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Eleandor my Alduil Celebrindal's City


⚔☾♞௵ΛℓĐυḭℓ ൠ ϾєℓєbяḭђĐαŁ꡵⚜☽⚔

" The History of a Fantasy City is Written in company of Fantastic Friends. This city have being building With a Little Help from my Friends "
I was playing a campaign named Kingmaker of the Pathfinder saga. There you can build your kingdom. Also I was so immersed that I made the maps of the cities and used my character as a magic item creator. Well it is because I have a Dungeon master soul. By the time everything change; my friends begun to don't have time or lose the enthusiasm of playing the campaign, also another 2 campaigns started and all my work was lost.

I got a little time for searching games on the net and I really hate to build my city and other guys destroy them while I was at low level. And; one day... I didn't remember when exactly but I saw in youtube this video.​

It was exactly what I was looking for. I am an Spanish user (From Colombia) and also I was in need of improving my English level skills because I really love this language (French too ... but I am really bad in it). So I started playing Elvenar since Apr 27 of 2017 in the English user server. I was proving if I could manage my time and the game to like it. As a matter of fact I fall in love with it.

The first nights before work I barely sleep because I saw my city growing and the images are so beautiful that remember me how much time I used to do my maps. The name I used as the Ruler of my city is the same I used as a character player with my friends, his class is a bard... but with dreams of building a city of knowledge and progress in the land of river bandits like pirates, searching for mines and resources to build magical items for helping the team and the commoners.
Here I imagine that with the help of the Tome of Knowledge it was like the right building to inspire the game I was immersed, but I commit one mistake I didn't took Print Screens of my city the first days. So if you are reading this and you are starting the game. My advice is save images of how your city is growing. It will be amazing for you as you advance gaming. You are investing time and gaining a lot of fun. You will see how your city changes through the time you expend in it with the reward of really cool events, from the tactical battles you fight, the tournaments, adventures with your Fellowship and the amazing historical events you start to play.

I start "near" to a player called Dizee, he is a really great guy that helps me a lot by visiting my city, I was amused with the cities of my neighbors such us Evenhaven, Predator108 and all players of this game that are really smart to create and build amazing cities. My very first good impression I got of the game is that here between players you don't fight; is a utopian world in which you help others and if you help more, you gain more. It is enjoyable the same as the Tetris Puzzles because you need to be very smart to gain the best resources in the smaller use of space. If you don't have so much time and really like the game you can purchase diamonds to upgrade your buildings or get the cool stuff of the events. There is a lot of information on the net to get help improving your city and the best of all. The help of friends you meet in your Fellowships.

I start in a Fellowship Called SOA Prospects (Sons of Anarchy) thanks for the invitation of a player called shelly-Fifi. Everything changes for me since that moment. I meet new friends that I start even showing my advance in the facebook group of our amazing Fellowship. I am with them since June 8 of 2017 my rank was 10807. They are from different parts of the world the same as in your Fellowships and are great persons I really admire.

In this year the 2018 I will start publishing my advance in this thread of the forum. the same as a you can do with a Blog, This will be my challenge of this year and if you start to read this I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for reading these humble words and Happy Gaming!​

Introducing Myself:
How International we are?
Reminder Images Max 640[Width]x480[Height] pixels
The Rules of an Elvenar Gamer!
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Eleandor Tournaments History

Now our Tome is a Wonderful Building ready to write magically the sonata of the fallen soldiers who fought bravely the battles with mighty strength and cat's grace agility. The swing of the sword will be saved in sounds of our voices forever by the songs of our Elven bards with homey lyrics all nights to remember them as our heroes for the rest of our lives.

Tournament Average = 2544
Marble Tournament January 2018: 2100 Tournament Points Ranking Place 115 [SoA]
. ( I lose the information of these tournaments due to the change of Fellowship)
Gems Tournament March 2018
: 899 Tournament Points Ranking Place 115 [SoA]
Marble Tournament March 2018: 1608 Tournament Points Ranking Place 115 [SoA]
. ( I lose the information of these tournaments due to the change of Fellowship)
Planks Tournament March 2018
: 300 Tournament Points Ranking Place -- [Sage Advisors]
Crystal Tournament March 2018: 390 Tournament Points Ranking Place-- [Sage Advisors]
Scrolls Tournament April 2018: I didn't participate. (Doing an experiment)
Silk Tournament April 2018: I didn't participate. (Doing an experiment)
Elixir Tournament April 2018: I didn't participate. (Doing an experiment)
Magic Dust Tournament April 2018: I didn't participate. (Doing an experiment)
Gems Tournament April 2018: I didn't participate. (Doing an experiment)
Marble Tournament May 2018: 2976 Tournament Points Ranking Place -- [Sage Advisors]
- Adventure
- Experiment ended ( I need to put alarms for every tourney round just to don't lose opportunities to gain more points, it was a great idea because i gain a lot of Magic Badges)
Steel Tournament May 2018: 1914 Tournament Points Ranking Place 225 [Sage Advisors]
Planks Tournament May 2018: 2712 Tournament Points Ranking Place -- [Sage Advisors]
Crystal Tournament June 2018: 1240 Tournament Points Ranking Place -- [Assassins]
Scrolls Tournament June 2018: 1806 Tournament Points Ranking Place -- [Assassins]
Silk Tournament June 2018: 1739 Tournament Points Ranking Place -- [Assassins]
Elixir Tournament June 2018: 1566 Tournament Points Ranking Place -- [Assassins]
Magic Dust Tournament June 2018: 2022 Tournament Points Ranking Place 145[Assassins]
Gems Tournament July 2018: 1578 Tournament Points Ranking Place 413 [Assassins]
Marble Tournament July 2018: 1560 Tournament Points Ranking Place 365 [Assassins]
Steel Tournament July 21 2018: 2142 Tournament Points Ranking Place 203 [Assassins]
Planks Tournament July 28 2018: 2922 Tournament Points Ranking Place 74 [Assassins]
Crystal Tournament July 31 2018: 2370 Tournament Points Ranking Place 120 [Assassins]
Scrolls Tournament August 11 2018: 1860 Tournament Points Ranking Place 83 [Assassins]
Silk Tournament August 18 2018: 2018 Tournament Points Ranking Place 234 [Assassins]
Elixir Tournament August 25 2018: 2466 Tournament Points Ranking Place 126 -- [Assassins]
Magic Dust Tournament September 1 2018: 2430 Tournament Points Ranking Place 99[Assassins]
Gems Tournament September 2018: I didn't participate. [Assassins]
Marble Tournament September 15 2018: 2139 Tournament Points Ranking Place 179 [Assassins]
Steel Tournament September 22 2018: 2424 Tournament Points Ranking Place 181 [Knights of Anduin]
Planks Tournament September 29 2018: 2454 Tournament Points Ranking Place 142 [Knights of Anduin]
Crystal Tournament October 6 2018: 3024 Tournament Points Ranking Place 49 [Knights of Anduin]
Scrolls Tournament October 13 2018: 2628 Tournament Points Ranking Place 68 [Knights of Anduin]

Silk Tournament October 20 2018: 1836 Tournament Points Ranking Place 402 [Knights of Anduin]
Elixir Tournament October 27 2018: 1782 Tournament Points Ranking Place 402 -- [Knights of Anduin]
Magic Dust Tournament 2018: I didn't participate.[Knights of Anduin]
Gems Tournament 2018: I didn't participate. [Knights of Anduin]
Marble Tournament November 17 15 2018: 2112 Tournament Points Ranking Place 196 [Knights of Anduin]
Steel Tournament September 22 2018: I didn't participate.[Knights of Anduin]
Planks Tournament September 29 2018: I didn't participate.[Knights of Anduin]
Crystal Tournament 2018: I didn't participate.[Knights of Anduin]
Scrolls Tournament 13 2018: I didn't participate. [Knights of Anduin]
Silk Tournament December 22 2018: 1836 Tournament Points Ranking Place 402 [Knights of Anduin]
Elixir Tournament December 27 2018: I didn't participate. --[Knights of Anduin]
Magic Dust Tournament 1 2019:1356 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 614 [Knights of Anduin]
Gems Tournament 2019:1710 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 466 [Knights of Anduin]
Marble Tournament 2019:1980 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 313 [Knights of Anduin]
Steel Tournament 2019:3222 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 88 [Knights of Anduin]
Planks Tournament 2019:2268 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 238 [Knights of Anduin]
Crystal Tournament 2019:3080 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 94 [Knights of Anduin]
Scrolls Tournament 2019:2130 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 192 [Knights of Anduin]
Silk Tournament 2019: I didn't participate.[Knights of Anduin]
Elixir Tournament 2019: I didn't participate.e [Knights of Anduin]
Magic Dust Tournament 2019: I didn't participate. [Knights of Anduin]
Gems Tournament 2019: I didn't participate.[Knights of Anduin]
Marble Tournament 2019: I didn't participate. [Knights of Anduin]
Steel Tournament 2019:2652 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 201 [Knights of Anduin]
Planks Tournament 2019:1302 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 944 [Knights of Anduin]
Crystal Tournament 2019: I didn't participate. [Knights of Anduin]
Scrolls Tournament 2019:1410 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 676 [Knights of Anduin]
Silk Tournament 2019:2082 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 350 [Knights of Anduin]
Elixir Tournament 2019:3156 Tournament Points; Ranking Place 128 [Knights of Anduin]
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Eleandor The Silver Step Tales


Alduil Celebrindal
Elëandor - Arendyll
Founded April 27th 2017
2 years Gaming!
Knights of Anduin - Rank 9 July 2019
♥ ♥ ♥ Love those trailers! ♥ ♥ ♥

Menhirock's Duty
Evolution of the Phoenix

SoA - Sons of Anarchy
Sage Advisors - 03-05-2018 → Best Advisors to Start Playing in Elvenar. Amazing competitors in the Fellowship Adventures
Assassins - 30-05-2018 → Champions Between Champions of Tournaments. The best players I have ever Known to be between the first places of every tournament.
Knights of Anduin -22-09-2018→ Every Tournament the best prices, Every Fellowship a real fight. Our Knightly Code becomes for the fantastic Stories of Tolkiens Books, And we win as a real Thing.
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Eleandor Brewery Tales

Eleandor's Flag

Eleandor's Anthem

¡Hear the Call of the Ancestors!
They claim for the greatness of Ealendor
Menhirock's Will is Written in our great Book
Our tome Reveals the Secrets of the People Strength.

Morning Sunny Days for our Land
The Morning Glory of Elvenar
Adventure's Await in Every Step
The Honour and Courage is not a debt
We Fight in Fields where the Phoenix feathers also fall.

Honour the Fallen because they give their lives for the Morning Sun.
Now they are dust, when rain falls.
But the promise of the Phoenix is to rise again.
¡Beverages for our Heroes!
Bread for our people.
Technology and Progress of Advanced Tools.

Remember Our Foundation.
The days of Menhirock
A cave of our First Druids
That help Our city Grows


Tales of the Charming Three.
The songs for our Marching Herds
A beautiful dance of a Masquerade
Our Plants Grows as Eldrasil

Spells in Potions
Changellings of our WindMills
Make us Proud
In a gentle Trial of our Trully love.
We gave you Crystal for our potions.
Please Give us Magical Manufactoring
Of the Growing Marmol of our city.

Remember the days of Winter
when the Ice Hag of our Changellings
Sacrifices for our Land.
Remember the Fight against the Ice Mountain Troll
Frozen Fountains Dedicated in a Magical plot.

Time pased and Robert the Readbeard legend
still is remembered
Now he has a special place in our land.
He eats like a Giant
And write his tales in Scrolls
with Magical Dust
Our Great Book Receives his pages


Our Religion Grows with the Sacred Phoenix
The book with his knowlege is added to our Wonder
A Walpurgis night was maded in his name
By our Beautifull Changellings
That also called the remains
Of the Crash and the Dead
But they Fall against the Holly fire of The Phoenix.

This is the Land of Elves
A land of Days of Music
Our city deserves Concerts of Bards.
Woodelvenstock will be never forgotten.
It was the first
but not the last of a main event of music and dance.

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Eleandor Fairy Tales

[This image is part of those days I start with the Sage Advisors Fellowship in my second Adventure with them]
Jan 10 2018
The Winter is Ending and a new fresh air of prosperity can be feel while breathing in a modest mnemonic of a race of game-play with some mocks that write in our Tome of Knowledge stories of beautiful penmanship of sinuous elegance. The Runes of the Dwarven will be never forgotten but a new chapter in the history of our city will be inspired with the fragrance of exotic fruits and written with the colorful ink of mystic flowers.
Jan 11 2018
A battle and production day awaits, we are in the Steel Tournament so our Elven Archers are joining the fight to beat some Orcs. Good news are very welcome! and we are again with a friend and member of the Pack. Mr Dire-Wolf is back with the Fellowship. Hurra!.
Rumors of a famous hunter called "Readbeard" are starting to announce new adventures and quests.

The chapter continue in a new Fellowship. I was accepted in the Sage Advisors Fellowship.

May 19 2018
One of the Things that blow my mind and make me very happy was to see this in my city.... helping people without asking for help... I really don't know when, but I want to give back the same ammount of KP's to that persons in the same way they did it for me... as a ... Surprise!.
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Planks Tournament
May 20 2018
Preparing for a new planks Tournament

1) See how we did it the last Tourney.

[Image Edited from the source information of ElvenStats.com]​

I guess people of my fellowship don't believe we can achieve the Blue Print prize of the Tournament. Well I want to give them a little hope if we pass the 6th coffer. And if you see the Graph you will know

How to do that? Well, preparation!, and focus on the goal.

Goal --> Achieve the 7th Coffer

I am using my excel Sheet of Adventures to convert it into a Fellowship Register Tool to complete our team goals. If I can it will be a source of information to win more battles, to know who can trade with us, trade for gaining more Tournament Points. And now I feel fighting a mountain, but every mountain can be climbed.
I have faith in The Fellowship. I will try to give a Sage Advice to my comrades! ☻

The Tournament of a new Adventure?
It Seems that this Tournament will be the Initial for the Late May Adventure. That changes a little bit my plans... because maybe I want to find more space for more "Fabrics" but as I also tell to my friends... an adventure is a really great opportunity to gain the Blue Print... I will ask them what they thing about it?
May 21 2018
Well it is true. The Mid part of the tournament will be running while the Adventure begins.
The Easies calculated path I saw is the next one.





May 23 2018

The First Hit of the Adventure!

Well As I always think. In an adventure the first thing we want to resolve is the long term productions. So I will Start with 39 Productions, 20 of Elegant Statues and 19 for Diamond Necklaces.

Why I didn't made 39 statues?... well even when my Excel form is working the Fellowship are being using another document. That document isn't actualized to this momment but, the decision was to keep using it. Maybe you can think I am grumbling... well let me tell you that it is the contrary: I really want to help.

But I don't want that could happen the thing that occur in the first Adventure with them. I made 15 initial Elegant Statues. And they never were used. Or what happen in the second Adventure. I saw that there was one path that could be done in 3 hours only if we came with 9 hour productions.... instead of that they choose a Path to "produce in that day" and the strategy was taken at the very start of the Adventure, not 2 days after. Well: Without an strategy or route course, I am producing a great ammount of items that I could change today for producing more 1 day Productions instead of 2 day ones... because I really don't want to produce something that will never be used. I prefer to do Badges that will be used and are very necessary.


[First Hit in the Adventure]​

The Plank Tournament Advance.
Well this is part of my experiment for the hipotesis of the "Blue Print Crusade". It happens that I saw my team pausing their advance. And I know why.... they are waitning to get "Witch Hat" Badges. It is clear. They stopped just right there, when they can get those Spells. Well I advance because I want to know if I can get the same ammount of badges in the next steps of the Planks Tournament. For that I prepare with all the Stocks I could. And I try very hard to be trading my resources to get for the late provinces "payment" that could give me a better chance to get the needed badges.


[When the Team Stop to get "Witch Hat" badges]

My Resources for the Tournament


May 29 2018

How can I be better in the Planks Tournament?
1) Well I took some notes about the results of my battles and the Strategy I did:


The Results:

Well I have to compare March against May


[Image edited from ElvenStats.com]

[Image edited from ElvenStats.com]

[Image edited from ElvenStats.com]


I saw that we enter the 7th Coffer, but in the portal site I visit they said we get the 6th.
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Assassins Creed?
30 May 2018
Well I enter Assassins as Because of an invitation of them. i was in mid of the Adventure when I receive the Private Message. But I want to help Sage Advece Fellowship until the end of the Adventure. As soon as the Adventure ends I exit the Fellowship. Some of my partners ask me why I do that and the Answer was, I was searching for "The Blue Print Crusade" as I always told them.

My last Tournaments were done to try a 3k or more points with them thats why I had been saving troops and resources to try with Sage Advice Fellowship the Blue Print.
When I enter Assassins Fellowship I feel very welcome and as soon as I enter I start to fight in the Crystal Tourney.

06 May 2018

And it happens! My first Blue Print.
My first Thought was to go back and try to help Sage Advice that we can do the same. But then I thought too... well I can learn more here.


Scrolls Tournament
9 June 2018
I continue learning here, the Fellowship ask for 1,2k tournament points. Well because i was learning I try to do my best score because of 2 things. The first one to know how far I can go with the team in a Tournament that is not of my buffed productions. Second this is one of our best resources of the team. I mean the Fellowship is almost equilibrated in tier production; but Scrolls and Magic Dust are our best Tiers to try our best tournaments.

With the hate of the battles of the Scrolls tournament in wich I loos a lot of Troops there was an excellent production of the resources the tournament has. And also as I saw the tournament we were always the first ones in the Tournament Stadistics around our World. And even my effort I get place 15 between my pàrtners. Because all the team was doing their best.

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Silk Tournament
18 June 2018
There comes one of our "worst" Tournaments... The battles are considered easy in various forums, but this is not our best tournament if we talk about our Productive Strength. I think ok I will do my part I will do 1200 and save resources to do my research. probably we cannot make it.

And happen what I really want to be here. This Fellowship has a great will of partnership, gammers that really want to have fun and win.

2 places left in the team so 23 persons ready for battle and 21 of us fight Proudly Wining the First Place Again. I want to continue in this Fellowship. All members have that will of gamming, have fun and a Great will of Winning.
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Elixir Tournament
23 June 2018
My Buffed Tier 3 Production. I was expecting more from me. I lose again a lot of troops, waste a lot of resources and also I didn't do so much points. Even with that I want to share what the team does.


My 5th Adventure in Elvenar.
25 june 2018

The adventure was near so I asked if the Fellowship use a Spreadsheet. @Chilcana a very kind guy from the fellowship send me the link and I could learn ow to use that Spreadsheet. And also I copy some ideas into my spreadsheet

The first thing we made as a team was to ask if we want to do the Adventure.
The answer was No
But 2 days before the start of the adventure I saw that someone wrote. -" I will do 2 elegant statues we do the Adventure"
One day before the Adventure I saw in the Chat. "I can do the Blue path alone Because I want the Second stage Mana Hut"
When I saw that and thought I cannot leave a comrade alone in this Adventure.

It was 7 am in the morning and I saw in the chat, "that is why I hate the adventure, we said NO and even we started"
I really feel bad because I went against the vote of the Fellowship. But a comrade wants the prize building of the Stage 2. So I have to help him.Off course I enter the adventure.

The worst nightmare occurs; the data of the spreadsheet wasn't uploaded because I didn't find anywhere a clue of the badges of any of the Stages.
I enter the Elvenar and copy in a paper the badges we have to do. And then actualize that info in the "Fellowship Matrix"
I do 2 revisions of the data and at 8 am it was working.
@FatOldElf was the person tha told us that he could do the Blue path, and it was so fast but he said well, in order that everyone can gain the Stage 1 prize that person could use a badge or a small amount of production in orange path.

I start a threat called FA Reports and send a Message to our mages @kibbleCat, @andreoti and @ooopschan; in that way I told them how bad I feel about going against the vote of the Fellowship. But I cannot leave alone a comrade.

The question was that when we were waiting all the paths begun to be filled with badges. And Stage 1 was near to be completed in all paths. The bad thing about that was that we said -ok lets do the easiest way and end this quickly without spending resources because we will need them in the tournaments.

Also I send a message because I saw a person spending 1/7th of the Stage in production. And he did it in other points of the path, so I ask to complete that points. Also I use my resources there to end that point.

Then I saw that the same person spend 1/7 of production of Tier 3... Ok I thought... i can help a friend near to death but I cannot die too.

So I learn various things and also I actualize my Matrix giving there a Cell where everyone can complete a lead in wich we could know what persons are left to gain a prize in an Fellowship Adventure.

Second Stage was done really quick and respecting that we were trying to do the easiest way. Also a person that cannot do a badge only spending 100 tier production can win the gift of the Stage 2.

I think if we did the green Path of that stage we could be between the first 50 Fellowships. But our goal was To do as easy, fast and cheap in resources respecting the "NO Vote"

We end Stage 3 quick and also everyone spend in the same manner a small amount of production. But we wait for @Harachte.

I ask if it was a good idea to start rebuilding our cities. Obvious answer was yes. S I start rebuilding my city thinking -all right we end this now I don't need to do revisions in the Fellowship Matrix (The Spreadsheet).
2 days before ending the Adventure I saw that the Green Path was near to be completed. So I actualized data and add Strategic Points of advance to make the Spreadsheet work good.
But I end my FA reports. Maybe it was a fault of mine to didn't give more info to my partners. But I thought... well I dont't want to be seen as a person that don't respect the vote of the Fellowship or the Mages Advices.
Quietly I continue doing revisions to the Matrix in order that if someone is using it. can see exact data.


1) I have to do a Users manual in order that he can use the matrix without fear. Because there are so many numbers that maybe it could confuse a person
2) Some persons told me cannot open the link.
3) Probably in the next adventure I won't be in vacations. So if they want to use the Spreadsheet I made I have to give advices to that persons in order they can trust in the system
4) Ask if they want this spreadsheet or want to continue with the one they used before.
5) Made a copy in my computer of the spreadsheet
6) The problem of overproduction is not solved due to the persons that don't use the spreadsheet and/or don't say what are they doing in the chat or in a message. I am thinking in counting workshoops and fabrics made a cell of probability of production.
7) More messages to those hard producers that in fact are doing the things Great, but as a team we are losing productions. So kindly I have to do more messages to them. Is easy to know that because are the blank places in the Spreadsheet.
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Magic Dust Tourney
June 23 2018
I am a "Bard Adventurer" between a Gang of Assassins. I cannot count how many adversaries have died in our tournaments. Only a Blood path that bring us to the top and unmovable first place in the tourneys. And now we are in one of the hardest to gain with troops, but the best in our Higher Tier Production.

Our Champion is @FatOldElf , since the start of the event he told us he was doing manual fights, and he shows us his experience gaming in Elvenar. He is an amazing Fighter.

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Hi Alduil

I am really happy that you are writing this and I apologize as I am one of the people that must have caused you some discomfort in the FA.

We are a team but I would like to think we respect individuals as well - so there was no going against the Fellowship vote as you were not forcing other ppl to play and you tried out to help in every way possible. Good job :)

I hope we satisfy your FA needs one day - as it is now - with so many FA close to one another - I, for one, am sick of them...

I will continue to follow your tales of our exploits!!!



Gems Tourney
June 23 2018
Our weakness can be seen in this tourney... However when the team was near to the 4 Round of the Tourney we were touching the last Coffer. This time I was thinking in advancing through the last provinces to gain the 5 Knowledge Points they gave in the Second Round to use them in my Technological Research. In that way I lose so much more troops and Resources but I was thinking in the Woodelvenstock Event. Because I can use the Research instead of scouting maybe. Also my goal is to pass as fast as I can The Orc and Goblin Chapter to the Woodelves because I really like the way it looks a city in that chapter and also I will start to learn about the use of Mana. Also if I pass it quick I will receive the WoodelvenStock event buildings with more power.


If you see the image we get the second place only by 250 points. And let us see a trully champion of the Gems tournament. @Mihailev with 6738 points and also 4 players in total between the very first 10 places.
This was our first Tournament without the help of @Notts and @FatOldElf . They are excellent players that have a lot of knowledge about how to do manual combats in Elvenar. I really admire them.
My score was 1578 it is increasing compared to the times when I was in @Sons of Anarchy (about 1200) and by the same ammount in @Sages Advice (About 1200). The question is that I read the chat with the advices of my comrades in how to fight. I didn't write too much in the chat (near nothing), but I saw amazing strategies to try to win more points.
I feel very lucky to be part in all the mentioned Fellowships, but so much more in Assassins. I feel like a real gamer here. And also feeling that the time I spend in the game is giving me amazing prices. Thank you a lot Team!
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Preparation: As always I love to be prepared for the events. That helped me a lot in the Winter Event. Without that preparation I lose opportunities in the Phoenix Cult Event. The first thing to know is that I want to gain the combo of the linked Buildings because they will give 4 KP's per day in sum with my 4 kp's of the Tome of Secrets and 1 more from my Giant Ice Troll for a total of 9 extra KP's per day.

For that I will need

DANCING GROUND - #3 11th day Prize I think this building could be taken also other day
MOSH PIT - #4 18th day Prize I will try to gain this building this day because I will have more tickets at this moment.

Also I would like to have Wishing Wells 8th Day

Also I need to be in alert to the Double Goo days.( Days 3, 12, 18)


I made a table to see how far I am from my Goals I need to add to it the Double Goo Days
and add the Wishing Well Days.
My first Hit with my calculations could bring me the opportunity to do 50 Tasks to near 6 hours of the first day because I started the day before the initialization of Woodelvenstock.

But Why am I calculating to get the most tickets I can?
Well the video tell us that there is no end and there can be a surprise.

Diamonds or 1KP's each day?
I try to get an event building, it cost me 7 times trying to get a "Mosh Pit". The question is I got all the tickets of the event from the task list. And I only could have now the daily quest tickets or maybe I can get some picking them around the city.
So here comes the question, I could rather prefer to use those tickets in "Wishing Wells"? Here is my answer, 1 Knowledge Point (KP's) that I can get them in every tourney by myself (more than one also). Also I will get some main event buildings (I hope to get 3) by the advance of the "Woodelvenstock" by trying the Wishing Wells.
In every tourney I am getting a blue print because of the effort of all the team, But I only have 1 building that can be upgraded with those scrolls. To get all the juice of Elvenar I think my best chance is to get more Diamonds to use those blue prints in my buildings, I can buy some... or get them "free" from the "Wishing Wells".
Well I will try to get all the Wishing Wells I could.
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July of 2018 Two Tournaments Rounds and Ranking Advance

Well my city changes drastically from the adventure to get again the Orcs Chapter Orc Rally Points and a vast plantation of Mushroom Farms Lv1. it wasn't easy for me to level up the Orc Portal Site but it is in Lv 4. While doing the event of Woodelvenstock my Farms were upgraded to lv 4. My Residences are geting bigger in space with the Orc Chapter Model. I was trying to get into the Woodelves Chapter without upgrading that houses, but it is "imposible" due to the dimension it has. In the Woodelves Chapter they need the same space and also a different orientation compared to the Fairies Chapter; so the best thing to do is to change the city. When I look other cities to see ideas, my best way of planning is inspired in the city of @ooopschan. But in this right moment my city is super-disorganized. I think I need two more expansions to improve it in order.

My best expectation is to gain 4k diamonds with 8 wishing wells in 100 days. I am using alarms in my mobile as always to get all the juice of that amazing building.

I hope to use that diamonds of near 3 and a half months to buy 4 or 5 Magic Workshops because of my return to work I need a better production of Supplies for the Tournament Troops. I will upgrade my Mountain Halls and my Needles of Tempest to do a better job in Tournaments. Because I am doing near to 1500 points each tournament but I want to help more.

If I change to the Woodelves Chapter the Magical Workshops will be more expensive. So Maybe I will stay in the Orcs Chapter those 3 months. I hope that doesn't affect the team.

My strategy now that I have so much more population and culture is to do 2 more Elixir and Crystal manufactories. I hope with those changes I could do more points in the tournaments.


(¯`*•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:* ♦ 480 Diamonds Gained 52 days left;(Since July 16th 2018 08:00 [GMT-5]) *.:。.✿`°¤,¸.•*´¯)
33% = 660 Diamonds (33 days) Average = 20 Diamonds per day With 8 Wishing Wells
50% = ? (2 days to know the experimental Average)

The probability is 10% (0.1 or 1/10)
8 buildings multiplied by 100 days = 800 events or Tries. Per 2 times a day = 1600
Probability in 100 days of diamonds = Events*probability*quantity of diamonds= 1600*1/10*10= 1600 Diamonds

Experimental Probability total Wishing Wells (8 chances= 1 Try) Per day / Total of days = (Succesfull Tries/Total days) = (5/10) =0,2%→ (days left = 90)
Initial = 70
Quests of the Orc Chapter = 400
Used in a Fellowship Adventure (August) = 30 (Elegant Statue) A sad Story about this Statue. I don't want to tell it. But I learned something. Don't waste diamonds in Adventures.
10 Diamonds days = July: 440 + {20,22,22 [500],23,23,23,24,24,25,27,27,28,28,[600] 29,29,30,31,31,31, 1,2,2,3,[700] 3,4,4,5,5,6,7,8,10,12[900]14,15,15,16,17,18,18,18 ,19 ,19 [1000] 19,20,20,20, 21,21,21,21,22,23 [1100] 24,24,25,26,26,26,27,27,28,29 [1200] 29,29,29,29, 30,30,30,31,1,X [1300]...} -30 = 1260 Diamonds

Poisson Distribution
The diamonds I want to gain is 4000 so it is 400 (of 1600) times to gain 10 Diamonds
X= 400

ß = 0.1 (10% per day)
P(X / ß)= [ß^x * e^(-ß)] / X! = [0.1^400 * e(-0.1)]/ (0.1)! = Near 0 → I was thinking in gaining 4k diamonds... well that will never happen ☻

Using the same Equation lets try this:
Now lets imagine that between 2 times a day with a 10% of Probability we want to calculate how many diamonds I can get between 1600 days
X=2 Tries per day
ß=0,1 = → Probability of the Wishing Well for diamonds
P (X / ß) *1600 (tries) * 10 Diamonds each success =
That means that maybe I will do 1440 diamonds between 100 days

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Marble Tourney July 8


A Story from the Past

May 9th of 2018 it was my first and best rank in my tournaments History. It happen when I was part of the Sage Advisors Fellowship. I knew amazing persons such as @imagen1 a person that was my point of reference to fight in the tourneys the same as him or better if I could.

I remember that in my first Advance only with troops I start opening 24 provinces. I did that because my archers were boosted with 8 Unit Upgrades. Four upgrading my archers atack and 4 giving them health. When now at days I compare the results of Assassins by every member I see a big difference. All of our members want to win. One of our founder members @kibblecat was one of the champios and when you see every member of the team is a champion of tournaments, because everyone use all his or her power to gain more points in every tournament.

I will have the opportunity to gain again buildings to boost my troops in a future tournament. I want to gain again points to be near the 3k tourney points but this time with the Assassins Fellowship. Also in the same way of @imagen1 or our top members of the actual Fellowship (Assassins) , be gaining ranking points with the tournaments.

When I enter Assassins I changed to be part of a 50 or less rank fellowship to be in a 100 rank fellowship also with lesser rank as Sons of Anarchy. Now at days with the efforts of all the team we are between the first 50.

I wish the best for Sons of Anarchy the same to Sages Advice... (also a little bit more I wish for Sages Advice jeje because of the spirit of their Mages that are superkind). Now being part of this team I see myself with a better and beautiful city, also competing every week being part of the best team in tournaments as we are doing and I am seeing since I changed to the Assassins Team.

I was a Basketball Team player since a kid, also at university. Here I have found a spirit very near of being a champìon. So I want to share the next song with our team members, also to those that for different reasons are not with me in this moment.

PD: Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie will be soon at Movie Theaters, and also we are in "Woodelvenstock" event. We are in days of Music

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Steel Tourney July 21


Well it happen to me 2 things while giving KP's in a Knowledge Points Thread. The first one, somebody told me that I forget to use Knowledge Points to that player Wonder, so I give again points in other wonder, but I started to post since that event a complete "report" of how many KP's I was spending. In that manner I could prove that I used KP's investment in any Wonder.

The Second thing that occurs was that I posted near the same time as other player... well I didn't saw what happen. But the other person saw in my report that I gave the points to other person... so it was very easy to solve the situation. (I want to say that I am using the word "situation" because those events are not "problems". This is a game were you Share.)

With that situations and also I was thinking in giving back the amazing help the player @bphammer gived to me when he invest 100 KP's in my Ancient Wonder. Thank you so much for that help.

Ops we did it Again!

10th chest again. Without @Kibblecat @Knotts and other Champions of Elvenar, we are still completing the tourneys. In fact we miss them but the crusade continues and the spirit of Team work is amazing. Also I read beautifull words of @LaddyHavva that really make me feel emotional about this amazing Team. Thank you a lot guys!
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