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Valania's tips Ideas and Suggestions

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Your forum guide
Elvenar Team

Hello, my fellow Elvarian!

I'm very happy to see you want to know a bit more about the Ideas and Suggestions forum! Please allow me to give you some tips on how to use this section of the Elvenar forums!


This is the place you can use to share new ideas and suggestions that could be used to improve Elvenar. I know that many of you have lots of great ideas for new additions to the world of Elvenar and I'm always happy to read those!

If you want to share an idea, it helps to keep the following things in mind. This allows others to more easily understand your idea, and helps with being able to have a discussion about your ideas. Therefore, please make sure to...
  • ...give your thread a short, clear, descriptive title.
  • ...give a short summary of your idea (you can go into more detail after).
  • ...include why your idea would be beneficial. What problem(s) would it resolve, if any?
  • ...consider adding visual aids, which can help in understanding what exactly you mean.
When discussing ideas, we should not discredit other people for their ideas. If you disagree with an idea, or if you believe it wouldn't be great to have the suggested feature in Elvenar, that is of course not a problem, but you should phrase your replies in a constructive way. Treat others' ideas the way you would want yours to be treated. When proposing an idea, or when discussing it, the most important question to keep in mind is "Why?" If you can provide reasons for your ideas and thoughts, that helps a lot in understanding what you mean. When posting, try to always have that question in mind, and try to formulate answers to it.

What happens with the suggestions that have been made?
The Elvenar Team is reading your ideas and suggestions on a regular basis, and is forwarding the ones with most potential to be taken into consideration. This, however, does not mean that everything that's been forwarded can or will also be implemented. The Elvenar Team gets a lot of suggestions, and always has to make choices about what to implement - on top of any ideas that they already have themselves!

The Ideas and Suggestions archive
To keep the forum section easy to navigate for everyone, the Elvenar Team will be archiving threads that haven't had activity for more than a month on a regular basis. Also if an idea is certain to not be implemented, it can be archived. Especially in the latter case, the Team will always try to give an explanation why the decision to archive the thread was made. Should you have questions about why a thread was moved, you can of course always reach out to any of the forum moderation staff.

I hope that I have been able to explain everything you wanted and needed to know. In case something is still unclear, or if I missed something that you were looking for, please send me a message and let me know! If my advice was helpful to you, you can also let me know by liking this post with the button at the bottom - you'll just need to be logged in to the forums to do that.

Thank you and I hope to see you around on our forums!

Your forum guide,



Thank you Valania for your guide- I am sure many people are finding it useful. I have noticed that occasionally there are posts of ideas and suggestions which have been already suggested.

There are some ideas which, though many agree would make life easier, have been categorically ruled out by the Development Team since, if they were implemented, they would change the essence of Elvenar.

  • ROTATING BUILDINGS- sounds great but it will never happen since it is part of the challenge of the game to fit all the buildings into the shape and space given. We have been told that this idea is a definite 'No!'
  • STORING BUILDINGS- again, this is unlikely to happen. As you progress through the chapters it is necessary to delete the old to make way for the new. When these are event buildings, this can be especially painful but many of the popular buildings are offered in later events.
If we hear of more ideas that are often suggested, and we already know that they won't be included in Elvenar, we will add them to this list, for your convenience.
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