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Read Me Words of Wisdom 1: Completing Events

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  • You can avoid accidentally collecting finished production by disconnecting the building from the Main Hall.
  • Before you collect anything, check the next quests just in case you might require what you're about to collect.
  • When collecting for the current quest, only collect the exact number required.
  • With quests to buy KP or complete encounters, it is typically faster to buy the KP.
  • Use an inspiring meditation spell in preparation for quests requiring you to spend more than 10 KP.
  • If you have the space, build extra level 1 workshops to use for quests such as "Produce Basket of Groceries 5 times
  • If you have space, build extra level 1 factories of your Tier I boosted good (Steel/Marble/Planks) to help with quests such as "Produce 3 Elegant Furnace"
  • You can get easy (and cheap) relics through tournaments, no matter if you fight or cater. You can also sometimes get some more relics in the 3 chests you get each day when you help neighbours.
  • If you enter your magic academy just before the first spell completes and wait until it does, that will free one slot to start a 3rd spell without taking any... so you can prepare 3 provisions of power spells ahead with only 2 slots.
  • Read spoilers so that you know when time-consuming tasks are coming up and start the production ahead of time. For example, you could produce 3 Elegant Furnace and simply not collect until you get the quest.
  • If you have someone in your fellowship that has a city in Beta World get a list, number it and write it down.
  • Train units ahead of time and simply do not collect until you get a "Train X units" quest.
  • Produce Power of Provision spells in the Magic Academy ahead of time, if you do not wish to rely on luck to get them from giving help to other players, and do not collect them until you need them for a quest.
  • Start your scout some time before requested if he needs days to complete.
  • Even without spoilers quests often occur in similar groups that increase in length. For example if you start to get collect x 5 min production from workshop it is likely the next few quests will be from the workshop asking for 15 min, 9 hr then 1 day. Same for tier 1 boosted goods. So if you start to see these expect some longer production quests to follow.
  • The quests with an option display your status for the one you are closest to finishing based on a % completion. So it is possible the option you are working on is not displayed as it is not as close to completion as the other option. Specifically occurred in the Summer Solstice event.
  • If the quest asks you to buy 10 knowledge points OR earn them in the provinces, pick one and stick to it - you cannot buy 5 and negotiate or fight 5.

  • 'Research 1 technology' means get any one technology in your technology tree to 100%.
  • When you get a quest to upgrade X buildings to level Y, it's best to build and upgrade marble factories, as they take the least space, time and population (at least until level 5). Elves can use planks factories too for such quests.
Event building do not upgrade when you progress into a new chapter. However event buildings may be on offer during subsequent events and you may have an opportunity to replace a building with one with higher stats.

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Summer Solstice August 2016

Wonky Walter's is coming to Town! October 2016

Lord Pumpkin Awaits You! October/ November 2016

King Snow and the Snow Flurry December 2016

Love is in the air! February 2017

Unknown eggs discovered in Elvenar-Rise of Phoenix March/ April 2017

Menhirok's Duty May 2017
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gandolfus, Lady Woodland, Mykan
banner by AliciaQ

please post any feedback on Tips for completing events


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