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ElvenStats website - stats, ladders, and more


Came across a new website that was announced on beta and US forums. Thought I would share it here for those who only read the EN forums.
One amazing feature is an import tool of your town to elven architect. I have no association with the website nor do I know who created it. Have a look and see what you think.

Check out the amazing new website, http://elvenstats.com/

Here's a quick 2 minute video highlighting some of the many features:


Such an excellent resource and not only for the AM of a FS (although I am AM of 2 FS).

I used it to produce a plan of my city easily to get better use out of my available space - with an event coming up I'd like to have room for those tiny buildings and even though I have 2 cities in Elementals with the requisite number of manifestations I'll still have room for them!


Curious me was clicking around there yesterday and saw ...
A Polish Fellowship with 72924 tournament points, that is like working on the 14th chest >.>

Can visit anyone you like and take a look at production stats etc, interesting ^^
But the Elvenar Architect button is the most favorite, gosh what a help ♥


I viewed this the other day and found it fascinating. A real help in checking the fellowship progress and a huge timesaver on the architect. :)


Awesome site. I wonder how Inno cares about the privacy :D of its customers when it is possible to retrieve such information from their servers freely.

Has been a debate about that on beta and fairly certain someone has complained about it. I have no idea how they get the data. However the data that is there appears to be only what I can find in-game when visiting someone else's town or ladders. Actually manually doing it is a little more accurate as the site guesses at your boosts based on building numbers, while manually you can definitely find out boosts.


Using the elven architect link you get a 100% accurate map of your city in a way its very difficult to do in game. Check every road square hidden behind buildings? You can't even pick up set buildings to check whats behind them without resetting the counter.


Elvenar Team
As long as this site doesn't share personal information like purchase history or IP address, I'm OK with anyone being able to see how awesome my city is!
Our systems would not allow this to happen. The site also has no accesses to our databases.


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for posting this Mykan. Creator of the site here. Appreciate all the kind words.
No one has commented on the Weekly Reports yet. Personally I think this is one of the coolest features. :)

If anyone has any questions for me, i'm very responsive to contact requests from the site. I'll try and check back here but can't monitor all the forums.

Actually manually doing it is a little more accurate as the site guesses at your boosts based on building numbers, while manually you can definitely find out boosts.

About 1.5% of boosts were detected improperly at launch last tuesday. Our initial algorithm used to count the number of manufactories a player had and then assume this was the boost. We have since change the approach to using the city map location. Players boosts are now 99.9% accurate (i'd say 100% but then i'm leaving no margin of error :))

Since launch here's a list of updates we've made.

March 21th, 2018
  1. Improvements to Fellowship Member sync button, it now also refreshes users scores and roles.
  2. Supplies and Coin tables apply culture boost
March 20th, 2018
  1. Improved tables for better display at lower resolutions.
  2. Iconified Tables on Fellowship/Player pages.
  3. Bug Fix: Culture Boost displayed 0 on Player Pages

March 19th, 2018
  1. Elven Architect links display date of city snapshot / Ability to refresh user on player page.
  2. Greatly improved the speed of tournaments page.

March 19th, 2018
  1. More weekly report enhancements / bug fixes.
  2. Fixed bug with expansions displaying 5 less then it should.

March 18th, 2018
  1. Fixed a bug in weekly reports which impact people in Europe/Asia having to do with timezone dependencies in report calculations.
  2. Added 1 new servers: DE4 BR1 BR2

March 17th, 2018: Couple big updates:
  1. Updated Boost Detection: Approximately 1.5% of users had the wrong boosts detected. New algorithm uses city location instead of analyzing number of manufactories a user has. Big thanks to Arayla for writing the algorithm!
  2. Automatically imports users with missing information (no need refresh users manually now)
  3. Add/Remove Fellows button to force an update of your current fellowship members / remove old expired accounts.
  4. Added 3 new servers: SK1 / RU1 / RU2

March 15th, 2018: Everyone, thanks for the positive feedback on the site. Been working hard fixing bugs, adding clarifications, supporting new servers, and chatting with you kind folks. The site has gotten more traffic than we expected during our beta launch week and we're so honored. Thanks to all that have helped spread the word! Changes in the last 48 hours:
  1. Added 8 new servers: EN2 / EN3 / SE1 / NO1 / DK1 / PT1 / CZ1 / CZ2
  2. Improved player selection (favors exact matches / more results / results don't hide the input). If still having issues goto this page
  3. Fellowship Page: Cleaned up the tables and added tool tips and long winded explanations.
  4. Bug fix with LVL 25 Mountain Halls not being detected.
  5. Some progress towards a next generation boost detection algorithm to support you mavericks out there that like to produce non-boosted manufactories.
  6. Privacy Policy added.
  7. IE fixes

Our systems would not allow this to happen. The site also has no accesses to our databases.
Yes. What Muf-Muf said, we have no access to anything that you can't already see in game.


Hello, elvenstats.com is not working properly for a couple of days now, is it me or anyone else having page loading problems etc with this site?




Is It Down Right Now checks only if the site is responding at all, not that the various functions are working. In my case the home page is displayed but none of the database functions are working.

Yep that exactly.


July 18, 2018
  1. Growing Pains!. The last couple days the site has been unreliable. Our database server has been crashing and leaving behind little info to diagnose. If you aren't getting data to load, this is likely the cause. It's not you... it's us. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you can, support the site's infrastructure with a donation.

Source: www.elvenstats.com


Elvenstats is not working for me, anybody else experiencing the same issue?

Deleted User - 1759805

Elvenstats is not working for me, anybody else experiencing the same issue?
If by not working you mean unable to do real-time updates (including getting a link to ElvenarArchitect), then yes, I was unable to do that for a couple of days. The site is still accessible and displays info as of several days ago.


The creator posted on US forum. There has been a change on Inno side, elven stats is working on it.


I used it an hour ago and live updates were running again for EN Arendyll, but a notice earlier said they would have to manually connect again to each server individually.