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Question Strange trade


Why does Elvenar permit and provide for unfair trades?

It seems to be in direct contradiction to the spirit of the game. Whereas having only 2-star and 3-star trades would be much more friendly, and 'fair'.


I guess this is the way the designers of the game want you to rely on your own sense of mind and common sense.


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Elvenar Team
Hi @Skyrider this is always a bit of a contentious subject however, often times, unfair trades are posted to be collected by Fellowship Members. I personally find it extremely helpful for low level players that are struggling with unboosted goods. The only drawback of course is once posted, they are offered out to the wider world BUT they do go to the end of the queue.

Kind Regards



Yes, it is a way for large players to help smaller players in your fellowship. Ideally, they should be agreed in advance through chat. Then, the smaller player should post an unfair trade, which the larger player takes. Doing it the other way round risks someone else getting in there first.


Aye, precisely what folks said above!
It's a shame there isn't a server wide chat.

I just made a small city, with boosted silk (wohoo) and I also posted several unfair trades 1:5 ratio and asked my fellows to help. Anyone outside of the fellowship would think that I'm a bad person or something, but it was just to get through a specific part of the chapter where I stuggled!

Have fun!