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Eleandor my Alduil Celebrindal's City


Thank you 2018 for all that you gave me, Welcome 2019

The Fellowship Adventures
A really Hard Ending of year in my personal Life. All the hard things start since I return to work; because I took some days to do the Fellowship Adventure with my new Team, The Knights of Anduin Fellowship.
Those days of Adventure we made an excelent job. With the information and communication problems of any fellowship adventure except of really cool things this amazing Fellowship overlaps against the others I have been.
1) An amazing Will to Help.
2) Anybody wrote that hates the Felloship Adventure, even if that person was thinking that: We only knew what to do, and how to do it in the best way posible.
3) One thing that I respect but I am not really agree with is to don't wait too much for players to get the prices. But then I thought with cold mind; If we don't wait we half the risk of losing time or opportunities to complete the Fellowship adventure.
4) Finally I have the opportunity to "destroy" almost all my city, but, gaining a Trophy.
5) Even when I lose near 30k ranking points in this moment I am writing this message I am again in the place I used to be. (the 16th place in this new fellowship)
6) I am knowingabout my amazing comrades: Specially Reia, as a personal note is a really nice person and attitude of gaming to follow. The same way as various of our team members such us Hysterix, Maniumia, Fredola, Nafteta, FairyNike, Lappen, Kimbo12 and of course our leader @TEUCHTER7.
7) Image Posting in our Private Group to give a better view of our strategies.


The Hard Days
Because I took those days to play the Fellowship Adventures and you know my vacations, when I came back, all the work was charged to me, because all of the work of the employees that have vacations in holydays. But you know: When things need to be done... They have to be done very well.
So I lose a lot of contact with Elvenar, not leaving, but my 3k persistent goal on every tourney was lost because sometimes also I only can do even 3 stars of only 15 provinces in the next tourneys that came after the Fellowship Adventure, I guess my average tournament points decreased a lot because of this situation.

The Hollydays and Elvenar
Hollydays of the ending of the year are other cause of my decreased tourney average, but Elvenar use an event those days that really makes me have the opportunity to speed up my city growing with new event cultural buildings. This Time I didn't calculate what to have with time, I simply saw what could be my best choice, and wait to those days of the buildings I got for my city. I guess that because I didn't calculate, I lose the opportunity to get the set number 2 complete and also, to don't have the set number 1 complete. But I feel really lucky for all the buildings I have right now. They are a very beautifull gift for us as players from elvenar for giving us the opportunity to gain such amazing prizes.

The Tournament Reports
I am thinking that I cannot do the reports of the past Tournaments, because I didn't get screenshots; but I can post at least the results in my average calculation of the first page.

A 2019 Elvenar Agenda
Well I have an elvenar notebook right now, but when I was designing my work agenda for 2019 I enter the 2019 tournament alarms on it. A calendar that will ring not only for my personal and business meetings, but also showing me the time in wich I can dedicate efforts to this amazing hobby.

Well to end this writing.... HAPPY 2019 FOLKS!
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Things are going really Nice. Things are going a little bit wrong. And Hope.

The Nice Things

The best thing I did since my last answer was. YES WE DID IT!

Third Place in the last Fellowship Adventure. A beautifull Trophy!. The Great Monument of prosperity. A really nice building to place my Royal Restoration Spell, a scroll that we gain in every Tournament with the @Knights of Anduin.

My best place in the Ranking in tournaments was done here while playing in this fellowship. I did it in the Crystal Tournament (October 6 2018): 3024 Tournament Ranking Points and Place 49 [Knights of Anduin]

Our work in Facebook, with "the Matrix", the chat in the game and all the Threads give us the opportunity to be part of the selected players of elvenar that have this type of buildings and the really cool thing of gaining all the 10 chests in every tournament, not as good as the @Assassins are. But doing the things in the best way possible as a team.

Also thanking a lot to the @Elvenar Team because of the app for our mobiles. Because with all the updates they did the past 3 or 4 months I got a little time to play while moving from one place to other.

The Wrong Things
But the things that are going wrong; some personal things at work and family that are part of the life became. And are cutting my time for being playing as I usually did the past year. Also I lose time to be writing here as often as I usually did it in the past.

I barely could play the Carnival Event and I miss a lot of Tournaments. But thanks to my fellowship and all of them as persons we are now really close to be between the very first 10 Fellowships in Arendyll. But remembering that this game you don't win by "compètition", you win by helping the persons around you that start a city.

When the last Phoenix Event started things in my real life became really harder, but some events are changing because I am receiving a lot of help from others. It is just like the feeling from @Elvenar to help others is so positive in my personal life that can be sensed by persons around me. I am a positive person, but things became really strange and wrong events happened. The solution from me was Hope, a pray, and suddenly beautifull changes apperared at sight. Hands joining to help. I am near my 40's, and maybe because of that I am really looking how hard is the life. And when everything goes wrong... Hope, Resistance, Persistance or in some cases Intelligence to evade for a moment and with resources, attack better the same problem. A better way of Persistance and hope used in a better way by myself when I was Younger.


Magic Dust Tournament And The Phoenix Event May 2019

One of the greatest things in this event was those days with "Wishing Wells". I got 28 of those Buildings to help a little bit more in 3 aspects.
1) Magic Buildings that you can buy with Diamonds
2) Knowledge Points, I am doing 15 each 12 Hours, 30 KP's more per day for my Ancient Wonders.
3) Random Resources. In that way I got a better stock of resources for Tournaments.
4) Extra Gold for buying Knowledge Points.

Actual Strategy:
1) AW Mountain Halls Lv 28
2) Upgrade some residences, I deleted event buildings and I got negative Population. As soon as posible Buy a Magic Residence
3) Focus in the Ancient Wonder called "Enar's Embassy". I have read a lot of forums saying that is not a good Building. But I am thinking well... I want that Building in lv 30 as soon as Posible to get all the juice from this Wonder.
4) Needles of tempest lv 12. (it is at the middle of lv 11)
5) Use 6 Magnificent mage Multipliers in the Gems Tournament Event
6) Try to pass to the Halflings Chapter and use the Portal Buildings Space for the Fellowship Adventure.

1) Mana Production
2) All the Space my Wishing Wells are using cannot be sold for the Fellowship Adventure. The next Adventure I will not have as much space as the last ones. Eventhough it will be a wide space.
3) Gems Relics Problem. I am running out of these Relics due to my "Combining Catalyst" Spell continuous production
4) I am not having Specialized Troops for tournaments, And I am in a level in wich I need to use better Troops to don't lose so many in my automatic fights.
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Gems Tournament A Manufacturing Challenge!.

I am still using the image of the Phoenix Event because the challenge was giving at the end of the event an evolving scroll. My problem was the negative population rate I got since the last event. So I got to work with only my principal manufactories.
By the way I have the following buildings:
Tier 1 (Marble Lv 23) = 10
Tier 2 (Crystal Lv 23) = 8
Ter 3 (Elixir Lv 19) = 6

So I divide the time I got to do the Challenge between 3 hours of production of 24 Buildings. Also with an amazing quantity of Scrolls of Magical manufacturing to achive the goal of having my Aureate Phoenix at lv 10.

I got so many resources that almost all the trades I did were 3 star rank. I almost use all the Resources to do as much as I could in that tourney. I used all my Mage Monuments to try a better result. But I have the problem of creating better troops for the tournaments. I need to fix it. I think I can do that in August.
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Marble Tournament Preparing the City for future events

Well this update will need better units. I need to improve my Fire Phoenix first to give more chances to complete the Tower in the near future. Also Trying to get buffing buildings from my crafting. If I start collecting them from now i hope the Tower could have evolving scrolls for my Phoenix Buildings or the Stonehenge Building that I believe there is a great expectation in level 9 or 10.

(It is said that we can get only 5 of this parchments to upgrade the building. Maybe in the tower will be more Scrolls. I am just guessing)

City Preparation.

Also I add my Second magic Residence! :D
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Steel Tournament and The Summer 2019 Event Coming

I am so emocionated about the way it looks the Building. But when I see the Stats, my excitement decrease in the same way as our mana Decay... I mean I really want to get the building because the way it looks. Also having 3 KP's every 2 days is nice. But the truth is that the only way I would have that building in my city is because the way it looks.

Maybe if the Building could give more Culture giving the opportunity to your city to "have more sun" could be a very nice improvement to the building, the idea of having a Summer Building is to make feel your city Sunny!. Upgrading this building to LV 10 knowing that I really don't want to delete it because there is no other chance to get other like this one, makes me think that the space that occupies is so big that it will interfere when entering an event such us a Fellowship Adventure.

For example there is a nice building we can build in elvenar and is really big; but it really gives sunny days to your city. Almost nobody have it because the space it uses, But I really preffer to construct a Magic Maze instead of placing this Stonehenge. And to search 3 KP's I could search for a Monument of Ancient Knowledge. And It will upgrade my actual Buildings For having near the same stats as this monument.

As an example I didn't thought welll about building my 3 Phoenix Buildings. Because I am just using one of them due to the resource to feed the Phoenix is not so easy to get, Eventhough I really feel that if I manage very good my resources and if someday another Challenge gives me the Opportunity to level up the Storm and the Fire phoenix Buildings. I will be very pleased.

Furthermore, The Stonehenge Building looks super fancy and beautifull. But I cannot build that event building in my city.
I am really thinking about spending all the event resources to get Time Reduction Spells and 30 KP Scrolls to upgrade my Enar's Embassy Ancient Wonder.
The Tournament Results


An Idea for a better Stonehenge Building
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Planks Tournament - The Stonehenge Event


I did my event task list until the #86 → "Solve 13 Encounters or Solve 65 Tournament Encounters". Also my idea was that the Planks Tournament is the best in wich I am a good solver. So I can do all the task lead till task 100. I was planning to do the #107 by completing with Province encounters. But all have changed.

I have solved 34 of the 65 and the Tournament ends from Task #86. And then I thought... ok my idea was to end until task 100, also I get all of the productions to do almost all the event, furthermore Task #107 needs 75 Tournament Encounters or 15 Encounters, but with a new Tournament coming and knowing that it will be the Crystal I just said... ok lets start to change my city to get my Mana Buildings again.

In the event the daily buildings are amazing, but I want the 14 hour Scrolls. I will only take those from Day 4th and Day 17th of the event. My idea is simple. I "lose" space with the wishing wells for the next Fellowship Adventure. I can try to get the exploration of many provinces to try to expand my city 2 field expansions. Maybe I will buy 1 more with the Wishing Wells Diamonds.

At the End I will try my best to get the best opportunities to win Time Reduction Scrolls in the Event. Also I expend some to upgrade some production buildings and 1 Residence. If I buy first a Magic Residence and with the new one I upgraded I can upgrade so much more my Crystal Manufactories and have some Population for the Next event when I would be in need for lv 1 Manufactories and workshops.


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Crystal - Scrolls - Silk
Ops I forget to do the image of our tourney, also I spent some time with my family to our rest home. As always we get the 10th Coffer in all of those Tourneys. The great thing I want to thank is that Inno Games listen our humble call to buff a little bit the Stonehenge Building.
I end the Task list very easy in this tournament because I am a producer of the three Tier productions.
I did a 3 am desicion, that means a bad desicion :p jejejeje.
I use my diamonds upgrading my Builder, My idea was to use those diamonds in an expansion or a Magic Residence.... also I was thinking to get those diamonds to use them all in the Event... but you know.. the things that sometimes you do before 3 am will be mistakes.

Furthermore I was having problems with my 3 day upgrading wonders, and without a builder you always feel in a hurry.

And when I just enter the Halflings chapter I thought... ok those are so many Residences to upgrade, and I was having problems upgrading my Enar's embassy whithout the trouble of the residence upgrades. At the very end I really think the Builder will come very handy at last. Will see!

Thank you so much Inno Games for listening us!

What a wonderfull work... don't you think?
Elvenar Summer Solstice Art - Instagram
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Tournaments Strategy:

Ancient Wonders needed: I will continue with my Baracks Units (archers and Sorceress). But Improving my Needles of Tempest, the Dragon Abbey, the Shrine of Shrewdy Shrooms and the Martial Monastery.

The KP Hunting Tournaments!
This Tournament must be my best KP Source if I Improve those Ancient Wonders
This Tournament must be my best KP Source if I Improve those Ancient Wonders
The difference will be seen as soon as I start to upgrade my Martial Monastery.

Even when the Crystal is my Best Tournament I need to get resources here for the Scrolls Tournament.
The difference will be seen as soon as I start to upgrade my Martial Monastery and I want to Improve This Tournament. I have found here my best Performance. I really believe this is the easiest of the Tournaments because I play almost all of them with autofights.

♦ My Magical Manufactoring Enchantment - Tournaments!
I really need to do this tournament because of the necesity of Relics.
The Worst nightmare for Troops. This is the most difficult of all the Tournaments But I need to start a Continuous production of "MME" for my future Elvenar Trade Center. My best choice is to start an early collection of resources for this specific tournament.

♦ Supporting the Other Tournaments:
I will change the strategy here and do only 9 Provinces. To score so much more in at least 1 Tourney (The Gems Tourney) because of the necesity of relics and for trying to search Ranking Points. Historically my best performance was with the Gems Tournament. As a matter of fact I will try to do a hard trading here instead of trying to get in every tournament 3k points. Because the Fire Phoenix gives an amazing bonus to Tournament Fighters. That means My strategy needs to change as a Producer. The Great thing is that those persons that fight in Tournaments will have more resources from me in that tournaments.

In this Moment we as Fellowship are working in the Elixir Tournament.

Spudda made an amazing strategy to advance really far in tournaments based in Gollems. He almost Advance 40 Provinces the first hit using his Fire Phoenix and an upgraded Toad Ancient Wonder.

It was a really clear thought that can help me to think in my strategy. I choose the Aureate Phoenix instead of the Fire Phoenix so my Strategy must be focused in Production to complete my Challenges in the Game.

As a matter of fact best option is to still focus in my Productive Ancient Wonders; I am trying in this moment to complete the Halflings Chapter just to start a Really hard Elvenar Trade Center Advance.

Just to Remember I will add my strategy with my Ancient Wonders.
♦ MY ANCIENT WONDERS And my Phoenix Buildings♦

Productive City!

♦ Mountain Halls (Actual 28) → Upgrade it to lv 30 → 2nd!
♦ Elvenar Trade Center (Actual 1) → Upgrade it to lv 30 → 3rd!
♦ AureatePhoenix (Stage 10 Top)
♦ Storm Phoenix (Stage 0) → Imperative!

Mana... ♫Mana mana... dup dup.. dururu!... mana-mana... dupdurupdap!♫
♦ Enars Embassy (Actual 11) → Upgrade it till Lv 15 → 1st!
♦ Dragons Abbey (actual 1) → Upgrade it to 15 → 4th!
♦ Maze of Dark Matter (Actual 1)

The Wholesaler Combo! → Buy Goods with Supply productions
♦ Blooming Trader Guild (Actual 1)
♦ Prosperity Towers (Actual 4)
♦ Tome of Secrets (Actual 16)

Source: Help - Mycans Guide - Wonders (Page 2. Here you will see awesome Graphs)
♦ Golden Abyss (actual 7) → Upgrade it if others are being upgraded


Produce Troops at haste → More troops more opportunities in the Tournaments
♦ Needles of Tempest (Actual 13) → Upgrade it to 30 5th!
♦ Dragons Abbey (actual 1) → Upgrade it to 15 → 4th!
♦ Matial Monastery (Actual 1)
♦ Shrine of Shrewdy Shroms: (Actual 2)
♦ Fire Phoenix (Stage 0)
♦ Dwarven Bullwark (Actual 2)
Note: My Principal Wishing Wells will end on August 8th 2019
PD: I feel Blessed to be in this Team!.
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Magic Dust Tournament

Halflings Strategy


1) I am trying to use all my diamonds in new Residences
2) The expansions will come by exploring the map, that means mana for my upgrades
3) As soon as posible I need to upgrade my Stonehenge Event Building to gain Seeds. I am getting short with what I am producing at this moment.
4) My Wishing wells will last 38 days more while trying to pass the Halflings chapter takes from me near 70 days. Almost the double of time. Without knowing when the FA would be I will use the space of the wishing wells to do a line of farming to end really fast the productions needed to pass the chapter. Because I really want to do a good performance in the next FA.
5) I am saving resources in this tournament and upgrading my barracks for the Gems tournament. I am doing a basic 1000 Tournament points this time.

The Mermaid!

Yeap but I am focusing on passing the Halflings chapter, whenever I can get a event quest with my advance. I am using the nine days to complete the quests.
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Is the call of the Nature, a song to Elvenar's Moon. The power of the predator that is better when it works with the Pack.
The hunt in every tourney! The challenge of adventures!.
Every bite is a victory, every howl a song to celebrate!



  1. Finally, the new FA now seems to be very interesting with this system.
  2. Completing the event will give you 2 Phoenix Artifacts! - Ohhhh yesss!. What an amazing thing! Thank you so much Inno games!. To end the Fellowship adventure is always possible. Remember that only 12 players From @Zeal of Ares won the last FA. My Team at that moment had 25/25 and doing an amazing job we got the third place.
  3. Winning 2 Phoenix Artifacts will help us so much in our cities. The Phoenix Building changes the Strategies in elvenar. Today this is an imperative building to have in the city. I really don't know how people that don't have the building could benefit of this. Or if they can change 1 Scroll for the building. Not my case... but... you know it is a good point.
  4. When I left Knights of Anduin I made it not because of a problem with the Team but yes because of one person behavior. But then I remember how many persons use the spreadsheet or those persons that enter the badges but without knowing their productions. Ok, because I was a Soldier when I was young, I know the strategy exists but the true thing is what you have in the field. And almost the half of players from Zeal of Ares won over us in that event. They use a better strategy and an amazing Strategy appearing only at the end of the event. I remember that with the Knights I was part of the leading persons that means that my help wasn't enough to help the Team to be in the first place.
  5. I want to observe this time and use the strategy from the leaders from the Pack to renew my strategies from a fuure FA with the Knights of Anduin at the end of the Fellowship... off course, if the Knights could receive me again.
  6. I did a move that hurts what I was planning, because my initial idea was to give the Knights a First place in the next FA. But it is totally hard to plan an strategy with non helping persons. That are 10% of all the Team. But I have to remember that 12 organized also with less expansions in their cities such us the Zeal of Ares could beat only with attitude and organization.
  7. Knowing that every person is a world and every point of view is part of the idiosincracy of each person or posibilities of Time. I really hope being as the youngest wolf of the Pack can help a lot in this event coming. I really believe and have the attitude to do a nice job this time.
  8. I need to pass really fast my Halflings chapter to do the best I can do in the FA as I have been mentioned on the last posts. But I think that I will lose my wishing wells. But my thinking is that they will come new events to have them again. And that I really get juice from those wishing wells to have amazing things in my city. And if I don't delete those. I will be losing the opportunity to win the first place.
  9. In this moment I am thinking how to obtain more space even having a negative Population the same as that happen the last FA. when I got almost destroying my city to help more my Team.
  10. I don't know what is the feeling of the Team to do a "sacrifice" to win. But in the welcoming message I read that "there are many type of players in the Team". I really hope to find at least players such as @Reia, @FairyNike, @Amurite, @TEUCHTER7, @jc31 @grizzledtyke, @Macavity64, @maniunia, @Nafteta, @Queenspower, @Rivannas or @Spudda. Here Mentioned 12 Players in wich the last FA adventure from Knights of Anduin who did all the best to get that Third place. Off course everyone of the Team did their part, but the same as happen in Tournaments. There are almost top players that do all the best for the Team while others only enter the minimun required and no more. You know... only for winning the prizes. But not for the Honour of being the first ones. A thing that I always miss from the Assassins. They compete to be the best ones... and you know really cool without preasure. But each person focus on being doing the best... not the normal thing.
  11. One of the great things from the wolfpack is the chat. I have noticed that we almost talk about cool things about the game, That thing remembers me how nice was the chating in the Sages Fellowship.
  12. I have noticed a trully hard thing to me in the Wolfpack and are those crosstrades. Well, I need to live with that. I almost lose 8 stars because of the Crosstrades and I have used some crostrades posted to recover some resources, off course stealing other partner the opportunity to do more points in the last Tournament.
  13. With the change of FA, I really have notice how hard is to get those trades for tournaments. But there are amazing points in favor such us a 50KP Thread. Aaaaamazing!. A clever Idea than a 100KP's I was posting in the past.
  14. FA Beta Started July 10th 2019
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I quit the Wolfpack

Yes I have made a mistake!... the error wasn't to join a great Fellowship as the Wolfpack is.
My error was to get away a Fellowship in wich I also feel blessed to be part of.

I put all in risk leaving there. Because my plans for doing a good Fellowship Adventure Again make me took "hard" desicions such as deleteing all my wishing wells to get space, Also an Ancient Wonders with "free KP's".

But I know how hard is the effort of the Knights, their leaders and mages that always try to level up your moral when sometimes you feel the game don't advance even when you spend a lot of hours of "free time".

Maybe I made a Mistake too leaving the Wolfpack, I have learn amazing things such as the 50 KP Thread. But get more even concearned about crosstrades. I mean without crosstrades doing less quantity of troops between the knights; I did almost all the last start of the tournament to gain more Magic Manufactoring Scrolls. And so much KP's from second Star fights.

With the Crosstrades I lose 50% of KP's Gaining.
Also I am working on a graphic in how even when INNO did a lot of amazing Improvements to made trades more equalized there is still a lose when you are upgrading your fabrics from Chapter to Chapter.

Also I saw a reflection of a bad thing I made as a Mage in the Knights. When I am leading in the real life, I have more support because in real life are real and hard issues when people don't follow a leader. And a leader needs to listen others to know how to lead better. But I didn't saw a true leadership for FA adventures between the Wolfpack, But it is true!. The wolfpack is made of heroes commited to a cause of having fun gaming in tournaments. You see amazing work for personal tournaments points.

But I remember those days between the Assassins. A trully Fellowship of Tournament Heroes that really help between the team members to gain all in the Team. Not only few with a "responsability" of giving others the opportunity to gain a "Blue Print". In the Assassins there is a cooperation of all; that is why you see almost 8 to 12 members between the first 100 top list. The best day I saw 12 persons; that is near the 50% of all the Team between the best ones. But only because of a Team Strategy.

The Knights of Anduin are being Improving in the Tournament better stadistics. Yes sometimes we never get even 1 person in the top 100 list. But, everyone of us help when we go for that amazing experience of winning in a game, and yes we always do the 10th coffers.

"I am not a casual Gamer, and sometimes I don't like what I do, even all day I play this game", Such as this thing → a thing that I will never do again. To leave an AMAZING Team because of 1 person behavior; without looking the true-thing that almost all the Team have amazing attitude and a trully friendship that even goes crossing frontiers and extends to other places as Facebook Friendship. I don't want what I did (leaving and joining) because I think I rise comments when I leave the Knights of Anduin, and leaving the Wolfpack I rise even more. And I guess if they are negative, they will have all the Truth at their side; not at mine. I also feel kind of shame for doing that. But I have to be in a Team that will receive good the idea of someone that really likes the game and loves to play in Team, that loves coordination of persons that use their own time for a hobby and you respect that time giving the best of you.

When I was a Basketball payer I did my best to won, and yes you have fun even when losing but you know you did your best. When I was a Soldier I did my best, not for the pay, you did the best because there is a country that needs all your sacrifice. This hobbie is not as hard to play as basketball... you don't need to train, But you need Team Cooperation. This hobby is not as real and crude that if you fail lives will be wasted, or when you fail your people, your country will pay your failure a thing that happen when you are a soldier. But as a hobby that envolves "real time", the "time of other persons". I don't want to do the minimun while other do their best. There are Fellowships for everykind of persons, also there are fellowships for "Casual Gamers who like what they do. Not a live for Elvenar kind"

Sometimes I play so much in elvenar to forget my real issues. Because here even "deleting Wishing Wells" there will come events in which I can obtain them again. In real Life sometimes Wishes even never comes!. And if my wish to win in a group competition is the same as others. I will do my best with "people of that kind".

To the Gamers of Zeal of Ares, I hope we can challenge you, Because you are the last champions of the Event. I will be very glad to be having fun in this amazing game trying to be as good as you, or if we do the things in a great way, even to Win.


So Long without posting in my Journal. This was due to real life problems.
With those events happening in my life I lose the opportunity to gain the "Zodiac Pets" also I was losing many tournaments and things from the game.
I wasn't helping the Team. So I choose to leave the space to other awesome Player in this amazing Fellowship.

I am still recovering and I have passed through other Fellowship. But feeling stronger I started to play a little bit more the game. At the very end I got again the Opportunity to came back to the Knights of Anduin, in the middle of the last scrolls Tournament and the xmas event.

Now at days I am playing the first Tournament of the 2020. I am very glad to came back and have some time for the Hobbie.
I hope to start again the Journal with the Tournament Reports and also the Spire of Eternity Strategies I am using. Because I have to change my city Building strategies to do more points in the Spire.



Silk Tournament First Tournament of the year!
The Silk Tournament started since 2019 but has the privilege to see the first days of a year that in the wiriting also is cool to see. a Double 20. For a DND Player it looks as a Natural 20 with a Critical Confirmation with other 20. And the Spire of Eternity a place of Adventure for our Heroes has become for me a really nice place to look and play every week. The Moonstone Library and every building that you can get there as reward is absolutely beautifull. And a really nice building of cool resources.

In the Winter magic Event and that peacefull soundtrack I got really absorved by the game the end of the year. My city again has Wishing Well's but also now has Genies ad trading stations, as well as the amazing Elvenade Supply Carriages and the really nice looking Xmas Trees such as the Father Glitter Tree and the Father Tree of Candy Canes ► These last building a very usefull Building for the Future. I only got 1 but it remembers me how many I have to lose by the time in my city changes... but now I have one of them again.
(I Believe The Source material must be from an Elvenar gamer).

I was Really close to get another level for my second Gingerbread Mansion, And I hope to get some Evolving Scrolls Again with the events to come and have two amazing Beautifull Buildings that also looks so good that you want to eat them!. At least I look for candies all the time in the kitchen everytime I am playing Elvenar.

One of the Things that makes me happy and get back to the game was to get some Scrolls of the Zodiac Buildings in the Magic Academy. Thats Why I at least have them all... at low level... but I have those amazing Buildings!.

Other Thing that is making me very happy is my Moonstone Library. I hope to complete 3 kits of them to get 3 Combining Catalists per day. And Start to Produce Again my favourite Magical Manufacturing Scrolls again. Or If I see a cool stuff in the academy Building options I will have enough Combining Catalist's to get those. Adding the amazing kit of buildings now I don't have to sell so many scrolls to get Building Scrolls. Also I am overproducing them while gaining a lot more in the Spire.

To came back to the team give me the chance to start gainig again Royal Scrolls to use and upgrade my Buildings. And having the Oportunity to gain those in the Spire is an amazing Idea. The chance is the same as getting a 20 in a twenty side dice ... a 5%.. but how cool must be the day I could get one of them. For the Moment also I am using every posible Diamond from sources like the Wishing Wells and Genies to get further in the Spire every time.

I saw then my problems to solve in my city Strategy. Now I have 4 Armories in my city and have to build the Heroes Forge Ancient Wonder. Because I am not producing enough Orcs for my expansions+Spire+tournaments. Also my Blooming Trader Guild is again on my city as well as my Martial Monastery.
Still I Don't have the opportunity to upgrade those Wonders but they from the first level also are helping me a lot in what I want gaming.


Well My Time as a Knight has ended.

Personal troubles. Bad moments with my health make me be apart from the game for a while.
Also a little lose of impetu in my gaming sessions.

So... how I can regain that vigor I left behind?.
Well I asked @Kaliartis from the Resurgent Fellowship if I could have he opportunity to join them. And I was a lucky player to pass from Knights of Anduin. (Believe me for me this Team KoA was the greatest place to play, but my health wasn't good enough to help them in my best way). And pass to a Fellowship that is between the first top 5 of Arendyll.

When I did my research this morning; (Also played 2 tourneys with them). I saw amazing facts.
One of Them. @Notts a really good player that I first knew him in the Assassins Fellowship; Always have been a Legend in the Game.
About Notts and he played in @Resurgent for a while.

Also @Kaliartis Archmage of Resurgent give me a "like" when I was starting to play better back in the game on Sept 2018.
Also the name of the Fellowship makes me come again to play as hard as in the past. Because now I am a Person that "Resurge" again.
That is feeling better each day in my recovery. In the game I will resurge.


An FA between "Resurgents"

Ok The next FA will start Soon. I am starting to make changes to my city in order to help the Team at my best.

They play in the old way, Messages, Chat... without a Spreadsheet. I am between 2 ideas. To help trying to lead the Team... or to learn again first.
My answer was to learn first their way to play.

The problem is as in the Assassins there are more FA haters than those that love to play that event. That is a thing I will always remember from the Kights. They play with great spirit all the events. And there are players always willing to help.

My first phrase to read in the chat while playing with Resurgent was... "again the XXXXXX FA".
But there are several players that started to change their cities also without ending the FA in the Beta Server.

As an observation they did workshops without solving the first problem: The Elegant Statues. Also This FA needs 137 of those badges.

Also Resurgent don't have a Facebook Group... so.... to explain ideas with Images could be harder.


Magic Dust Tournament

Before this tournament I have to said that I have lived an amazing Fellowship Adventure with my comrades of Boudicca's Iceni. Before that adventure I have played with Resurgent, but they used the old way of playing FA's. By thread with none Spreadsheet. So I played almost blind. Eventhough I learned a lot from them and the way this amazing players veterans from Elvenar and their amazing strategies.

This time I used an amazing strategy in the Magic Dust Tournament learned from the way of play Resurgent heroes has.
And for the first time ever I did 4k points but coming for other tournament in wich I have used a lot of resources and gaming time. It was also because we were at home due to the CoVid19 Pandemia Quarantine.

Furtheremore The main Strategy I planned since my time between the Knights of Anduin still goes. I mean; my Ancent Wonder investing and advance still is the same.

A thing I have changed from that strategy was to end the Storm Phoenix instead of the Fire Phoenix. But it was due to an amazing study of how Resurgent play. By strategy video games, RPG's and ... Elvenar. Being with the best technology makes you be better as those in lesser chapters; even when I don't have buildings such as the Brown Bear Pet or the Fire Phoenix in a descent level.

With the basic buildings and right Ancient Wonders I could use a better improvement advance if I am in the last chapter. So with that reasoning I chose to advance as fast as posible in chapters instead of investing so much in my AW's except that I really focus my troop creation for Tournaments.

I did the strategy of using the event troops accelerated bonus of using Mage Platoons spells creation and my Magical Academy boost for troops calculating to use them in 2 tournaments.

As usual I made my nine first provinces battles with no hurry. But when I get the ammount of Boost Buildings for my Mages I used to do a crazy advance; that I have not used at 100% as I saw at the end of the tournament. I was able to did more points but I choose to use some time spells to produce faster resources to complete my advancing research of the chapter. I think there I was so sticked to the strategy of advancing that I lose the oppportunity to get more KP's and tournament points.

By the way my Boosted troops will be available for 4 initial hours of the next Tournament. I think I can use a better maneuver the next time I get that kind of buildings calculating at least 2 days of use of common troops tournament progressions.

The next tournament is a tournament I am preparing my city because of the necesity of Gems relics to do my spells in the academy. And I feel that I don't have the best ammount of troops to open the tournament for the limited 4 hours of boosted troops. But it was my first attemp of using a Resurgent's strategy that I really admire from those amazing Sages. As a matter of fact I will try to be for this time to the next outcoming Tournaments with more than 4k poits; because my strategy of the 2k points gets obsolete to the new strategies gamers of Elvenar have now at days.