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Where do I find out what rewards I won from the tournaments ?


I just finished 1st and I did all 8 quests on one province and 7 on the second, a screen flashed up that I won but it didn't stay long enough to see what I won grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :( Not very happy here.

These tournaments really really need sorting out, they are a complete shambles.


I got what was shown as a chest as a reward but I've no idea what was in it or where to find it, anyone else know the answer?


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Unfortunately, the 'chest' is broken, this issue is under investigation by the development team with priority!
Currently one can only view points gained during the current/last tournament via the Tournament Tab, other information is not available atm.


Don't worry, they will fix this in the 1.6 patch!
Oh wait...


I have won this chests twice already . last tournament should be 6 chests in total for finishing 6 provinces but nothing shame
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If each milestone aka a chest is awarded whenever that said province achieves the required points, I have been short changed.

I should get 7 chests not just 1. Only 1 was totally based on my own effort (Having a few actives hitting the same province is way more rewarding). Just noticed this since the last relic happen to be one of my production specialty:oops: