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Answered When does an idea get forwarded?


Of course there is, each country or area's forum and worlds has it's own team that looks at everything in their server area of the game, possibly in the 100's but this is the EN server and has a team of 8.

Didn't we agree to stop speculations?


IMO all ideas should be forwarded because mods might think something is not worth forwarding that the devs might think is a good addition to the game.

I actually think that's the case. I believe that customers' feedback is always important for a company that wants to do well and is treated as such. I saw number of instances that they actually listened to us and even withdraw an update that caused too many complaints. I personally don't dare to question their decisions too much as they will always know much more about the situation than I do. But that doesn't stop me from voicing my opinion! :D
But again, this is my opinion and I could be wrong.


This is official answer. If the mods had a problem with it, they would let us know. Just because this answer is not the one you want, it doesn't make it less official.


What happens with the suggestions that have been made?

The Elvenar Team is reading your ideas and suggestions on a regular basis, and is forwarding the ones with most potential to be taken into consideration. This, however, does not mean that everything that's been forwarded can or will also be implemented. The Elvenar Team gets a lot of suggestions, and always has to make choices about what to implement - on top of any ideas that they already have themselves!


Surely, if the answer isn't clear and open to interpretation, we can ask for clarification? This thread is about that. Do you dispute that?

The person originally posting the question also stated before that she did read this answer. So all we can do is second her question or not as the case might be.


When an idea is posted in the "Ideas and Suggestions" section, what does it take to get forwarded to the devs?
The procedure described by @Valania is the one that is followed.
To be forwarded, among other things, the idea needs to be:
  • original- there are other markets where players make suggestions so it could be that it has been suggested elsewhere
  • fits in with the nature of Elvenar
  • not already in process- some ideas might have been suggested earlier and are already being put into action
  • described in detail
  • well-thought through- a lot of discussion on an ideas thread will help you define and refine your idea
Every idea is read and considered for its merit.

Please ensure that any further comments are constructive, show respect for the opinions of others and are on-topic.


Lizzie, you already got two suggestions under Valania's post of idea's that will not be implemented. Is it possible to add others to this list that have been viewed and rejected. Things that get suggested often. As there is a list of suggestions from other markets you must know what's been suggested before and has been rejected and gets suggested over and over again, besides those two? Or are those the only ones that keep coming back?


Thanks for your reply, @Dizzy Lizzie , much appreciated. This is not the answer I hoped for, as it remains unclear which ideas get forwarded and which are rejected for which reasons. Beta and US servers are better in that respect, and DE is yet a whole lot better than the aforementioned. You may want to add some level of feedback here too.


As I spot ideas that are a definite 'NO' I add them.

Who decides when something is a definite no ? and what is the basis of making that decision ? I mean no disrespect to moderators or community managers but they are not game designers or developers and therefore can not know with 100% certainty if an idea is adaptable or not. If it is done through personal choice on if they think it is a good idea or not or they just don't want it then that is very wrong.


@Timneh, this is going to be speculation, but I'm basing it on the answers Lizzie gave. @Dizzy Lizzie can confirm or deny this and we will know more. I think the moderators have a list of suggestions from different markets (after all they can't be expected to read the forums of all markets especially if it's not in a language they speak) so they can check if an idea has been submitted before. And I'm guessing devs from Inno from time to time let moderators know if they think an idea will be taken on further for development or if it is a definite no. The moderators might be basing their definite no's also on earlier communications from Inno (I believe being able to rotate buildings is such a case).
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