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The Aglarim - Elves Only



* * *

I. The Aglarim - Introduction

Greetings, elven brethren and all fair peoples of Elvenar!
Salutations, lords and ladies of cities proud and magnificent!
Please allow me to introduce to you our fellowship,
its virtues and its labours and campaigns.​

* * *

When after many millennia of laying desolate and barren Elvenar was finally ready to welcome its reawakening inhabitants, there was among these a company of elves, determined to face all challenges and hardships together. And thus on their very first recorded gathering, on the second day of the Era of Arrival (on the 17th day of October in the year 2015 according to our modern reckoning of time) was founded the fellowship of the Aglarim, which in the elven tongue means glorious or brilliant (aglar) host or people (-rim). The fellows agreed that the garlanded elven star, shining white and bright through the dark blue skies of night should henceforth be their crest.
As time went by once empty wastelands slowly began to flourish again, and so did our fellowship - our earliest hamlets eventually turned into villages, into towns and thriving cities, safe elven refuges spread across the known world. Regular trade routes were established between these havens, and our scouts ventured to ever more distant places to explore the unknown.
With confidence we look ahead into the future, and with prudence we look back into the past, researching hidden and forgotten secrets of long ago, unveiling ancient wisdom and wonders to grace our days. Yet we know and shall never forget how evil, darkness, and strife, born in times beyond memory, plunged our world into ruin, and how all things precious and fair staggered on the brink of doom. Aware of that evil and that it still lurks and spreads in disguise, we shall thus remain ever vigilant.
Albeit our vigilance does not yield hostility where it is uncalled for; we are friendly towards humans and the weaker races, admitting them to our cities as welcome guests, not offering our trust, but freely offering safety, help and advice. But let it also be known to all rogues and brigands, scoundrels and scum, and all beings malignant and foul, that we shall fiercely defend our own, our cities, lands and everyone who peacefully dwells therein.

* * *

Strength in arms.
Growth in harmony.
Benevolence in vigilance.​

* * *

II. Fellowship Synopsis

Race: Elves only.
Server: Winyandor [EN2].
Foundation: October 17th 2015.
Fellowship rank: 14ish.

Playstyle: Mixed, daily to casual.
Atmosphere: Friendly and relaxed.
Obligations: None except the will to be a team player.
Communication: English.

Internal trade: Fair or better.
Wonder building: Knowledge point donation threads.
Tournaments: Going for the tenth chest every seven weeks.
Fellowship adventures: Yet to be decided.

Applications: Welcome.​

* * *

III. Fellowship Details

Race: The Aglarim are an exclusively elvish fellowship. Do you rule your city as a human lord or lady? Then, even if you are as fine a fellow as one could wish for, we regrettably cannot invite you to our ranks. We firmly believe that the guardianship over fauna, flora and all the lands of Elvenar best belongs into elven hands.
Server: Our fellowship resides on the international server Winyandor [EN2].
Foundation: The Aglarim were founded on October 17th 2015, a day after Winyandor launched.
Fellowship rank: During its first year the fellowship's rank oscillated between 20 and 30. Thanks to a healthy blend of elvish patience and determination we can currently (October 2017) be found on or somewhere near rank 14.

Playstyle: The Aglarim are home to all kinds of playstyles - there are daily as well as casual players among us. Very active or less active – each fellow enjoys the game in a manner he/she prefers. Our fellows progress as swiftly as they like; challenging the top ranks is as fine as taking it slow.
Atmosphere: Friendly, polite and helpful, calm and relaxed, no pressure - we elves usually are not in a hurry, patience is a cardinal elven virtue. Advice and help are gladly given.
Obligations: For us the game is a leisure time enjoyment and not a performance of duties. Therefore we do not impose any strict obligations (although we have developed some routines over time), in particular there is no minimum weekly amount of neighbourly help visits, nor do we command to build certain buildings. But - and this is important - we expect our fellows to be team players. Soloists, players who do not interact at all, who never talk, never trade and never give neighbourly help, are not welcome. Fellows who turn inactive without giving notice are assumed to have abandoned the guardianship over their cities and sailed into the far west. They will be kept in grateful memory, but eventually be released from our ranks.
Communication: Speaking English as our common tongue is perfectly sufficient, fluency in elvish is definitely not required. Communication is important - there is no need to be very chatty, but reading and answering messages is essential.

Internal trade: We strive to maintain a balanced distribution of boosted goods among our fellows and therefore have a healthy and stable fellowship trade. Of course we trade fairly among ourselves, and whenever urgent help is needed it is freely given, trade ratio being irrelevant. Trade with non fellows may be conducted ad libitum.
Wonder building: The Aglarim make use of knowledge point donation threads, a widespread, well-known, easy and fair method of mutual wonder building.
Tournaments: Tournaments are fellowship endeavours by design already. Basically every fellow takes part just as he / she likes and time permits. This results in claiming the rewards of five or six, sometimes seven chests. Every seventh week however we launch an extra effort in order to complete the whole tournament and win the tenth and last chest.
Fellowship adventures: Like tournaments the recently introduced fellowship adventures are necessarily fellowship undertakings. Pretty much as we handle the tournaments we participate in fellowship adventures just as we individually prefer. We have not decided yet whether to try out any extraordinary efforts similar to our tournament assault every seven weeks.

Applications: Applications are, of course, always welcome, even if the Aglarim have reached the maximum possible number of fellows (25). There might always be a vacancy, and people who already showed interest in our fellowship are considered first to reinforce our ranks. If you think about possibly joining our elven community, please have a look at the following section.

* * *

IV. Joining the Aglarim

Congratulations if you have read so far! And if you are still eager to read on, then chances are that you would be a great member of our fellowship. Now that you got an impression about the fellowship itself, what can you expect? In short - enjoyment. But admittedly one can hardly imagine any fellowship not claiming fun as a priority goal, and the Aglarim are no exception. Will you find it here? You will have to find out.
Please understand that we do not accept absolute newcomers to the game, since the amount of players who quit shortly after beginning is exceptionally high in free-to-play games like Elvenar. Players who after having made their first steps definitely intend to spend a longer time here will be gladly considered.
There are no prerequisites (no invariable minimum score for example) to join – so at least the theory. In practice however we might need to replace a fellow with certain boosted goods or with a high production potential, in a given case favouring applicants able to provide the needed goods and quantities. Nevertheless - to simply be a nice, helpful and cheerful player always is of the highest priority.

How to join us? Either we find you, or you find us:
We find you: Elvishly easy - we ask, you decide.
You find us: If you think we should have already found you, then you may speed up things by applying. Please contact either Hawkspar, our mage entrusted with recruiting, or Alcaruin ingame, or leave a message in this thread.

* * *
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Unfortunately several servers are currently unavailable. Is the answer of Elvenar. Hope they will fix it soon :)


The arrival of the orcs is not good news :confused:
Concerning orcs - the scholars and loremasters of our academies came to the following conclusion:

The powers who once awakened and still shape this world looked at their creation and it deemed them good. But at the sight of growth, prosperity and happiness spreading in cities and all around over land they pondered: "Can there be true good without evil, true delight without despair, true beauty without ugliness?"
Thus in their infinite wisdom they ruled that there be trials for elves and humans alike, and sent as their instruments of hardship, toil and turmoil the orcs and goblins, both filthy malevolent creatures that every sane elf would normally kill on sight. But so great were their beastly numbers, so unquenchable their infested floods, that we elves were not only forced into a temporary truce, but even had to admit them into our sacred havens and endure their unbearable presence within our very own cities.

During the dark times that ensued we often we received sad tidings of whole cities, once proud and fair, giving in to the orcish festering, and also our own perseverance and patience were running thin and thinner.
The Aglarim however will prevail! And indeed there is hope ahead, since rumours tell of our lost brethren, the wood elves, and of their imminent emerging from their remote hiding places deep in the vast forests of Elvenar. And side by side elves will rise again soon, and we will cleanse our dwellings from the very last orc, goblin and all their crude and rotten legacies!


Orc and goblin abound here, curse their foul black hearts? I have yet to find such, but am only a poor refugee newcome from another land. My thanks for the warning. Sound the horns 'Fear Fire Foes'! To arms newfound brothers and sisters. To arms indeed.


Orc and goblin abound here, curse their foul black hearts? I have yet to find such, but am only a poor refugee newcome from another land. My thanks for the warning. Sound the horns 'Fear Fire Foes'! To arms newfound brothers and sisters. To arms indeed.
Welcome Jaffer, to these lands then, they are indeed worth dwelling in! And I hope it will be long until your horns have to sound any Fear! Fire! Foes! or even Smear! Mire! Woes! warnings!

Racialists are a bad race...o_O
Are you an orc?


Our horns be ready and our swords sharp but loose in their scabbards. Being newly come from a land of war and treachery it will be some time until we are able to relax. Light sleep and well fletched arrows are habits hard to overcome. Stay safe brothers and sisters.


Recently our pointy ears society merrily and proudly celebrated its second anniversary. Since the foundation of the Aglarim many dear fellows have left us to sail into the far west, and many have arrived to strengthen our ranks. Pursuing this ceaseless circle of change and renovation we now are once more looking for a new fellow, elvishly friendly, helpful, and patient, to join our journey.

In particular we would like to welcome a gifted alchemist, specialized in magic dust fabrication, who ideally also is a capable scroll-wright. So if you are fortunate to rule an elven city, advanced enough to produce magic dust and scrolls in ample amounts, and if the Aglarim are fortunate to have raised your interest – read the initial post to learn almost everything there is to learn about us – please contact either Hawkspar or Alcaruin ingame or leave a message here.

May your cities always prosper and flourish!