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Tournament of Magic (new event)


A new event has been announced on Discord :)

Dear Humans and Elves,

We have a new Event coming up!


Tournament of Magic - Live from January 29th​

Even amidst the weighty affairs of the Elvarian Sorcerers Society, where the most potent sorcerers grapple with worldly and otherworldly concerns, the allure of delightful games proves irresistible. Enter the dazzling Tournament of Magic, where prowess, skill, and enchantments converge in a grand competition! Bold sorcerers from every corner of the world showcase their expertise in specialized arenas. This year's challenge centers on 'power over life,' where sorcerers from all three disciplines display their mastery in front of esteemed judges, who themselves are renowned sorcerers. Unlock the secrets within the Tome of Sorcerer Trials and select from three extraordinary main prizes. Will you choose to master the arts of all three disciplines or focus your expertise on a singular path? The choice lies in your hands! Join the sorcerers' tournament and immerse yourself in the magic firsthand!

Main Prizes: Potionmakers Pedestal, Arcane Arena, Chthonic Circle​

You can choose from three main prizes, all found within the Tome of Sorcerer Trials. During the event, you can aim to acquire all three unique prizes or select multiples of the same building. The main buildings produce Culture, Population, Royal Velvet, Seeds, Combining Catalyst, Arcane Ink, Mana, Obsidian, Banshees, and Knowledge Points, depending on the building and evolution stage.

New Decorations (1x1) are coming!​

You can acquire Pristine Tree, Infinite Drop, Firefly Pond, and Floral Ringlet buildings that produce Culture. This event will also feature the Leagues system, as well as the Royal Prize Pass.

For more info head over to the Wiki Page:
Tournament of Magic - Elvenar Wiki EN


Apparently there are 2 x compulsory "Gain Vision Vapour" Quests and 4 where that's the alternative for those who can't Scout/do Encounters. Hooray.

Oh, and I've just had : "Fight & Win Province Encounters OR Negotiate Province Encounters"... which ancient PITA has been reported on Beta as impossible for some players on oh, only five, six, a dozen previous occasions?

What's the net sum total of Insult + Injury, again...? I seem to have forgotten.


You know, you guys 'n' gals (and that's @everyone still posting here, in all the different threads) really cheer me up!

<3 The Forum Crew. Indefatigable.

Thank you all. I needed some good Elvenar cheer right about now! :cool: