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Discussion Fellowship Adventures are here!


When I go away for a couple of hours and return to 59 messages....I am blown away!!!
Hah! I go away for a couple of hours and return to 59 messages and I'm overwhelmed and stressed. Shows how different people are. I guess the FAs are more suited to some personality types than others.
Very CONFUSING!!! Our fellowship worked hard to complete 2 of the possible routes to the finishing point...and were a couple of steps away from completing the third path, but despite having 2 paths completed only the rewards from chest 1 were available for collection. I collected the chest 1 rewards, but this wiped off all our other completed tasks - everything is now set back to initial starting point and we have lost all the work we did on the 2nd and 3rd paths. Do you just complete one path each time, to get to the next level? If so, I don't think this was very well explained at all. BIG thumbs down from me!! :-(
You only have to complete 1 path to obtain the chest prize. That path is up to who ever is managing the event for you.
Completing other pathways is for obtaining more points to rank higher in the event.
The top 5 get additional rewards, but there is also a small reward for coming within the top 50.
If your FS is going for ranking then there is also a "bottomless pit" after stage 3 to add 50 points per completed level (this time round it was 3 lots of 3 of something required).
Hope this helps


Over all i found the FA to be a nice change from the normal game but the first stage rewards were not very good, the second stage were slightly better and the third stage were only really any good for those in woodelves or higher (maybe lower chapters too if they need more supplies) There are 2 things that need to be changed (in my opinion) and they are 1. the event timer. This seemed to cause a lot of confusion as nowhere was it explained that once it was below 1 day it would show hours and when it was below 1 hour it would show minutes. 2. The need to constantly scroll through the quests to get to the one that you want.
I remember some time ago when Inno changed the wholesaler one of the reasons given by Inno for this change was that they thought that the old system required players to do too much clicking to get to the item they wanted to buy. This insane way of getting to the quest that you want in the FA requires FAR more clicking than the old wholesaler ever did. Like i said overall it made a nice change and it will be interesting to see how the next one is different as Inno have said they will not be the same rewards and quests in every event.


The whole Adventure thing was a waste of time.

It was boring.
The quests were repetitive.
The need for non-boosted factories was annoying and did not fit into the Elvenar game play.
Prizes were useless.
Adventure competed with the Tournament.

The first 2 days the Adventure was fun, a novel new shiny thing to do, but after that it felt more like a chore then an adventure.
Lots of people in our FS have already said they will probably ignore future Adventures.

Would rather see the return of small events (like valentine, menhirok or masquerade) in between huge events and guest race releases, then doing an Adventure once a month.

But, that's just how I see it. Others may have liked it :)


I think it was an interesting new event that did a lot to encourage more teamwork in fellowships. Just for that it's already a success, IMO.

I do agree, however, that a lot of those quests were quite boring, and I was disappointed that one of those paths didn't need fighting (as was initially promised).
Inno really needs to overhaul the quests system to make it more interesting. Now it's just a lot of grunt work. And having to constantly cycle through the quests to get back to the one you are working on (click on 1 marble, steel, planks factory, claim one Luxurious Flagon, the next quest pops up;click on decline, confirm that you want to decline this quest, repeat this all about 10 times till that Luxurious Flagon quests pops up again, click on 1 marble, steel, planks factory, and repeat the whole boring cycle again--and in the meantime you have to be careful that you don't accidentally decline the workshop quest you're also working on).

Also the prizes could've been a bit better. Because these really weren't worth a lot of effort. But then the Event prizes have been getting suckier with each event following & compared to the very nice rewards we got during the Winter event.


Yes agreed the quests are too repetitive and require too much diversion from normal game patterns to be worthwhile given the prizes on offer. 7 days is also too long, 3 or 4 would be fine.

Suggested improvements are to have
  • a fellowship treasury into which fellows could deposit their badges and items which could then be better managed by the fellowship as a whole.
  • more variety in the requurements for a badge or item (some good ideas already posted by others).
  • badges that can be made by several fellows working together.


is it or is it completely unfair i want to remind the buyers that they did not win at all since they had to buy .that's not winning that's cheating in my book lol pushing a button come on .

So that's one point out of the way and if inno wont change his behavior then i suppose only the buyers remain ,cause they will be the only ones left to play .Other FS will just give up since they have no way to show what they can do and win . So that makes it a buyers game nothing particularly special about it ,just buy diamonds and push the button oh wow ,this blows the game all the way down for me .And we came in 10 th no diamonds that shows more group effort then the ones that buys everything .

I would suggest 2 lists 1 for the buyers and 1 for the non buyers and then show witch game lives longer .I think the non buyers will win .And the buyers list will stop buying .But you can not call this an honest game feature .Its just who can push the buy button the hardest.

It did worked out for the fs though we loved working together but for how long i do not know since we would never be able to win it without diamonds .is it not enough that u can buy in the normal game already does a feature have to be spoiled as well ?


I think there is lot of chance we won't participate to any further adventure : there is only 1 first rank and if this rank is reserved to buyers only there is no more challenge, no more interest in spending so much time to try... It's too bad Inno, for once you did an original event that was able to strenghten the fellowships links and you shot yourself in the foot by mercantilism... you spent days for creating an event for only one FS... :(
Nobody wants to participate to a contest whose first rank is unreachable, what for ?
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Well this is business. We free players are only here to make the game more attractive to paying customers, or in this case, induce them to spend more money. I don't see anything particularly bad with it.
And if it was possible to come second without using diamonds, it's actually more optimistic than I expected :)
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What a lot of these people that are complaining about diamond buying players seem to forget is that without those diamond buyers Elvenar would not exist. The game needs those people that spend real money or there would be no funds to pay for development and pay wages. The choice to buy diamonds is there for everyone, nobody makes the diamond buyers buy diamonds and nobody stops the non buyers from buying, it is the same for all players. I expected all the top places in the FA to go to paying FS and had no problem with that. All the people that complain about the diamond players should actually be thanking them because without the diamond players there would be no game for the rest of us to play.


I don't give up because someone else has more money than me. Rankings are irrelevant to my enjoyment of this game. If someone chooses to spend ridiculous amounts of money on anything , it is their choice.:rolleyes:


Its just a waste of time to me .If u put out a game feature in order to compete ! then every body should have the same options to win and that is just not there .So sure we will work together for the prizes but what is the point of a list !! when you know up straight only a paying FS can afford it .That is not competition and its highly unfair and definitely not worth my time .And yes i am competitive lol

So what shall i tell my FS oh give it you're best shot but you never win ,or we are here to just pick up the prize,or save you're paycheck we need it to win, that is not a competition worthy .And really downgrading the spot we are on now .I don't mind inno tries to make money but they lost it with the buying option cuz there is NO competition at all .You can assume there is but there is not .Inno now thinks oh that went well we do that again .But what they forget is not with all FS and eventually even the prizes wont work anymore .Gah i always love a good competition but not when its bought .

By the way my fs does buy to put stuff up in there own cities .But not with a competition cuz that rules it out ,we worked together !! that was the point and should be .Would we do it again ? give me a good reason besides crappy prizes.:p

If inno does what is right then this game will pick up cuz in the long run it is a great feature to add and they will get more clients.but not when its pay to play ,
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So what shall i tell my FS oh give it you're best shot but you never win ,or we are here to just pick up the prize
Well that's kinda what we did... :cool:
We just aimed to finish three stages and get the chest prizes. As to the ranking points aspect, I think there is no reason to compete because the prizes are so weak (other than first three places).
Yeah I guess I'm just not so competitive :)


so im guessing the players that complain about the guys who buy diamonds, placed in top 10 but couldn't get top 3, otherwise you're just making excuses and trying to find someone to blame. until u reach top 10 more than one time and always lose to the same players, only then u have the right to complain


so im guessing the players that complain about the guys who buy diamonds, placed in top 10 but couldn't get top 3, otherwise you're just making excuses and trying to find someone to blame. until u reach top 10 more than one time and always lose to the same players, only then u have the right to complain
we are 10 th so that makes us top ten .And whats more we did not buy .
and i am not complaining about the buyers .I am complaining about the facts that this event will bleed to death because no one want to play it again because the gamers like us that likes the competition of it will not do it again ,because we will never be able to get a win .And of course the buyers will have to buy even more next time in order to defend there title.I am not seeing them doing that every single month or three months.Sure this is the first time , but spending but loads of cash for some title is not worth it and not fair ,to the others that indeed worked there but of to the very last moment.Whats more they are being portrayed as losers simply of the fact they do not buy the win .
There are more fs that just pick up the prizes .That is fine if they want to do that that's ok .But the fact of the matter is that is the only thing people can do now witch renders the competition element of it entirely useless for the ones that like that .

So u get an list of the strongest buyers .And the rest of us will just pick op the prizes .Like i said there is no competition .And its putting our name thru slime .We could never get a better name just because we played the best ,organized everything from head to tow.
Its fun to do it once ,but i am hoping we will do it again in a fair competition or we just go back to pick up prizes .Where you don't have to organize a thing just pick up the prize.