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Read Me Words of Wisdom 2: Facts about Event Buildings...

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phoenix cult.png Some event buildings give you both population and culture. This feature isn't available in many non-event buildings; some premium buildings bought with diamonds and the Wayfarer's Tavern in the Dwarves chapter are other examples of non-event buildings which offer both.

Their value / production is determined by the chapter a player is in when they are won, not when they are built. You have to be past Advanced Scouts to officially move to the next chapter.

Compared to their counterparts in residences and "standard" culture buildings, the daily event buildings can be more than 4 times as efficient as standard buildings of current chapter.​


road connection needed.png There are different types of event buildings- ones which require a road connection and ones which do not. The Travelling Merchant I, II and II, Orc Nest and Orc Camp require a road since they produce supplies or goods. "If it produces something it needs a road" (Timon,2017)​


inventory.png When you earn an event building, it can be found in your inventory rather than in the build menu.

If the player gains a large number of unique buildings there will be 2nd and even more pages in inventory for them.

Same building received in different eras occupy different spots in your inventory, so check carefully which one you are building.

Buildings can be built in 10 seconds and without an available builder.​


If you sell or cancel the build of your event building, they are gone for ever. There is no way possible to retrieve them.​


Event buildings do not upgrade when you reach a new chapter.

More popular event buildings may be offered in subsequent events giving players an opportunity to replace an event building with one with higher stats/ production.​

The daily rewards can be just as good as the end prizes plus, unlike the final prizes, you can have multiples of them.
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