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Announcement World Map Player Movement


Community Manager
Elvenar Team

Player Movement

Dear Humans and Elves

We are currently making some changes to the World Map with regards to the general movement of players.

This is being done to migrate larger numbers of players more overtly towards the centre of the map, to better assist gameplay and access to more active area's.

Usually this is done once a week on a Monday, but only for those players who have this confirmed in their settings. This has over time resulted in gameplay for some players becoming increasingly difficult, with a lack of Trading partners and reciprocal Neighborly help being the main issues.

Therefore today, we have taken this step to begin to move greater numbers of players automatically to rectify this and once again improve Elvenar.

Please therefore make sure to check your personal settings in your game, as we can only move those that have the Player Movement selected. We should add that all App players have this box selected as their default setting, if you wish to not move, please raise a ticket with Support. Do though bear in mind that if you decide not to move and all your neighbours want to, this can leave you in a relative wasteland on the map, as others move closer to the centre.

We should also add that we will be also implementing a forced move this coming week, from Sunday 28th to Monday 29th Tuesday 30th of November. What this will mean is that regardless of a players settings, the move to a more central position will occur. This is a one off occurrence, to assist gameplay and to reduce the empty space and ''gold mines'' on the map.

As always we look forward to your feedback, please head over to the dedicated discussion thread to share your comments.

kind regards

Your Elvenar Team
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