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Spire of Eternity: How it works and why it's good.

Silly Bubbles

Hello CrazyWizard. Thank for all this info. I understand the process of elimination in the negotiation option. What I want to know is; have you ever found any patterns e.g. The big Knight likes only crystal and planks? etc etc ? Thanks TurtleKing

So far I haven't heard of any patterns and personally haven't noticed any. It will get easier to fight all the way through to the top later in the game so this might help a bit.


Only thing I've noticed is there are very seldom the same goods next to each other.
So if I've got supplies, blank, marble, crystal, blank and the options left are supplies and crystal then
supplies, crystal, marble, crystal, supplies would be my choice.

I agree with Silly Bubbles, fighting is definitely the way to go (with some troop buffing buildings)