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Eleandor my Alduil Celebrindal's City

Discussion in 'Arendyll' started by alduil celebrindal, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. alduil celebrindal

    alduil celebrindal Alchemist

    May 25, 2017
    Thank you 2018 for all that you gave me, Welcome 2019

    The Fellowship Adventures
    A really Hard Ending of year in my personal Life. All the hard things start since I return to work; because I took some days to do the Fellowship Adventure with my new Team, The Knights of Anduin Fellowship.
    Those days of Adventure we made an excelent job. With the information and communication problems of any fellowship adventure except of really cool things this amazing Fellowship overlaps against the others I have been.
    1) An amazing Will to Help.
    2) Anybody wrote that hates the Felloship Adventure, even if that person was thinking that: We only knew what to do, and how to do it in the best way posible.
    3) One thing that I respect but I am not really agree with is to don't wait too much for players to get the prices. But then I thought with cold mind; If we don't wait we half the risk of losing time or opportunities to complete the Fellowship adventure.
    4) Finally I have the opportunity to "destroy" almost all my city, but, gaining a Trophy.
    5) Even when I lose near 30k ranking points in this moment I am writing this message I am again in the place I used to be. (the 16th place in this new fellowship)
    6) I am knowingabout my amazing comrades: Specially Reia, as a personal note is a really nice person and attitude of gaming to follow. The same way as various of our team members such us Hysterix, Maniumia, Fredola, Nafteta, FairyNike, Lappen, Kimbo12 and of course our leader TEUCHER7.
    7) Facebook Image Posting to give a better view of our strategies.

    The Hard Days
    Because I took those days to play the Fellowship Adventures and you know my vacations, when I came back, all the work was charged to me, because all of the work of the employees that have vacations in holydays. But you know: When things need to be done... They have to be done very well.
    So I lose a lot of contact with Elvenar, not leaving, but my 3k persistent goal on every tourney was lost because sometimes also I only can do even 3 stars of only 15 provinces in the next tourneys that came after the Fellowship Adventure, I guess my average tournament points decreased a lot because of this situation.

    The Hollydays and Elvenar
    Hollydays of the ending of the year are other cause of my decreased tourney average, but Elvenar use an event those days that really makes me have the opportunity to speed up my city growing with new event cultural buildings. This Time I didn't calculate what to have with time, I simply saw what could be my best choice, and wait to those days of the buildings I got for my city. I guess that because I didn't calculate, I lose the opportunity to get the set number 2 complete and also, to don't have the set number 1 complete. But I feel really lucky for all the buildings I have right now. They are a very beautifull gift for us as players from elvenar for giving us the opportunity to gain such amazing prizes.

    The Tournament Reports
    I am thinking that I cannot do the reports of the past Tournaments, because I didn't get screenshots; but I can post at least the results in my average calculation of the first page.

    A 2019 Elvenar Agenda
    Well I have an elvenar notebook right now, but when I was designing my work agenda for 2019 I enter the 2019 tournament alarms on it. A calendar that will ring not only for my personal and business meetings, but also showing me the time in wich I can dedicate efforts to this amazing hobby.

    Well to end this writing.... HAPPY 2019 FOLKS!
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019