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New round of Fellowship Adventures

Sir Derf

I have to say, I'm loving the uncapped badge collection system. It's so freeing to be able to do an entire round of the Tourney without having to pause after every encounter to collect things. My shantytown hasn't matured yet, but I'm looking forward to the ease of collecting from there, too. Also, very satisfying performing that first collection from my Magic Academy with all those pre-built Catalysts.


Has anyone noticed that Druid's Staffs are now 2 CC instead of 1? Was that changed from beta? Is it a bug?

Edit: Wonder Society badges are also now 20 and used to be 10...

I think it is not a bug - those figures are also in Wiki which was updated this week.
I just had to redo all my graphics and spreadsheet!


Two changes from the version we had in Beta:
  1. Wonders are 20 not 10
  2. Druids are 2 not 1.
    Full amended event information and corrected spreadsheet is here: https://tinyurl.com/ypwhp6mp



People asked to reduce the number of things for a badge, so they increased the number :D :D Also Coins and Guards need more .. coins and guards :D


People asked to reduce the number of things for a badge, so they increased the number :D :D Also Coins and Guards need more .. coins and guards :D
Ah this is classical Inno: gives us something really cool (collect everything in one sweep in this case) and then increases something in return :)
Although I have to admit that this time, the benefits outweigh the "penalties". I just love how easy and fast everything has become :D


I really hope those that have become tired of the Adventures give the new feature a go, and hope it breathes a bit more life back into it for them! :)
For me the longer break between FAs has also been good.
Enough time to build up stock of timers, teleports, sanity, etc :)



For the next 5 days, if you donate 20kp to any of my ancient wonders, you will receive a limited edition "Wonder Society" badge of appreciation.
Don't miss out on this opportunity.
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Elvenar Team
@Killiak That's down to the Individual I suppose! I know well enough that it's not everyone's cup of tea. Personally speaking though. There were a couple of players in my own fellowship that dread the thought of them however with the new mechanics they've been pleasantly surprised, and it's made for a far better experience for them!

For us the Prizes are merely a boon, we just love the competition between other Fellowships :)