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Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!


Utter BS is the last thing I need to play a relaxing timeout game.
'Utter BS' should be in the Urban Dictionary, under social media! :confused:

Hey guys, please be aware that we can only do so much to guide you with locating your old accounts on Discord, as we are not privy to your private setting there only you and Discord are.
However they do have help pages to assist you to get back in when things like passwords are forgotten, they use email and mobile/cell phone numbers for account ownership. This is why when trying to create a new account with pre-existing information you have already provided to them it will not work. If you have lost access to the email or mobile/cell number you will need to use different one/s to either update or create a brand new account there.
Here is their guide to getting started if any here need this:
But please reach out to support as we will do our best to help you, but we are only able to use the Discord help pages, like this one here.
But many players DO NOT WANT to use Discord, ever!! Why get rid of this helpful Forum to replace it with the hugely annoying Discord? You will lose players if the Forum closes...
I dont know why we cant continue to have the forums as the main avenue for information and queries and have the discord server for those characters that actually requested the damn thing in the first place. Sure it would require more Mods to oversee it but us lot on the Forums have always been a pretty self regulating lot so we need minimum supervision. There has to be a way of doing this surely so that everyone is happy and there is a minimum of disruption.
The forums have always been the thing that made Elvenar great...an easy way to access help from other knowledgeable players and Moderators. As they old saying goes, if it aint broke, dont fix it.
Hear hear! Discord is definitely out for me.
Inno designed a beautiful slow paced game for the older more patient generation, then recently let a ton of staff go for restructuring and the new team of young devs now in place due to share holder pressure are naïve to the games marketplace and trying to make it appeal to the millennials, that's how I see it anyway.
Yep and this game does not suit most millennials! My son is astonished that I'm still playing, he thinks it totally boring and unrewarding... (I am stuck in the quicksand of Unur so see where he's coming from!)


My Millennial son says the same about the game to me.
As does my Millennial nephew, who lives with me.....he's like yeah, yeah, boring.....lol
I haven't been on Discord for a few days, I gave it a try for over a week, possibly 2 weeks, but it's more peaceful without it. As long as some players keep us updated on the forums, as best they can, then I'm happy with that.

@InnoGames all we can ask is that you please keep the forums open (updates would be nice here too).
I can see how Discord might be beneficial for players on Grepolis and/or Forge of Empires as both of those are more attack based games, so unless you plan to completely change Elvenar from a city building game into a city attacking sort of game, I don't understand your decision.


I agree - Inno should keep the Forums. Large numbers of players will NEVER use Discord...so they will not know what is going on with the game and will drift away and stop playing. I count myself in that category. Why would I want to interact with a game company that doesn't care about what the players want? Too many of those out there already...

No reason as far as I can see why the Forums cannot continue to exist alongside Discord (for those players who want to get on that platform). Each to their own and all that.


So, some time has passed. Novelty, by its very nature, has a short shelf life.

Do any Forumers who are also using Discord have an impression of how it's going, generally speaking, and what sort of community is developing Over There? Enquiring minds, and I, would be very interested to know.