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Eleandor my Alduil Celebrindal's City


Planks Tournament July 28
Finally the Tournament that I have studied a lot!. Also this time I started really hard with my troops also I advance with my troops till province 24 in wich I decided to stop.
The next thing I did was to improve my Excel Spreadsheet with a tool I was trying to design. A calculator of provinces. My strategy is to try to do all the first 10 provinces fighting with troops the best I can. And then all the next provinces only 2 rounds by paying the cost. I have to say that I posted as a crazy guy; and the Excel Form help me a lot knowing what things I could exchange super easy.

Changes in the FA... City Portals?
I saw a chat conversation in our Fellowship between @Chilcana and @LadyHavva talking about excellent ideas for our gaming experience. The idea of @Chilcana was about persons of high chapters that don't have more space and maybe became bored, but what happen if your city can get more space through portals to a new city building experience? I have to read his post. Also ask @Chilcana about that amazing idea.

When you click the images will send you to the referred Posts

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Crystal Tournament July 31
I am thinking in completing 1 Province between every tournament. Using my calculator I can use better my resources I think because my resources are very static. Are always part of tourneys or events. but if I complete a Province every interlude between tourneys I guess I can complete other Expansion to my city. Also I need to be thinking how to expand it.


In the office sometimes I was losing sticky notes for gaming in Elvenar, also I was doing 1 Province battle each time.
My gain with this method is that I can do 15 or more KP's at a Time moving my market so much that I Start to see that my production can be used in a better way.

Thinking about the Future:
Architecture of a Woodelven city
Preparation for Crystal my Boosted Tier 2 Production:
Since my last tourney I upgraded to the top of my chapter a new crystal fabric. I hope that it will help me a lot. But I feel my tier 3 production is weak. I need to do 2 more fabrics. So... space is needed.

Ten Blue prints in a row of successfull Tourneys since I have been in the Assassins Fellowship


A Lady Mage Tale The Crystal Tournament Epic Tales By @LadyHavva
LadyHavva said:
Hello everyone,

Another week full of highlights have passed. It is hard to choose which accomplishments to mention, there are so many. Misha with an awesome score of 5406 ranked third of the server and this week managed to topple risky as the tourney hero by less than 200 points, over 4 weeks, I mean the difference is tiny. Risky didn't make it easy either with a score of 3635. SCL had a very impressive score of 4746 points, taking 4th place on the server, I wonder if oops is jealous ;)? And what a surprise (not), Els is on the front page again with over 3K points. I can’t help but being impressed, she keeps scoring over 3K every week. And Malkoto, well done with a score over 3K, your scores have been growing the last weeks. We also had 9 people in the top 100. We had 10 chests as usual one day before the end of the tourney. Something that is so normal for us now, that it is easy to forget what an achievement it is. So I would like to congratulate you all again for another week of high achievement and having fun while doing it.

Let’s also look at the scores for a second, Mike, Els and Zemina all had a personal record on point gain this week. Well done, that’s not easy fighting a tourney alongside as well.

Well I’ve run out of inspiration now. Next week we may have a longer post. Who knows. Or shorter if you guys have had enough of reading a lot.

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Scrolls Tournament August 7

Well I use again the system of alarms that the Spreadsheet is calculating for me. I also add them to my my agenda, The thing I have failed is to add them as a equation to Google Calendar in that way also I could automatize my agenda with the Elvenar Tournaments.

The Scrolls tournament is the one in wich I always lose too many troops. I don't have the best troops for the tournament or sometimes the patience to do all the manual fights. Because they are really hard and with the visits to my mom at the Hospital, my work, my Girlfriend and my friends I have to admite I need to do what I can with my productions.

For this tournament I was in my phase of completing my dreamed 4 Elixir Fabrics, so I could not use them to make more points. And it was insane the way I search for timing my events. But I do some ranking points to my personal score.


A Lady Mage Tale The Scrolls Tournament Epic Tales By @LadyHavva
LadyHavva said:
Hello Assassins,

This week surely has been one of many highlights. At the top of those for me is Kib coming back and I think you guys share that opinion. It seems that his coming back inspired us to take the number one spot on the server this week. Although we really aim only to get the 10 chests every week consistently, it is nice to see our FS up there in the ranks, it means to me that you are all hitting targets of your own for individual rankings and rewards of the tourney and the ranking is just the result of that effort.

Let’s look at some of those individual efforts. Scrolls is a hard tourney so scoring an awesome 4368 points and the tourney champ this week is our esteemed leader who also was 6th on the server, but she didn’t manage to topple Mihailev as the tourney hero. Well done Misho. She is followed by that cat loving lady, SCL with a score of 3036, although that ranking may have looked different if our master of manual fighting Chilcana hadn’t missed that last round and came third with a score of 2831. Elspeth is as always on the first page this week, consistency might be underestimated by some, but I rate it highly. 11 members have made it to the top 100 this week and that must be a record as well. I know I said it before but this is the reason we score so good, so many of us score above what is needed to just make it to 10 chests and relax after no one seems to do that ;), because we all love playing the tourneys. We all help each other to score better each week. This is a great FS to be a part of. I’m proud of you guys.

Let’s also look for a second at the growth, that has been impressive this week. Kingarthur has a personal record with 8432 points and also tops the chart with the percentage growth. Misho has the highest growth in points with 9257 points.

This brings us to the end of this weeks’ highlights post, even if I couldn't mention all the hightlights as there is no space left in this message. Have fun the coming week Assassins.

Lady H
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Fellowship Adventure August

2 Days Before the Beginning.
Well I solicitate the team to be ambassador only for the things that mean to be about the Fellowship Adventure. And the time comes; @pompeywolf told us about the Adventure while I was distracted with typical day-life things, and one day searching for a Knowledge Point Thread I saw the Message: A new adventure near to start.

So I made my first mistake in trying to help in the Fellowship Adventure: We missed 1 day of production that could let us produce our first Elegant Statues.

Setting the Strategy
Thanks to the work I did in the past I simply copy and paste the items to be done for the adventure. It works correctly. And thinking the same as the last votation. I setup to be done in this way: First Stage: Only 1 Path; Second Stage Only 1 Path; Third Stage Only 1 Path.

Also I talked with @Mihailev about what paths we could do and wich was better?. My point of view becomes from the experience leading or trying to help in a better management from what I did in the other Fellowships I was. But the talk open my mind to excellent questions to try to make the FAMatrix even better, and a better way to lead while Adventuring.

A shorter Link for the Spreadsheet
Thanks to the Team suggestion specially from @Anyrtok we have created a Shorter link from the very long Google Docs create when you are doing a shareable document. @LaddyHavva also create other link so now it exist a better "address" to share the document

The Real Thing! Advancing In Stage 1
The first thing I did was to communicate into the thread @pompeywolf create to talk about the adventure. I did't saw until so much time later that the Thread wasn't with a Title. That was my second error. But well "everyone" (I thought all of us was reading the Thread) were reading it. But as always the impetuous advance o the team broke the strategy and at the end of Stage 1 we filled it all complete.

The Real Thing! Advancing In Stage 2
Stage 2 was filled almost complete. In this case the Strategy was to fill 1 Path again but it happens that we were waiting for a player that couldn't be to claim the Stage gift. So at the end I was adding Strategic points to what I saw my comrades of fellowship were advancing. But there was an error, someone clicked in the Flag to pass to the next stage while the strategy let us to gain 800 points more. But also I didn't mentioned just to be relaxed about the Fellowship Adventure.

The Real Thing! Advancing In Stage 3
Stage 3 was filled almost complete because we saw that we could be between the first 20 Fellowships. In this case the Strategy was to see all the productions also the ones in excess and discard those points that between time left and production we cannot complete. Also I got a personal situation that get me out at managing the event near 9 hours. I know that is not so much time, but I was the only one doing the data entries for the well use of the Spreadsheet. In my personal situation I got some time at waiting room of a Hospital, and I started to draw a chart that could give an opportunity to don't need a manager. A better Matrix for the Team.

What about the persons that didn't use the Matrix?
In all the Fellowships I have been and this one apparently is not the exception to the rule; it saw some persons that didn't use the Spreadsheet; also told me that they don't want to use it. They could have different reasons. They didn't read 1 of 4 messages with the link or maybe they don't like the way the Spreadsheet looks or as somebody told me "she has to use to much time Excell at work that don't want to use it while gaming"; Without Time to enter that data, time to use for your parents, friends, hobbies... etc. All of this is totally respected.

Also I admint sometime in the past I really disagree with the management of a spreadsheet in other Fellowship because even creating 2 days productions at the first moment of an Adventure. Knowing that we had the total productions for that "quest". We were also overproducing them doing 1 time also 50% more of what we need it for the Adventure (150% of the needed) . And even worse... as my point of view. I had produced there for example 10 productions of 2 days for a midlist player in the fellowship. And I also cannot use those in whole the adventure. That means a waste of time for me; time in wich I could even use for personal to game things such as upgrading or preparing for a tournament... etc.

Other thing about that Spreadsheet just I mentioned was that as a user don't have the opportunity to administrate a thing (and the person don't care about my suggestions) , that means that if something happen to the owner of the Fellowship. The team is... well the team cannot use the spreadsheet as a tool that can solve problems. But I did the same mistake with my partners. Not because the spreadsheet don't allow that someone could edit the strategy or can modify to manage the spreadsheet. But I didn't do the Manual somebody ask me in the last Fellowship Adventure.

I mentioned in the paragraph "2 days before the Beginning" that I did a mistake about the first productions. When I did the calculations for only 1 way. Maybe my partners could say, hey your spreadsheet don't work. We can still do the work without the spreadsheet. "That thing did't mentioned what we have to do" ... but we also did it what the adventure needs.

→ Well I used 2 messages to told the team the intention to do only one path in each Stage. So the Messages are not working too (because also we were close to end whole the paths of whole the adventure). Also talking about the way we use the messages: We could do a spam of messages that at the end one person needs to reagroup in some way to try to unite efforts, and that person could be frustrated or stressed (Also you can see persons exiting a fellowship in the middle of an Adventure because of that stress (I have seen 4 going away since I have been playing Elvenar: 1 year).

A spreadsheet can be opened whenever you want, write 6 or 7 numbers and all the team now knows what he can do to help; without messages, waste of time and saving time and resources (And it don't waste your time for other things such as... playing in Elvenar).

Furthermore I guess INNO Games will change adding to the system a platform that helps even easier than a spreadsheet while doing Fellowship Adventures. Eventough just try to think. If this is a game about producing and upgrading and also winning if you are a better producer. Does INNO give the Fellowships a Tool that makes all for you instead of the "group cooperative messages" to complete a goal producing? It is just like thinking when you are playing basketball the Referee passes you the ball to score, instead of a Team working together against other that are working together.

Now I am in a "tourney" Fellowship. The principal Motto is. "We are a tournament focused team with experience and commitment to get 10 chests on a weekly basis". Not in an Adventurers Fellowship. So maybe at the end we could never do except 1 path for each stage. As the suggested at the very beggining. But in the Team are persons that really like to game in every thing the game could offer. I am one of those.

Let imagine a Situation without using a Spreadsheet
Ok This is a Theorical situation

-Imagine a manager using a system of messages he should add a Report Manager that could be added to his agenda daily alarms just to give it easier a report to those persons. But those persons don't use a Spreadsheet and still don't send messages, so... the report must ask to receive that messages, that means that the Administrator time could be consumed by those persons losing both parts. They → doing messages writing at least 50 characters → Instead of writing 7 of a spreadsheet. So if I the administrator have to do messages to them He needs to automatize those messages even more, and then the problem of entering their data, that will consume almost 10 minutes in each message if there are 6 users we are talking losing 1 hour each day of the 3 a person use to be gaming, if there are 18 persons that don't use the spreadsheet, well you can do the calculations of how much time that administrator could use to play. (Answer by the way is 0 hours to play)
Also the admin did 10 messages in the chat only asking if someone "would" do 3 badges. 20 minutes then a person exits the Fellowship..

A Spam of messages could stress more than a spreadsheet. You don't need to talk to the spreadsheet, you simply see an information and if you can, you do the badge also writing 1 number instead of "I will do that for that waypoint" and someone that didn't read the message makes you lose that time.

People are Awesome
I gived to 3 special persons a "Wonder society Badge".
@Mihailev → We are a tourney Fellowship, well he was the second in Arendyll while doing the Silk Tournament and also he still help a lot with the FA. He was interested even without entering the Adventure.
@LaddyHavva → Not only a Mage that is very interested in the excelent support to the Team. She even was helping in the Adventure, the tourney, and chat support that includes the help to enter some data to the Spreadsheet while I was at the Hospital with my mother.
@Anyrtok → Without her productions of statues not at the start: While adventuring give us the real opportunity to gain those points to be really close to be between the first Fellowships of the adventure. Yes, whe did something contrary to the messages I did, but let be sincere and reiterative. Without that we probably could be in a far and lesser ranking.
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The Results of The Adventure while doing the Silk Tourney

Silk Tournament August 14

I was editing my Tournament History and when I saw my last average was 1580; Now it is 2430. My goal for next tournaments is to don't stop until getting 3000 or more Tourney Points. Also I am planning to study another tournament in the same way I did it with the Planks Tourney. And as a personal proyect: Do an Elvenar Notebook for tournaments. Something that looks as a Grimoire. I did it with my other Hobby Dungeons and Dragons now I can do the same for Elvenar.

A Lady Mage Tale The Silk Tournament Epic Tales By @LadyHavva
LadyHavva said:
Hello team,

Well it was a stormy week and I realized that I have forgotten to write the weekly highlights. In the light of recent events I will not focus on individual achievements this week, but on what defines us as a team. And even as I say I won’t mention individual achievements I can’t help but mention the awesome work Alduil did to help organize us for the FA and the huge numbers of badges Any produced. But then again the FA is a team effort too. So well done team on place 16 without too much effort. Another great team achievement is the 1st place in the tourney we had.

So now the important part, what I love in this team is the fun we have, the activity, the cooperation and the fact that everyone is willing to go that extra mile to help the team. Make an extra badge if needed, stay up a little longer than normal just to be able to do that waypoint or some extra points in the tourney. And it is all done with good grace and no complaining. And when it’s not possible because real life calls us, no one complaining about it either. Small misunderstandings are solved by the willingness of everyone to explain their point and listen to the point of the other. Respecting each other and opinions is what makes this a great team. So I have no fear that the actions of any one person can damage us. Just keep talking and telling us and each other what you think. We will keep having fun and 10 chests every week. Go team

Lady H

PD: @ooopschan "GO TEAM!"
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An Event During the Elixir Tournament
The Tale of The Wandering Moon Strategy

Well I setup the Strategy to do it in only one day, I got the opportunity of having a lot of empty space due to the end of the Fellowship Adventure. So I did almost near the same quantity of buildings to end the event really fast.


A Lady Mage Tale The Elixir Tournament Epic Tales By @LadyHavva
LadyHavva said:
Hello everyone,

It’s been an interesting week. We started the tourney two members short as real life obligations required more attention from two of our members. We did gain a new member though, welcome again Sitticus. Being two members short did not stop us from getting 10 chests again though, really well done everyone. Tanja reached her target of both tourney champ and tourney hero this week and a cool 7th place on the server. Tanja also placed second with oops in the FS. She told me she didn’t care about the mention though so forget you read that ;), :p. Darth, risky and Malkoto, beautiful scores above 3K guys, something to aspire for. 7 members in the top 100 explains why we have no trouble hitting 10 chests every week. I love the ease with which we do it. Keep up the good work.

Although rank points don’t mean too much in this FS it is nice to see everyone growing continuously. And I must say I had to check my screen twice when I saw Buddha’s growth percentage :). Impressive.

Lady H.

The Weekly Report

Elvenstats.com Report
- Tourney Champ (this week): supremecatlove - 4872
- Tourney Hero (last 4 weeks): supremecatlove - 16164
- Highest Growth (points): Mike277 - 6291
- Highest Growth (percentage): Horny Buddha - 188.6%

* Horny Buddha set a new personal record for: Most Points In A Week (4420)

6291 2.0% Mike277
5756 4.5% Anyrtok
5572 5.5% llKingarthurll
4430 7.8% Malkoto Poni
4420 188.6% Horny Buddha
3678 3.1% Alduil Celebrindal
3388 1.1% carran
2759 2.0% EnchantedElspeth
2571 19.1% Sitticus
2490 4.4% Zemina
2339 1.4% Chilcana
1790 1.0% ooopschan
1481 0.9% Mihailev
1443 1.7% Hidden in JESUS
1403 0.9% 2risky
1377 1.2% mama vesna
1237 2.1% LadyHavva
1166 1.5% Rienna
1000 0.6% supremecatlove
744 2.3% Astridel
586 0.3% DarthMedusa
138 0.1% deszabla
-626 -0.4% Pompeywolf

4872 16164 supremecatlove
3858 15342 ooopschan
3402 8160 DarthMedusa
3330 12953 2risky
3288 12078 Malkoto Poni
2874 12123 EnchantedElspeth
2694 9948 LadyHavva
2466 9286 Alduil Celebrindal
2435 9141 NENI ROMAPES
2336 8846 Zemina
2136 11425 Chilcana
2072 5114 Sitticus
1950 7494 deszabla
1799 7004 carran
1758 6612 Hidden in JESUS
1758 5928 Mike277
1712 8594 llKingarthurll
1668 7092 Anyrtok
1632 15516 Mihailev
1626 8220 Pompeywolf
1260 4140 Astridel
1110 6744 mama vesna
1074 1410 Horny Buddha
690 3852 Rienna

188.6% Horny Buddha
19.1% Sitticus
7.8% Malkoto Poni
5.5% llKingarthurll
4.5% Anyrtok
4.4% Zemina
3.1% Alduil Celebrindal
2.3% Astridel

24525 Mike277
23723 llKingarthurll
21601 Anyrtok
17428 carran
16542 Mihailev
13449 Alduil Celebri
12909 Zemina
12628 EnchantedElspe

96.3% Sitticus
28.6% llKingarthurll
27.6% Zemina
22.6% LadyHavva
21.5% Malkoto Poni
19.3% Anyrtok
17.9% Astridel
12.3% Alduil Celebrindal
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Magic Dust Tournament

A Lady Mage Tale The Magic Dust Tournament Epic Tales By @LadyHavva
LadyHavva said:
Hello everyone,

This week’s highlights are slightly different, as I can but write so many times how awesome everyone is before your heads all start swelling or some of us get a little queasy from all the sugar in the highlights. So today it will be a little spice instead. I want to take a look at what makes this FS work and how we can improve things. Before I go on however I just got to acknowledge the achievement of Mischo, it is mind boggling how deep you can go chasing a top score. Gratz.

So let’s look at things a little closely. In a full FS everyone needs to make 1600 points to reach the 10 chests every week. Our minimum requirement is 1200. This has everything to do with trust and having each other’s backs. Sometimes we may want to score very well, because we want a good ranking, but that means other weeks we can use to recover from such a supreme effort or go on a holiday where we have limited time to play, safe in the knowledge that our FS mates got our back and will make sure that 10 chests will be achieved the next week as well. That’s why we have the rule that 1200 is the minimum but you cannot hang back every week and score just 1200. If you do, you are not having the back of your FS mates, but rely on them to carry you every week. We want to be able to trust the good will and efforts of every member. So if you are having problems and cannot do better even though you’ve been trying hard, talk to us. We have several experienced players who can advice you on how to do better in tourneys. If however you are unable to score better currently, because you don’t have the time or possibility to improve in the future then you might not be in the right FS. After all the game isn’t meant to stress or frustrate you and our expectations might be doing just that. We want to do good at tourneys because we love them and rely on each other to pick up the slack on off weeks, but not push people who don’t have the time beyond their capabilities.

Lady H
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Gems Tournament


A Lady Mage Tale The Elixir Tournament Epic Tales By @ooopschan
ooopschan said:
Hi everyone :)

As @LadyHavva is not here I decided to give you some of the highlights from the past two weeks. It will be a bit different.

First of all - great work Misho last week and Malk this week :) You really led the charge in the tourni. But not just you - FOE with his baby account showed the Elvenar world once more impossible is possible when he plays the game.
And you all for relentlessly playing every week are also responsible for every single 10 chests we get - thank you.

Some amazing progress from some members in the past two weeks - keep it coming! We are all happy to see each other grow!


What i really wanted to point out is some of the comments I have been reading in the past few days - that some ppl have been in different FS but that this is the BEST TEAM! I could not agree more - and this is why we are so strong every single week - we honestly respect each other :) I think of you as my friends and thank you all for being here. Without you I would not be playing :)

And the FA - Although I hate it - we always show that we are a team that helps one another - Thans Alduil for making us remember that!

Next week - Steel - there is a guru in the team who can tell you what you need to know about kicking ass in the tourni - from me - enjoy and keep being as wonderful as you are!

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Preparing an Adventure

I have joined the Platinum Elvenar Leaf Group and I found there amazing information about the adventure that will come. Also I asked a question that was answered almost instantly there, in the same way our forum moderators reply to our answers.

But I will quote this group because this video they made and agroup all the information I was searchig for.

I have to mention the very positive way the fellowship adventure was researched and presented in this video that I have been seeing great changes that will help us as players so much more. By the time those things concern us about the Fellowship Adventures will be "solved".

PD: As humans we always believe that everything could be better. And because of that and other things such as psychological character made us to be questioning things. So I really believe the Fellowship adventures will be better, the same as the tourneys implementations and changes made them amazing.

The Plan of the September Adventure Strategy
  1. Setup a document with changes of optimization since the last FA - Task Complete
  2. Know when the event could start - Done! (Message to the Team Leaders First)
  3. Know if the Team want to enter the Fellowship very active or only to complete the easiest paths from the Adventure that is coming
  4. Ask the Team how they want to participate the FA. - The aspects with the last step are not so different. But I have to read within the message how able would be the whole team to enter the Adventure. At the end I guess it will happen what in the last Adventure have happended. A supernice actitude of all members to do the adventure.
  5. Know the Adventure Tasks and enter the data to the Matrix (Upload data in The Matrix)
  6. As soon as the information is ready share that information to the Group
  7. Even if the Information of the Matrix is not ready 3 days before the start of the event: My work will be to tell and know how many 2 days productions (Elegant Statues) the team will have trying to don't do this kind of productions in the mid of the event.
  8. Know the 1 day productions of the Team 1 day before the event.

My salutations, please don't feel stressed about this event. I wanted to be ambassador only for this kind of event to help as much as posible to deny any kind of Team Stress. But I feel I am part of the Team and the first thing I must do with the Leaders is to tell and ask for permissions in the correct timing.

Thank you so much Team Leaders! ☻ Thank you for reading my messages before the start of the event.

Also I said I want that responsability because in the Past adventures I saw many things that are not cool. I am not perfect, and because of that I am trying everyday to do a better job with the Adventures. But every idea is welcome and also is there is some idea that is better I could do a step aside and welcome any new Idea.

As a personal thought. Adventures are a nice way to work together. The problem is the Prizes we are winning are worthless compared to the effort. That means fustration sometimes at the end of the event.

The last event we end 14th even without the preparation I am doing at this moment. But everything comes from the Team Spirit and a will of helping. With that Spirit is that we are gaining every tourney a Blue Print. But everything comes from that Will!

Happy Gaming! ☻
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Marble Tournament and the Start of an Adventure

Trading Codes (My Variation)

(Idea from @Notts )
Code 0) xxx0 → xxx0 → N0rmal 1:1 Trade No rush (For me cero means nothing in my mind, also the mid o helps me to remind the code)
Code 1) xxx1 → xxx0 → Urgent need (When I post 1 more point it creates the trade as a 3 star - In that way also I could find persons outside the Fellowship that would take it, "1st need" just to remind the code)
Code 2) xxx2 → xxx2 → A Trade for the "two"rney (jeje just to remember the code for the Tourney)
Code 3) xxx3 → xxx3 → A Trade for outside it can be Cross trade. (I really hate to use them as a cross trade, I feel them not fair, also the number 3 used horizontal reminds me something... :p)

Why I have post Trading Codes first?
"Because Trading Codes helps a lot in Fellowship Adventures, The main topic of this post, and helps in tournaments, our Fellowship Banner!"
You will see:

We are a tourney Consolidated Fellowship, our positions talk for us in this aspect. So Code "Two"rney is gaining my heart, also the code "1st Need" because it helps me to get those resources really fast when people see a 3 star trade inside or outside the fellowship. I am using that code for my quests two. It is posted first among other Normal Trades.

  • Code 3 example:
I only use them in times of troubles; such us really need of resources. Maybe I got a travel and when I came back I am low on resources.
But my best way to use them is this

A Wand in a adventure needs 100 Planks So I post
→ 100 Planks - 153 Steel :mad:
In my particular case I use planks for Steel because I am a mabrle producer.

A Witch Hat needs 100 Silk
100 Silk - 403 Planks :mad:
I use silk for planks to post planks for Wands, in my case I don't produce Planks

Magic Potion Badge need 100 Elixir
→ 100 Elixir - 403 Silk :mad:
I trade for silk to have enough silk to trade for Witch hats if needed, having in mind that I don't produce Silk.

I saw a comrade @Mihailev posting a bunch of 100 Planks / 100 Steel for our Wands.
And someone outside the Fellowship simply took them all... :confused::confused::confused:
So: I hate the code 3 because is not fair... but we need it in times where you really want to see trades at hand for a special purpose.

Well I have to said that in the Fellowship Adventure I have used the Wholeseller to buy the 100 Planks, Silk and in my case I am an Elixir producer; that is why when the times of Adventures comes I use in my city Title {$!} that means "Main Hall Please" or "Coins"... the exclamation sign is just to said... "urgent!". I have enough coins to buy. But there are times when you said.. o common! I need to waste 1 million coins for 1 Wand... so you want to find there in the Trader at least a trade that saves you for paying a million. but you do a cross trade that nobody tooks outside... and if somebody takes it... well the person that posted will be very happy in his will to help doing badges.

  • Tworney Code Example:
I saw in the chat, - hey bro I posted a Code 2!...
I think... what the hell is a code 2... (believe me my memory is very bad, one of the reasons for doing a diary)
But a code "tworney",, ahh ok you need it for the tournament, and you will se a post like this
10.002 Marble / 10.002 Steel ★★:)
Also one of our comrades @2risky reminds me the code "2rney"

  • 1stneed Example
Bro I need a Code 1...
10.001 Crystal / 10.000 Silk ★★★:)
Oh.. *Hommer Simpson brain working animation*
Code 1st need. Yes as fast as I can I will take it!.... Is case 1st need!
Someone outside will see -Three Star Trade - ($_$)

  • N0rmal Example
Thats real?... I will not do the example! :cool:

The Marble Results

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The September Fellowship Adventure 2018 Final Personal Notes and Thoughts.

Personal idiosyncrasy

  • Democracy
  • Respect to others
  • Will
  • Hope
  • Positivism
  • Teamwork
When I am playing Elvenar, I "choose" to work with other persons, I "choose" to be in an international Forum and I "choose" to be in a game in wich I can share my thoughts. Also I "choose" to play by the rules. And with those choices I am talking about respecting other person opinions, their personal thoughts, their will to help or to step aside, their hopes, feeling of happiness and that all will be amazing. The feeling of looking at your side and there is a comrade, a partner, a friend.

At the beginning of the adventure I have read those forums with concerns, ideas or hopes. I saw many concerns about the Fellowship Adventure, also I still have one that don't make me fanatic about the Adventures in the same way I am fan of the tourneys.

In tourneys I saw a change when I was part of my past fellowships compared to the one I am in this moment. It is simple to notice that in the tournaments all of us want to gain the blue print, a reward for our teamwork, something that you receive for being gaming among hobby friends.

That is my spirit with the Fellowship Adventure. Also a spirit to share a reward for our gaming experience that brings us fun.

But be sincere, all persons have the right to think, and the right to share their thoughts. Their right to be agree with one idea or another. And the real shape of Democracy is shown. If you think democracy is most of the beautiful things we have to share, but is chaotic. I can think or agree with an idea that others don't want. But we have to be respectfull with other persons thoughts, and also be respectfull with the opportunities we have in front.

In every Fellowship adventure I don't have the right to share my thought, "The reward still is not fair with the group effort" with the changes that we do to our cities. That is my personal thought.

What about other persons thoughts, hopes and wills?. I cannot say to others I will not do the adventure because of my personal thoughts. I really don't know what is thinking the other person. Maybe that comrade wants to gain the prize of every stage. Maybe he likes to be working as a teamember. Or even at the start, middle or end of the experience you will find that your thoughts were wrong as it happen in my personal case.

I thought that gaining "simple KP's" scrolls were a diminute thing. At the end I realized that with our tournament teamwork those scrolls added to those I have gained in the adventure help me to upgrade 1 level of an Ancient Wonder, also from level 12 to 13. that means that if someone had an ancient wonder with lower level; those scrolls help to do the same and more.

I have had an education to become an engineer, I am jealous sometimes of those that are more artistic because sometimes you see that they only say wat they want, and are happy when they do that. An artist simply want to express his feelings. I have to experience, think onece.. and think twice. Then give a result. Maybe I am a complex person because of that.

So as a result and resume of all of these paragraphs, I will never be conditioned again about the thoughts of other fellowships or persons outside our team with negative phrases, such as those I have read from various forums of elvenar. I am a very positive and happy person to be concearned with phrases of other persons against an event of a game I even fall more in love with it. And I am not falling into a fanatism; eventhough i have to be critic but respectfull not saying something could harm other person will, hope or happiness.

My hope is that someday the prize of a fellowship adventure could be so nice, (as we have noticed prizes have been improving) that we have the ways to gain those rewards with excellent communication, knowing what are our strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats as a team to complete our dreams.

I am a formed engineer; My formation don't let me lead by emotions of little momments. I have to remember two phrases from two of my unniversity proffesors:

"To find a solution you need these questions, What we have?, what we know? and the most important thing: What is the question?"

The question: I made was: Team do you want to do the Fellowship Adventure? With what I know and what we have it is easy to simply said. Ok "we will not do it"... and "the problem" is solved?

And the second Phrase comes from another question: What we have to do. to gain the Reward it is given to the first place in The Fellowship Adventures?

"An engineer only can be motivated by facts, not by emotions. You will lead persons with emotions, respect their emotions and give them solutions not problems, an engineer work is to find the posible way to imposible things, remember always the Wright Brothers, and fly!".

Well the same as the Wright brothers, in this fellowship, working so hard in our communication system, The matrix and our cooperativism, happiness, and teamwork I have felt the last time a flight of the Wright's, 16th place, between the first 20.

And this time besides our place; I noticed a very strong communication system and the only thing we need will be the positive idea that we can be in the first place. And it will come when the answer to the question: Team do "we" want to do the Fellowship Adventure? becomes.... "yes we want"

PD: I saw an attitude in my first 2 Fellowships that the Blue print seems unreachable, with the will of the Assassins Fellowship I saw in the chat a proposal, "Let's change the Team name to Always 10 Chest's." hehehe

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Steel Tournament

I end this tournament between a band of brothers, so many nice tournaments and times. And when I was trying to do the report I am doing with images I saw that I forgot to printscreen our results. So I have to go and do a different report for this time. As soon as it is completed you will see how much I admire you, and adore you as friends.

Editing :p
The report will be max. in the middle of the week
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Rise a Knight!

First of all I will continue updating the Spreadsheet for the Assassins. More now than yesterday, because I kew that the Knights of Anduin don't use spreadsheet.
My goal is to feel and know how they work. Because in the same way when you get involved in championships, when you go to a Team that have won various titles you went there as a player to learn. Off course to help in anything.

If I talk about stadistics I have to said that in tourneys the Assassins are so much better than the Knights; that when you see the past tourneys you will see almost an average of 4 "Assassins" Members in the Top list before reaching the first data with a Knight of Anduin Information.

That means that in probability we claim much more KP's from the tourneys. As a matter of fact that we invest so much more in Ancient Wonders. And that affects a lot the performance of a Fellowship. Because with all that claimed KP's we were visiting and learning, sharing and talking.

As I told to one of the leaders of the Anduin's Knights, I am there to live the experience of a Fellowship adventure among a common sense and purpose of winning the first prize.

Personally I have other ideas that make me add them, such as my nickname. If you google Celebrindal you will find that the same Book that inspires the KoA Fellowship is the same that inspire my nickname, in one of their historic characters, Idril Celebrindal.
Also I could say that the only one with a nickname related to the Simarillion between the Knights of Anduin ... is me.

So... when everything fits well to your thoughts and as @Zemina or @laddyHavva, Also @ooopschan, @Chilcana, @jardir, @EnchantedElspeth, @Mike277, @risky , @Mihailev, @Anyrtok, @HIDDEN IN JESUS, @deszabla, @Rienna, @Malkoto Poni, and @Sitticus1 and some other friends there in the Assassins told me, I feel everyword as a sweet message of Godspeed wishing me well in the same manner I want them great things... also I know they will be amazing!. Quoting Jardir, because You Rock! jejeje.

My only "excuse" to exit was that I want to go for a Fellowship Adventure Trophy; and with the Stadistics, will, and performance of the Knights → as well as all my heart in this awesome hobby!.

You know well how good is my will to play Elvenar with you. I know I will be back. Or I hope so.

I will end this writing remembering the other Fellowships where I have been. The Sons of Anarchy (Prospects) in wich I have learned a lot about the game. My first Fellowship Also I am Still visiting 2 of their members there that are really close to my city. Only one still belongs to the SoA.

The Sage Advisors. Sages among all... sorry Assassins.. You are the best with the tournaments. But, a Sage is a Sage! jejeje, just Like @Chilcana... A sage... is a Sage. Excelents persons to be playing with. I left there to find and succed in my search for the Blue Print, and every tournament with the Assassins was a Succesfull Crusade to reach the glorious reward in every tourney.

Now I have started a Journey to live another experiences of Elvenar and be one of the remembered Adventurers with a Trophy glowing with the rays of our world. A Building that only have a few.

We the Assassins were one of those who have gained a beutifull prize of great magnitude. Maybe it was a fail from Inno to name it "small room" and that, we as players knowing how hard is to succed being between the very first class of Players we are. I hope Inno could change the name or do the same building with different name such as "laurels of victory". Because it wasn't nothing "small" in our success.

And about the Knights. I am changing my Name from Assassin to... Knight... my only goal I have fail to succede between my Fellowship friends was to gain all the tournaments 3k points. I will continue in that goal with you Knights of Anduin. You have my word. Maybe the change of name could help... don't you think?

Rise a Knight!
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The Harvest Festival Event


Well all my agenda is organized for the event. I didn't fall in love about the set buildings. But I get really interested in 2 of them. The Fields of Gold that are Basically a Residence that gives a little bit of Culture. I hope to get 3 or 4. If I focus all my points there.

I don't think I could get the buildings that gives KP's per 100 days. But Maybe I could change my mind in the event. My Strategy is to end near 1000 diamonds more with the Wishing wells, buy a Magic Workshop, with the probability I calculated Also I can buy other Magic Workshop, At the end of the 30 days that are left with a probability of 50 diamonds per day. I maybe can buy those amazing buildings that will help me a lot. And then Pass to the Woodelves. There I think that the Carting Library will help me a lot to expend the KP's in the Research or my Ancient Wonders while waiting for Mana.

Carting Library and Fields of gold are still my goal. Also I am thinking to get some Wishing wells too.
But If I choose to get those Wishing wells I will lose the opportunity to gain more buildings of those I want.
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Fellowship Matrix Improvements for next Fellowship Adventure



1) Online Stock

@EnchantedElspeth ask me: What we have in Stock in this moment Alduil?
My answer was we have "imagine a number" but we have to rest the badges from "a comrade" and this other mate...
At the end... When I was at the office and we were near the end of the Adventure, I didn't gave him a instant answer. Now we will know how many badges we have In Stock look ... not the ones that we are producing. Only those that are ready jejej.

2) Stocked badges are Complete for an instantaneus need?.
Now we know the answer with those "checkboxes" In this Example @Knotts have 1 Dwarven Brewery in Stock.... but are needed 3. That's why it is not checked
You may said... ok but to be online in for this answer matters?. →Nope.
Sometimes a comrade could said I will be connected in 1 hour. So we have to be counting with: "all the Badges" In production or in Stock. With time and variations a comrade did many things to get those badges. And yes we can wait and post that we count with his efforts.
And now you will see so much better the point 1) Example: Besides we count with those badges, @ooopschan is not connected at the moment, so no matter if she had a lot of badges, we can know - what we have? in an instantaneus situation. Now solving future situation that we know we will be involved when we choose to complete all the Adventure. But every change I made to the Matrix is to do a better and easier job.

3) Remember that we can chat in the Spreadsheet.
Also now everyone can change the Middle message to share with the Team an Instantaneus news.

4) Automatizing almost all important Data
I have failed only with the GMT equation, I was trying to do a Function with "Query" to find in our "Team Tab" the GMT of the person that is online and tell that person at what hour will be her or his productions. In the past it only mentioned GMT +2 the Server Hour.
I did that change because I have failed in a calculation by 2 hours when I told you about the last Statues. I remember I wrote "they will be 14 hours left to the end of the adventure" The real thing was that I have failed because I am GMT -5 and server +2 and I did the calculation with GMT 0.
Just an Anecdote. The question is: if you want to calculate the ending times? You can do it changing the number of the GMT to your country; or the Server (GMT 2).

You can say.. oh well you just simply open the Mobile app and see how much will last your productions.
Well in my case will help me to do a better job saying the exact hour. And please imagine me talking at the mobile and writing reports for my Job, also having meetings. jejej

5) Automatic Strategy Posting of Path Selection; or if it is Complete
What a title... The title describe what I was thinking.. jejej

To finalize. I am thinking a New matrix that also calculates more things. With every question or situation new ideas comes to my mind.
For example in the app the order of the badges is different to a internet explorer, I am thinking in an option to see the badges in that order as an option.
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Preparing the next Adventure.

In the same way when I was part of the Assassins you are preparing between Tournaments, acumulating Troops and resources. I am preparing a Matrix for the Knights of Anduin and researching about the Adventures.

I am doing a kind of Manual for this configuration of matrix, even when I am Designing a new one.

So here we go:

1) Initial Page of your web-browser that loads information to know when will be the next Adventure
2) Prove the loading System now that I created a new Spreadsheet. (Just to be sure it is working fine)

Time used to load... 3 copy and paste... "2 mins"
If you dont have that info I know that you last max "10 Minutes" entering the data you see direct from the Map Adventure. I know that because I did that entering data manually once.

As a personal note, I was doing the Image editing and the documents (spreadsheets) are still being visited by various persons. It happens in all the Spreadsheets that you can find there in some sites or groups of Players throughout there in the net.

I got an idea few days ago, In the Assassins and also all the fellowships I have played; there are some persons that refuse to use the spreadsheets. In my spreadsheet I have the opportunity to organize the persons in any order. So my idea for the next Adventure will be to organize first the persons that use the Matrix and organize to the last places those that don't use it.

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Planks Tournament and finishing my event quests.
My goal was to do all the quest tasks with the Tournament. But I failed in 4 little things that I feel embarrased to tell... but here isthe first one that occurs me in 2 opportunities. I missclicked 9 hour productions... Twice as I already have mentioned.
When I did my lead of task timing, I forgot to do 5 Workshops to do a task of 1 day productions, it was because I read other that have to do 2 day productions, so I get missed in my mind witho those things, in my revision of productions ready I saw the error, and started 2 productions more. But 2+2=4... not 5... I really don't know why I have failed there, I lose my mind in that moment. :eek:

But here I am, my only real concern is the 32 relik task, But I will wait for the Crystal tourney to do that task.


Here I compare my loved Wishing Wells, about Knowledge Points Production vs Space and Time.
A person may ask why I prefer to wait and choose the Carting Library knowing that produces less KP's than the Monument of Ancient Knowledge?. Well it is because in the Same Space of 4 Buildings, you can place 8, and there, if you think about waiting 100 days to remove the building, You are saying: 600 KP's compared to 800 KP's From the Carting Libraries.

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Personal idiosyncrasy
  • Democracy
  • Respect to others
  • Will
  • Hope
  • Positivism
  • Teamwork
I will never be conditioned again about the thoughts of other fellowships or persons outside our team with negative phrases, such as those I have read from various forums of elvenar. I am a very positive and happy person to be concearned with phrases of other persons against an event of a game I even fall more in love with it. And I am not falling into a fanatism; eventhough i have to be critic but respectfull not saying something could harm other person will, hope or happiness.

My hope is that someday the prize of a fellowship adventure could be so nice, (as we have noticed prizes have been improving) that we have the ways to gain those rewards with excellent communication, knowing what are our strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats as a team to complete our dreams.

The question: I made was: Team do you want to do the Fellowship Adventure? With what I know and what we have it is easy to simply said. Ok "we will not do it"... and "the problem" is solved?

And the second Phrase comes from another question: What we have to do. to gain the Reward it is given to the first place in The Fellowship Adventures?

"An engineer only can be motivated by facts, not by emotions. You will lead persons with emotions, respect their emotions and give them solutions not problems, an engineer work is to find the posible way to imposible things, remember always the Wright Brothers, and fly!".

Hello alduil and thank you for this. I don't always find time to read the whole of your diary (I am mom of a 4 yo and this is taking too much of my time already! :D) but I'll tell you what, it is refreshing to see so much honesty and positiveness, 2 things that are too often forgotten in our today's society.

I am an artist at heart but a business economist as a career, your logic concerning the FA is same as mine. This is a GAME, a GAME should be relaxing, enjoyable, funny, exciting... it should be here to help us forget for a few hours our real problems not to create even more!

Last FA, I wanted to pass (too much hassle for very little in return).., I shared my concerns, others were in the same state of mind --> we then decided to pass it as a team --> this is DEMOCRACY and I know very well about it I am Greek! :p

And more important than Democracy is FREEDOM, people have given their life for their freedom, so whatever we feel, think or would like to do we should always feel FREE to express ourselves... especially in a game (always trying to respect others in the meantime ofc)!

GG with this friend and good luck with your gaming! I'll continue to read you for sure!

Kali <o

PS: sorry for intruding into your diary but I needed to say those things! :D


Crystal Tournament and the first part of the Event

Well I will start saying @cwgiii and all Sage Advisors Fellowship; Congratulations Folks!. You made the 10th chest in the Planks Tournament. That is amazing! I saw that when I was editing the Image of the Crystal Tournament. When I was remembering about our Fellowship Adventures. I also saw an amazing improvement in your adventures, Great Job!

The second part is that I changed my mind about the plan of my event strategy. I saw that my culture and past event buildings were not so strong as the new ones for the Woodelves Chapter (IX), So I took a radical desicion and delete all from my city. And then I saw a negative number in population and culture. My new Wishing Wells and my new Weeping Willows do the work to give my city culture again. Also I bet a lot of times to gain Mushroom Forest's for my city, because in my chapter they have a 125 population per square. But my city is still without Population. I know I will get 2 of the three buildings of the event. So I started 3 new residences and delete 1 Workshop to use my new Magical Workshop in the city very soon.


PD: @Kaliartis Thx for writing in this "diary", but the real thing is that this is an open book for all the persons that want to write here.
That means that you don't have to be "sorry for "intruding" into "my diary" to say your ideas; You are always welcome to post here :)
This is an open Forum, I did the thread to share with all my friends :) you are one of them!.
Also it includes gamers from all the fellowships I have been, furthermore anyone that want's to see "a player" notes (Alduil Celebrindals notes ;)) about the game; his efforts and overall the amazing help I am receiving from everyone in the game.
Also these words are dedicated to persons that cannot interact with my city too, they also would leave a comment here if they want.
I am one player between many of us that play elvenar, I understand your FREE spirit of helping others, that's why I almost try to cooperate with the fellowship I get into. My last words are "thank you for all the received help, I hope you never see my help as an order or a command. In fact the words you read were written because I saw a beautifull Idiosyncracy in the group, the Assassins Fellowship will always be my muse of how to play nice and with respect for others, since the ideals I exposed and I see in that group: Democracy, Respect, Will, Hope, Positivism and Teamwork. @Kaliartis blessings to your kids and family. I wish you the best!.
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Scrolls Tournament and Elvenar is Changing my life!

New ideas come from the chat and from things I am learning about tools for elvenar. I saw a Calculator in other site. And the only thing I just thought was: "Awesome!."
I upgraded the way I am presenting the reports of the tourneys I am thinking to automatize it in a way that only took 5 mins from my time. No at days the Image Edition cost me 30 minutes sometimes more when I get distracted.
But this is not the important thing. The real thing is now I have structurated a new way to do my tournaments. Because they are really hard for me now that I only can do them by autofights and paying the tourney. Also I am improving the Matrix Calculator to give me more specific data. Now it is costing me to manage my trading posting 1 minute, before I was spending 30 minutes or even more by calculating every province cost and compare to my production doing all the math in my "relaxed time". When I started with the matrix and then I use a excel form I was using 5 minutes, because also I was spending a little time doing some balances. With the last improvements I am giving myself time that I am starting to use in other Inno Games aplication Warlords of Aternum https://warlordsofaternum.com/?locale=en_EN.
Both games are giving me ideas and feelings I am using in my personal life:
1) I am trying to use the same energy I use in my work to Elvenar: Since the start of the game I am trying to be a very good regent for my city in Elvenar as well as I am at work
2) My weakness behavior about the order at home. This is a weakness I have since I was a kid. I am really disorganized. Now I have a kind of spirit of Alduil at home. Now I am doing improvements to my house. The last thing I did was a cleaning for my rain water tank.
3) Ideas for my other passion. My Dungeon Mastering is improving because I am doing crafts for my friends. The next tournament I promise to share an image of a Session of Role Play Games I do with my friends.
4) Now I wake very soon in the morning (3 am) and go bed really early, I feel more energy now. The same when I was young and a soldier. Also I organize even better my day that in every change of activity I am using Elvenar alarms to use in the 4 things of my life I am investing now at days. Family, Home, My Job, The Gym (my Health), My friends time (With sessions of Role Play).
The only thing I am missing is my "personal Research", I mean, I feel the necessity of studing again. even with something small as a Diplomate or something like that. I will try one that is free and online to start.
5) Elvenar is working for me better than energetic drinks in my life.
6) I am starting to think in English, because I am trying to write and think all day in that language. For obvious reasons my pronunciation and also my grammar and orthography is not good yet, but I will do a revision of my own writings soon. In the way that I can see my errors and then I could correct my mistakes.