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Recent content by Melianora

  1. Melianora

    Chapter 18 Superior Trader

    So far I have been able to almost always find trades for ascended goods that I need or that I offer. I also started purchasing some trades of goods that I do not yet need and then also been using those, when there is a shortage of trades that would ask for my boosted ascended goods. So I manage...
  2. Melianora

    Show Us Your Cities!!

    So, this is at the start of Chapter 18 on the 3 row of the research tree. You can already see some of the upgraded manufactories, some upgraded MRs and MWs and lots and lots and lots of mana producing buildings! Enjoying Chapter 18 a lot sofar
  3. Melianora

    Sentient goods hoarders

    I personally encourage every one to make a list and not of people who trade like that and simply not accept their trades and post your own trades. It might take a bit longer until your trade gets taken then, but that's it. You can also ask your fellowship members if you are stuck somewhere. Just...
  4. Melianora

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Regarding city building, I am quite satisfied with Chapter 18, since there are a lot of changes going on and you keep thinking about planing your city almost constantly! So yeay, city building is back over the whole chapter and not just somewhere in between. The amount of time it takes to build...
  5. Melianora

    How does the Spire work for a FS ?

    With the correct choice of units you will be fine. You can always check which troop composition will be stronger against the enemy units on each wave, before you start the fight. Some boosters like Dwarven Armorer and the like, which you might have used during the tournament and are still active...
  6. Melianora

    How does the Spire work for a FS ?

    Those that are struggling can be helped along with trades. We usually ask fellows about goods they might be missing and we can share for them to climb higher. After all the Spire is a complete team effort. Can take a while until everyone gets the diamond glint in their eyes. There also some...
  7. Melianora

    What fresh hell is this???

    Right, Non-boosted factories. Noone ever needs to build those. Yes, we have some boosted sentient goods factories that can also produce non-boosted goods, but who would do that, apart from clicking wrong, like I have done a few times :eek: :rolleyes: :p
  8. Melianora

    What fresh hell is this???

    Just to chime in here. That one quest was a total design bug! End of story. Thanks @Herodite for a more reasonable response. When that quest hit me, I was lucky!!! that one of my provinces that already take ages to count was about to be finished. Otherwise I would have had to wait for...
  9. Melianora

    Question Dragon Ark rewards.

    In hindsight the Vortex is indeed not so useful. I do however like the additional 20k PoP my city gets from the Thermal Springs. How do you @Pauly7 , @Gargon667 have enough PoP then?
  10. Melianora

    Show Us Your Cities!!

    I once had my MH in the top corner, but changed that as my map got bigger. With the current arrangement there are quite some buildings that can dock with the MH with less streets and there are multiple sides where the streets start. I found with the top corner position I would run into issues...
  11. Melianora

    Question Dragon Ark rewards.

    You do mean the Moonstone Library, right? I would count in Chapter 15 wonders as well. Thermal Springs of Youth and Vortex are rather useful. Ch16, Ch17 wonders are a no-no for my city.
  12. Melianora

    Show Us Your Cities!!

    Welcome to Orderly Cities Anonymous! Looks great!
  13. Melianora

    Question Is Elvenar a trading game on mobile?

    When you are beginning to use auto fight on the desktop version, because when you hover your mouse over your units, the enemy units will get a layover, showing which of the enemy units will be overwhelmed. So that's a good start to memorize which of your units beat which enemy units!
  14. Melianora

    Question ch17 - direct or indirect?

    @Alcaro , I read about that route too, but did not have enough teleport spells to do so. o_O
  15. Melianora

    Question New Chapter? And the changes to the Main Hall screen.

    Unurium for ascendent goods would make sense, like we need seeds to make sentient goods now.