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Discussion The May Celebrations Event


You misunderstood my post, pet food is not back, it has been replaced by one relic. I said that was the good thing about the previous shuffle board event.

Oh... to good to be true haha. Sometimes someone sees what he/she/they want haha. I did not see any pet food in beta, but I hoped we had here. Oh well... panda bear will continue hungry, and the brown bear will eat every little then! (I bet my bears hate my firebird.)


Yay! Another evolving building! (Which I will be lucky to get to level 6 as I'm a not a top-level player.)
Hey, how about an expansion to put it in?


Diamonds! One reason evolve buildings are worth for INNO :) If you want the knowledge, go for it. That means level 10. If you can't, don't even bother. Other evolve buildings might have a long term life, but not this one!


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
@Sir Derf It has been confirmed that the reset is indeed at midnight based on UTC+1


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Also we had considerable feedback about the Mystical Object rewards during events as players preferred the chance to win diamonds rather than the event currency. So this has not changed for this event and still holds the normal rewards......thought you may like to know!


By the way, the e-mail with the 100 free items, did you get it? I checked the spam of my sever, and is not even there!

Sir Derf

To clarify based on my understanding of what you just said, given that some people have had reading comprehension issues lately.

The Mystical Object will not give away event currency, repeat, NOT give away event currency.

There was no change made between normal Mystical Object behavior and now that the event has started.
There has been a change made between Mystical Object behavior in past events versus this event.

This has been a public service announcement. Please continue with your normal forum reading, Thank you.

Sir Derf

Is there going to be an e-mail? I assumed that the daily giveaway, totaling 200 over the course of the event to everyone, was in lieu of the e-mail of 100 to some, and not even all of those some who should have gotten it. But, you know what they say about assuming?

When you assume, you make a ME A SSU.

Now, if only I knew what a ssu was...


I fail to see why congratulations are in order. How is this different from the previous event? Almost all people who played actively and completed all the quests ended up with 7 artifacts (some players got more) and then got 2 from the FA. The previous event was very well balanced IMO and I don't think anyone complained about the number of artifacts. The complaints were about the poor grand prizes, only buildings as daily prizes, the conversion ratios and the lack of recipes to convert artifacts.

What you said about this not being lottery only makes sense if a player is interested only in the Grand prize. A lot o players prefer to go after dailies and this system makes it very hard, it is pure lottery. Not to mention that a lot of the "filler" prizes are just awful (1 kps? 1 relic??!) If the Grand Prize is the only thing to be considered then we can go back to the mini-events: some very small filler prizes and 1 (sometimes 2) grand prize. Personally I'd be fine with that, I preferred those events anyway.
the congratulations is in place since many people are complainign about the lottery system of this event in comparison to the previous one

which if that was the case would cause the company a hell storm of legal troubles which they manage to avoid

did you miss the part that i said the event is a big disapointment?
since the amount of daily prizes you will win are halved?
and also the gifts you will get by opening the chest-blossoms are no gifts at all?

what they manage to do is to make the event more acessible to new players. how many quest are there?
and even with the catalyst which will be time consuming for the new players in the 20 days spam it will still be possible for them to finish a lot of quest without having to re arrange their city

so yeah if effect for a medium player nothing have changes 7 artefacts in previous mechanics 7 artefacts now in this new mechanics
so form artefacts poitn of view the changes have not changed the outcome for players

the big difference now is that with the addition of the millstone bar they limit the need to open chest in the event and thus thats is reflected not only in the number of quest but in the number of event currency you will win in the event
which will be enough for you to get in worse case 4 artefacts if you complete all missions that is.

and now you see the big diference
old mechanics you would win the 7 in the event opening chest but now you will open way way less chest. which is translates in way less gifts given.
daily and otherwise.

the congratulation was for pulling a legal feet to manage to keep the game as no luck game, and also keep the game as free to play.
because me lines are so easily crossed i have seen companies enter in legal problems with the new event they introduce and enter in legal issues.

thats why i congratulate them. because if we ask people to come out with ideas ii bet you the majority of them will not face legality issues.

and now lets consider if the 16 blossoms had actually the gifts form the chest. would be people that negative against the new mechanics?
but then they are not looking in the detail. because even if the 16 blossom where givinng the same gifts as in the past events the sotry is you will earn less that the previous events.

so the meachincs as implemented with the millesotne bar and transfering 3 artefacts there is implemented to reduce by arpoximetely half the prizes you will win in the event

and the company celebrate the millstone bar as an increase of gifts given.


Master of the Elements
Also we had considerable feedback about the Mystical Object rewards during events as players preferred the chance to win diamonds rather than the event currency. So this has not changed for this event and still holds the normal rewards......thought you may like to know!
I wonder if this feedback would have been the same if we were playing for a Fire Phoenix or Brown Bear or equivalent. If people actually want the evolving buildings then 500 diamonds is still worth more than what the mystical object would pay out in event currency, but then I think there is normally double the chance of getting that event currency.

p.s. I don't remember any discussion on this topic.


millstone bar
the only part of the new event that the company is proud to introduce

but what it actuall offers ot the gamers.
1. now you can see your progress in the missions and not have to go to elvergems to get the lsit of mision. So positive
2. doing the same missions you will get more gifts Positive
3. now you may get the evolving building when you want so you may change chapter. positive

So if that was the only addition to the event it would definitely be a great addition to the event. But is it really that?

to answer this we need to see what gifts are moved to the millstone which are 3 artefacts which means now in the event mini games you are expected to win 4 artefacts and not 7, while the nubmer of artefacts is the same what this small change does for you

to get more 3 artefacts you would have to finish 6 times the progress bar, which has 20 steps. so 120 steps to go . Now that is reflected in the number of currency of the event you will earn that you will not be able to open chest to get these steps.
which means anythigns from 120 prizes lsot if you open the cheapest chest and not only that it iwll also reflect 10 less daily prizes won in the event.

So the advertising of winning more gifts is actual false and does not represent reality.

will people play the event , well people will play the game normal and as that the missions will be finished

but apart that there is no excitement for the event, it will be done because you play the game not because you played the event.


For what they are worth, here are my Comments and Suggestions on the Event which ends in Beta today
Feel free to submit your own suggestions!

  1. The technical production and artwork is as usual excellent.
    Well done Elvenar team!

  2. I love the new Log-in Bonus - this is long overdue!
    It would be another way to add fun to the game - which is still sadly lacking.
    A log in bonus would be great every day not just in events!

  3. Back to the stupid Shuffleboard!
    I was hoping that they would drop this after all the negative reactions when it was first introduced. Many players are not interested in evolving buildings and daily exclusives - they only play events for the Filler Items like Knowledge Points and Time Boosters. With the three-chest system one has a choice of which days to spend one’s event currency to try for the fillers you want from the Daily Exclusive.
    Not so with the shuffleboard; it takes away player control entirely; for me and many others, it is nothing but a time-consuming lottery. I find it immensely frustrating and it kills my interest in the event.
    Every day a new set of prizes appear; you hit ‘Shuffle’ to activate them, then you can click on items (which are masked) to see if you get lucky. One only has a 1 in 16 chance of getting the daily exclusive - unlike the more popular events with three rotating chests, where you can decide which chest to open, to have a higher chance of getting the item that you want.

    In my opinion, the ‘Shuffle Board is nothing more than a lottery - it removes all control the player has over what items he wishes to collect. Also the very low probability of gaining an exclusive buildings makes one wonder why the art department bother to design them when so few players get the one they want.
    One of the 16 prizes in the Shuffle is a ‘reshuffle’ which gives you a new set of prizes. In its present form this is a lousy idea - because you may hit reshuffle when you have used most of your Spring Seeds and have not won the Daily Exclusive yet.
    If they want to persist with the Shuffle Board, the Reshuffle should appear on your board as a button that you can click to activate, once you have gained the Exclusive, to move to the next screen when you want to.

    That would make more sense - at least it would give one some semblance of control over the process.

  4. The Quest Set so far is really one of the best the designers have ever produced! Lots of alternatives, and not a lot of mindless repetition; also many quest requirements are ‘educative’ - and so far I have found not a single quest that any player can’t do, or which forces them to do stuff that goes against their city building philosophy.

    Also, my small cities are EXACTLY at the same spot in the questline as I write with a few days to go - so this new Quest Set does not favor players with lots of space, like previous ones did.

    Well done event designers!!
    Put this quest set with a decent three-chest format and scrap the silly shuffleboard, and you will have a winner!!

  5. Here is a nice change - when you complete a quest, the next one opens automatically without you having to click it!
    Very nice!!

  6. The Daily Log-In Bonus is a superb idea! We have been pushing for this for ages.
    Events should be fun - and many are not - this new feature adds something different.

    They could do more with it though!
    I would prefer a daily spin of a wheel of chance, with a small chance of winning something of value like a Dwarven Armorer or a Magic Building!!

    I wish they would have Daily LOG-IN bonuses every day! - not just in the events! Giving out just a few Diamonds every day would not harm the designer’s Diamond sales, because you need vast numbers of Diamonds to buy anything worthwhile. But giving a few a day has been done in other games like TrainStation (who also routinely give Diamonds to compensate players for the inconvenience of game glitches) - and it gets players used to using Diamonds - and when they have saved a lot, they might get impatient and go and buy the rest they need from the store...

  7. The idea of a limited number of quests and then one new one a day is interesting. It does mean that there will be less than 60 quests in total - not enough to keep the eager-beaver players happy - even if the designers have made it so we can manage to get all the Artifacts.
    We will have to see how this works out; a lot of players won’t like only having one quest a day after the first week...

  8. Evolving Buildings were a great improvement over Building Sets! But there are problems with them:
    a. The Fire Phoenix and the Brown Bear were potent buildings. Nothing they have made since is really special.
    b. In order to give us enough Artifacts to evolve these white elephants, the number of Fellowship Adventures has been raised - one after each event, to supply some of the required Artifacts needed to evolve the building.
    A lot of players hate this! Fellowship Adventures are like Black Forest Chocolate Cake - a lovely treat now and then - but an overdose makes one bilious...
    c. New-comers to the game are given the chance to gain these buildings by Crafting, after the event is over - but there is no system in place to evolve them - which makes these crafted buildings pretty useless and their recipes are taking up space in the Academy where we would rather have useful crafting recipes.

    Building Sets were cumbersome large, and needed one to get lucky to win all the components; Evolving Buildings are becoming same-old, same-old and the designers are struggling to come up with new ideas as good as Fire Phoenix.

    I would suggest scrapping the Grand Prize entirely - and rather have daily random mini-events and giveaways to make the event fun and keep the players interested.

  9. Ending with a whimper, not a bang? Previous events have had very ordinary Exclusive buildings on the last day. That is a bit of a let-down and an anticlimax.
    We were hoping this one will be different!
    A secret special ‘Mystery Object’ that is not in the Game File so it can’t be hacked, placed by the designers on the last day would be something really special to look forward to!!
    We would all hoard our Seeds for it - not knowing if we would want it or not - and that would add excitement to events that often, sadly, are rather boring.

  10. More to follow...


A secret special ‘Mystery Object’ that is not in the Game File so it can’t be hacked, placed by the designers on the last day would be something really special to look forward to!!
We would all hoard our Seeds for it - not knowing if we would want it or not - and that would add excitement to events that often, sadly, are rather boring.
This is a bit contradictory with what you said about control being taken away from the players with the shuffle broad (and I agree with that). Having an unknown item as the last prize makes it even harder to decide what to get from the event. Players like to get different items from the quests, so whatever that prize is you can bet that at least half the players would be disappointed. A big no to a mystery prize as the last prize. This game has enough of random and luck based features as it is.


the may tree is the first reward on the milestone line at the bottom of the quest page. if you hover over it, it will ask you to claim it, if you have done the quests


By the way, the e-mail with the 100 free items, did you get it? I checked the spam of my sever, and is not even there!
Wow! Does INNOGAMES still do that?
I haven't seen one of those "100 free things" emails in the best part of four years!


They did up to and including the last event. Maybe they will not do it for this event because they are giving free event currency each day that you log in during the event.


@Silmaril The event email giving 50 free thingies I got and the one for 50-500 thingies.. The links on both just take you to the game and I did not receive anything free.

I have contacted support.
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Newsletters are still on-going for events and there is now an option in your game settings to re-subscribe to make sure you get them. However today the link has broken as m4rt1n has found. We are working on fixing it currently.
Ah I thought mine was broken also - tried multiple times! Please let us know when this is fixed, thanks.