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Tournament of Magic (new event)


Elvenar Devs, could you possibly consider doing away with the quests which require us to craft stuff in the MA to get the vision vapour. When all of us are trying to conserve the small amount of spell fragments we have to upgrade wonders, its a bit of a slap expecting us to waste them on crafting stuff we dont need! Also, as a large portion of the elvenar community now require about 6 months to scout one province, it would be nice if you could rethink that one also. I know we had this same arguement years back when it was forcing people to overscout to complete the quest. Please, just change these to something else.
As it is, I dread to think what the FA is going to be like if some of those badges arent changed.
In other news, we are slowly plodding along with our search for spell fragments. Previously we would be cursing if they spire gave us a ton of fragments and not much else, now we celebrate if we get nothing but fragments.....oh how the mighty have fallen lol.


The ponds and trees are a welcome addition to the corner of serenity :)