started that requires us to upgrade building to complete. Thanks a bunch. -700 in population and -3000 in culture. Pure joke.


WOW I was upset with the change in KP ( that I earn in game play and should be able to decide where to put them ) :) Now you are nerfing Event prizes . Glad I just started plying :) the changes didn't hurt me. But I don't think I will bother with game events so you can't nerf my game play or should I say game sit and wait :) Will be looking forward to your next nerfing lesson


My city now has -2532 population and -2087 culture It was actually really healthy before! Looks like I won't be doing much ever!


So Inno think it will be unfair to new players that do not have these buildings that have been nerfed and that is why they need to rebalance them ? What about the time they removed one of the items in the tech tree that players had to invest 40 KP into to unlock it (i think it was tournaments, please help me out if you know for sure). New players did not have to pay those 40 KP but did the older players get those KP returned to them by Inno ? NOT A CHANCE. Do Inno think more of new players than they do older players, do they value new players more than players that have been playing for a long time ? A lot of the things they do apperars to favour the new player.
I am over 2K in negative population now and if we do not get enough free spells to recover my losses then it will be time to tell Inno to shove their game where the sun never shines.
A game is supposed to be a fun thing to play but it seems that the Inno designers and devs get their fun from making sure they remove the fun from playing this game for the normal players, time to fire the lot of them and hire people that actually know what they are doing imo.


What are you playing at. this is a disgusting way to try and force people to pay more money to rebalance their game. I have no idea right now how to put my game right. I used the last of my available space to add culture and people and you just wiped it out leaving me minus people...if you were going to ruin our games with updaes like this you should have told us at the time and we would not have bothered playing the challenges...how long is this supposed spell going to take to release?
My game is messed up and you had no right to do this without having the spell ready and giving me some way to fix it.
I will not ever spend money on this game because you can and will just wipe out anything that I might have bought.


how long is this supposed spell going to take to release?
Even if the spell were available today, we would only have the 1 given spell in hand to improve 1 building by 1 level. That assumes we already have a blueprint to make it work (if I understood correctly). How long will it take to recover from this, no one knows. I bet Inno does not even know, or care. We still don't know how additional spells can be accumulated. If we have to win them in the 10 tournament chest, that will rule out a gigantic percentage of players from ever being able to benefit from this update.

I lost 2220 population and 8124 culture. And that only includes what I had placed in my city, it does not even take into consideration the structures in my inventory that I had worked hard to win, specifically because of their old attributes. That is going to take more than a while to overcome. Maybe, by the time Inno releases the spell, my city may have some semblance of what it used to be. Maybe not.


We should be able to get these spells in other ways and not just from the 10th tourney chest or diamonds. We earned these buildings working on our own in events without the help from fellowship members so it is only fair that we should not have to rely on help from fellowship members to get the spells to upgrade the buildings that we won. Inno of course will not give a crap about that.


I am a Beta player and we said everything we could say to keep this from coming to the live cities. It all started when someone put in a suggestion to upgrade event buildings. There is, and never was, a reason to upgrade event buildings, we get new ones constantly (even though some are simply remakes). There is no reason to rebalance old buildings. There is no reason to upgrade new event buildings. As far as someone having something that isn't available to new players, there will ALWAYS be something that won't be available to new players, they will get their own "new" items in due time. To hide the upgrades in the 10th tournament chest means that Inno wasn't caring about the newer players at all.

This is a "game". A game should be fun, not impossible. I realize that this idea was initially seen as a way to sell diamonds, but seeing how far backward everyone in Beta went it should have been scrapped. I'm not sure who would be willing to pay ludicrous amounts of money to keep upgrading and upgrading and upgrading an old event building, one chapter at a time.

I'm very sad that Beta wasn't listened to at all. We tried hard.