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New round of Fellowship Adventures


The new badge collection method is a big plus. It takes a lot of the stress out of FAs for me. I really hated the tripping over myself stopping and starting to collect badges while doing tourney or map neighbor visits. For prizes, the doubled up artifacts (being able to choose which one you need most) is a plus. As far as the inter FS competition part (the pit) goes, probably the FS experience points might be the most valuable prize. This kind of event is still geared for people who can teleport most of their city to storage and set up level 1 factory and workshop farms - and with months of churning out creatures for chap 19 to go I'm not going to interrupt chapter progress for FA. For me, I put more into FA when I'm between chapters and with the push to make chapters take forever to finish it seems I never have a break between chapters unless I put off starting one for several months. While I'll never be an FA fan, there's no major reason for me to utterly hate them anymore. Oh and the way to check who donated to a stage works well too.


the requirements for the druid's staff, necklaces and the ghost in a bottle are still the old requirements when you hover over their icon on the waypoints in the fellowship adventure map.......these need to be updated
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Hi @kimkimkim You know I'm sure this has already been flagged up with the Team but i'll double check. As for it being sorted this Adventure, I think we're too far in now, but it should definitely be rectified for the next! :)

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I actually don't mind any of the increased costs. The point is that FA can be played pretty much just by playing your normal game. You can obviously put more into it, if you wish, with petfoods and boosters and shanty towns, but now pretty much anyone can play it and be moderately successful at it... just by showing up.


You know, we are mightily grateful for the much improved FA. Would it be too greedy to ask if we get to keep our unused badges for the next FA?
It is not a good thing. It was actually like that at the very start of FA. But some fellowships ended up doing just enough to get the position they wanted, and then saved everything up for the next FA, making them unbeatable with the amount of saves they had. Meaning an unfair competition and thats why inno decided to wipe everything once the FA is over.


I'm hoping we can trade leftover badges for Phoenix feathers :D


only dissapointment with this FA is my troop instants collected from events have no worth for a badge, meanwhile coin instants can gain a bagde so why not troop instants?


A very good point @Heymrdiedier. Instead, how about if we could exchange unused badges for troop boost summonings, or troop instants? It just seems wasteful to reach the end of an FA and see all the badges just evaporate. :)
The answer is easy. Each individual badge should be worth 1 point when dropped into the pit at any time that it is open. It means that it is still worth people's while to play the game and post them in the correct rotations, but when it comes down to it, no badge will be a complete waste.


Random question that popped up in our fellowship:
Why is the Golden Bracelet silver and why does the Diamond Necklace have an emerald in it?
Because, you know, the details matter :D
In the magical world of Elvenar, gold is silver in colour, and diamonds appear green due to the mystical energy. Unless you are buying diamonds. Then they are blue. Go figure. :cool:

Sir Derf

If gold is silver in color in Elevnar, than I guess I've been being shortchanged with the rents that I've been collecting from my residences all these years, since every one of my 'gold' coins are clearly gold in color.


If gold is silver in color in Elevnar, than I guess I've been being shortchanged with the rents that I've been collecting from my residences all these years, since every one of my 'gold' coins are clearly gold in color.
They've been paying you with cheap brass :p


A note on the ghost badge:
It's never been a hiccup for me previously but with the move from 3 to 4 encounters I found that I hit the 'cap' of badges, then needed more but couldn't produce them.
Effectively the max number of ghost badges one can produce is the completed spire (12) plus 1/4 of your tournament provinces for that week.
So your badge production almost has a pre-determined limit based on your game progress.
For a smaller city that has hit the orc-wall they can't even scout extra provinces to increase their number of encounters in the tournament.
I can't think of a workaround off-hand but maybe this badge needs some adjusting so it doesn't inadvertently favour larger cities with more discovered provinces.
Any thoughts anyone?