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City movements


I've got my bags packed, I'm ready to move.

rock stream

The solution to these problems would be for you to retain the ability to trade with any player you've already discovered.
Absolute awesome ideal hence low probability of occurrence.
I believe it is meant to slow us down
Maybe you are right Cheryn and that is the idea behind the move. Maybe INNO thinks that struggling and slowing down would ease the need for new content. Truth is my city was moved to a relatively more active area but the well oiled trading partners are gone. The new trader maybe full of offers but everyone is selling/producing the same exact resources so it's totally useless. Don't even know how I'm going to continue


Master of the Elements
When you are moved you will be moved closer to the centre and closer to more active players. It should be better for players almost 100% of the time, if not actually 100% of the time. A lot of the people left disappointed had maybe chosen to block the automatic moves. As others have said, this is never a good idea. Even if you like your trading partners, they will be moved away from you and you will end up in a desert.

For anyone else, the only thing I would say is - be patient for a day or two. I don't think the moves have finished. A few days ago almost my whole neighbourhood got moved away from me. That was alarming, as I mentioned previously, but then as of yesterday I have been moved too and seem to be in a bountiful area. Even if you had previously chosen to prevent the move, change that option now and with the new system it shouldn't take long before you are moved.

The issue with having made friends, or good trading partners... Yeah, that sucks, but I'm sure there isn't a great way around it. There was one guy in my neighbourhood who almost single handedly kept me playing the game when I was a tiny city by taking every single one of my trades every day (even cross trades). I will miss him and some others, but there should be more new friendships and trading alliances to be made in better areas... Plus you can always stay in touch with people if you want!


The issue with having made friends, or good trading partners... Yeah, that sucks, but I'm sure there isn't a great way around it.
See my previous post.


I've been in a good position on the map, so I clicked the option preventing me from being moved automatically. However, all my good neighbours have suddenly been moved within the past day or so (at least four players whom I've given help to for years have gone).

I find it surprising that this has happened, as this was a good neighbourhood, not a peripheral area. I know at least one of the players that's moved isn't happy that they've gone. I now find myself in a wasteland of gold mines. Very disappointed. :mad:
Same here, I've had that option unticked, but now all my neighbours are gone, so I've had to tick it now and hope that I get moved back to civilisation! :(