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Discussion [Feedback] New Year Countdown Event


@Mystral When you enter the forum that has been set up, there is a button at the bottom of the page that says "Post New Thread'.
Press that, enter a title and initial message, and you are off and running.


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Dear Mystral,

Thank you for letting us know of your difficulties.

Let me assist you (and others) with a step by step on how to enter the competition...

  • In the main page of the forum (that you see just after logging in), scroll down untill you get the forum Competitions & Events. Click on it.
  • In the new page you will see the subforum New Year Countdown Event - post your thread here! written in BOLD text. Click on it.
  • You will then see a thread called Tasks and questions (that is where you get your daily questions and tasks) Dont click on it for now. Below and to the right of that is the words "Post new thread". Click on the words "Post new thread".
  • You will then be in the create new thread page. You will need to add a title to your thread. The title can be anything you want (Your player name for example would be a good choice). Now write your answer in the text box below the title. Once you have finished doing that click on "Create thread" just below the text box where you wrote your answer.
  • Your thread will now have been created and will be visible to you whenever you are in the New Year Countdown Event - post your thread here! subforum again.
  • Every day that you have an answer to the task or question you need to go back to thread you created and reply to it with your new answer.

I hope my answer makes things clearer and easier for you and everyone else who may have the same difficulties.


No where do I see a button for "respond to thread". This is rapidly becoming very adversive, unfortunately a thought shared by a couple of others in the guild. I am not finding this easy to navigate at all.
I made some screenshots that might help. First you have to go to the thread "New Year Countdown Event", posted in the subforum "Competitions and Events"

When you click on the hyperlink "this forum" as shown below, you will get to a new page.

Here you will see the button "Post New Thread".

Once you have done that, your personal thread will be displayed beneath the question thread, like mine is in the image. You will only see your own thread you created in this space and no one else's.
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Thank you so much for this help. Several members in the guild were having the same problem and I am the point person for finding out how this works. I will pass this information along. Thank you again for the help and the support.


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Dear Mystral,

I am glad that we were able to assist you in this matter. If you have any further questions then you are most welcome to ask them here in the forum :)


really sorry to be a pain but not done this for so long now, can someone remind me how to take a screen shot lols


Is there no sticky thread for the Daily question, was hard enough to find my way into the forum again


Hey, @Moggy,

Would you accept an idea how you can make things easier for you? First, open that thread again.

Second, subscribe for this thread by clicking "Watch Thread" below the title:

From this point on, you'll receive forum Alerts for any new replies in that thread with a direct link included:

And just make sure you check the forum once or twice a day (like in the evening).

Hope it helps.


the forum is not an easy place to navigate,took 10 minutes to find todays question,very dissapointed when i found out is was to take a screenshot, what on earth is that and more to the point ,why? does this action bring in money or players to this game, i think not, come on developers, give us a reason to be here? kind regards aknighty


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Dear aknighty,

Thank you for raising your concerns here. The New Year Countdown event will include tasks as well as questions. You can find the questions for the day here(click)


Actually, I am done with the game. I have spent 45 minutes to an hour trying to get a screen shop posted. When I finally got the screen shop in a for web version to meet the criteria, the up loader kept giving me an error message. This is suppose to be fun - and has become highly irritating and not fun at all. The forums have no easy way to get to your personal thread. The uploader does not appear to function properly and I have uploaded to other forums ( I belong to photography forum) and it just is one obstacle after another. It was a lovely idea, but I am done. May diamonds rain upon all who persever.


just a quick note: you can also set up an alert to email you. This I have done as I do not visit the forum every day and would otherwise forget to check for the questions. As was mentioned above, by clicking "Watch Forum" allows you to navigate to the proper spot right away.

I do have a question though....how do we know if we are on the right path with our answers, or will you be checking them all at the end of the month? I am hoping I set everything up correctly!!

Thanks, rebel


I'm still finding this fiendishly difficult. every ay have to re-read all the posts about how to and where to post replies and I have no idea still if I'm doing it right. I seem to have a thread going - I think. Not sure if it's in the right place or if my posts are being seen?

I have "watched" the forum section but it's still taking me ages of going in circles to do it, and I have no idea if it's working. As Rebel asked, could we have an update please? Or an acknowledgement that you are seeing the answers please? Like Rebel I'd like to know if I've set it up right


Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
As Rebel asked, could we have an update please? Or an acknowledgement that you are seeing the answers please? Like Rebel I'd like to know if I've set it up right
We are indeed seeing your answers. If any of you have concerns whether you have set up your thread correctly, please visit the New Year Countdown Event - post your thread here forum (you can click the words in bold there for a link). If you see the tasks and questions thread, and your own thread, then you have set it up correctly. If you do not see your own thread, please message either myself or Madena on the forum and we will assist you.

Regarding an update, or knowing if you answered correctly, all will be revealed at the end of the event, so early in the New Year ;)


Okay, so without having actually participated in the event itself yet - here's my feedback:
  1. I wasn't aware this event existed until day 4, when I happened to stumble across efi35's thread asking a question regarding this event. I previously mentioned this regarding the poll for the world naming competition (which was kindly implemented thereafter), so I'll do it again: an in-game message linking to the forums would be great! [EDIT: Thanks for implementing the in-game message! :)]
  2. I had to do a forum search on "New Year" to find the announcement about this event. This is because the Competitions and Events section is split into two lists showing further sections like "New Year Countdown Event - post your thread here!" at the top and any threads bellow. When using a small screen this can be deceiving as you might just happen to not instinctively scroll down and just click on that relevant forum section from above regarding the event and then wonder why all you get is the "Tasks and questions" thread but no announcement. This could just be me, but I still think threads should be kept all in the same section rather than splitting them up further (especially when we're talking about just two threads). A link to the announcement from the "Tasks and questions" thread would suffice too.
  3. Why is there no thread or mention of this event under the "Announcements" section of the forums? There has been for the previous competitions.
  4. This event looks to be quite fun to do even without receiving rewards - so please don't remove the previous questions/tasks for days that have expired.
  5. I really like that you have come up with an event that makes players think and search for the answers instead of just collecting resources and making this event no different than most quests we get in-game. Thank you for the riddles! ;)
On to participating now...

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