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Recent content by Davemc

  1. United Elven Nations looking for 2 active players

    UNITED ELVEN NATIONS looking for 2 active players, to replace 2 inactive . Friendly fellowship lots of help available from experienced & small players. Would prefer Planks, silk, dust boosts but not essential.. Please message me in game for for info. Happy gaming :D
  2. Answered How can I join a specific fellowship?

    If you are playing on a pc click on your ranking score near your avatar and you can search for players & fellowships. I am not sure how it works on mobile. Enjoy the game
  3. Question Badge Collection problems

    Anyone having probems in the pit putting badges on . Keep getting internal error then badges dissapear out of inventory
  4. Closed | Archived Problems with mushrooms

    If i remember correctly it was a long time ago i was in Orcs but shroom of wisdom is the 2 day production in your farms or it is possible you need to upgrade portal first to enable it to hold them. Click on your portal it will show what capacity is available
  5. Tourney

    How many points did you get? You need to get a minimum of 30 points (1 province) to get the rewards
  6. looking for a fellowship

    Hi Stephen1 Have a look at United Elven Nations. Currently ranked #48. We regularly do 7-8 chests in the tournament 10 about once every 6 weeks. We have 1 vacancy at the moment due to a high ranking player leaving for personal reasons. Contact me in game if interested Davemc
  7. Closed | Archived Private Messaging in Fellowship

    It cleared itself about an hour later all the fellowship had the same problem EN2
  8. Closed | Archived Private Messaging in Fellowship

    I have done but its sunday no reply :(
  9. Closed | Archived Private Messaging in Fellowship

    At the moment none of my fellowship can send private messages. This is effecting the new players i have welcomed to the fellowship and will have an impact on adventures. Group messages seem to work but any private ones just get internal error which causes a reload
  10. Discussion Fellowship Adventures with a twist!

    Does anybody know if sentient Tier 4 factories (if making T4) still count towards the badges im sure they did in the last one
  11. Pet food

    Would be great to get it in the daily visit chests instead or relics even if rare
  12. Answered Changes to NH interface?

    It will be like it was with the workshop interface. I have it in my small city but not in main. Will be on all cities soon. A lot quicker as i dont play on mobile.
  13. Cosmic Bismuth

    Im in Wynandor and my boost is Alloy shrooms. I always pu up trades 5500 shrooms for 5000 busimuth they get snatched within an hour. I also get quite a few from the set buildings from the spire (but still waiting to get the library But i agree too many stupid trades to scroll through just use...
  14. Closed | Contact Support Logging in

    For the past 24 hours have had problems logging into the game. Getting into my account is no problem but getting a world to load I either get Render config JSON not found or Server Error. After multiple tries i managed to get in and disabled HTML 5. I can gain access using flash player but very...
  15. AW donations

    I dont see the problem. We have a KP swap in our fellowship. Not everybody takes part but if i see one of the members that are close to finishing and they have spare chests i just post in chat and say such abody needs 6 kp to finish and thre are 2 chests left so the FS gain the benefit. If the...