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Closed | Archived [5657]Unintentionally scouting from province screen


Game version: 0.19.14472-8ef82ca-(master) (2015-07-01 11:25)
Game world: EN1
Browser + version: Firefox 39.0
Flash Player version:
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
Screen resolution: 1920x1080
Account name: Konniver
Humans or Elves: Humans

Reproducibility: 5/5 = happens always

Quest title: N/a

Current situation:
Whilst in a province screen, it's possible to click on an empty part and initiate a scouting on the world map, which I presume to be on the layer behind.

Expected situation:
I suspect that this isn't intentional, I've unintentionally scouted a few provinces this way.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Go to the world map, centre on your intended province, and take note of a nearby unscouted province. In this instance I will go into the Steel province and will "accidentally" scout the nearby Gems province.

2. Go into the province screen and click approximately on the area of the nearby unscouted province. I clicked where the red circle is, the only feedback at this point is that the money is substracted from your coins storage at the top.

3. Go back to the world map and your scout is now on his way.


Thank you for reporting this Konniver. Actually, it is the same issue as reported here; this all has the same cause. Therefore, I'll close this thread as a duplicate so we can keep you updated on this through the other thread, just so you know!