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Spire of Eternity: How it works and why it's good.


This is a WIP, whenever I have time I will translate my original post from the dutch forums here.
note that I will re-use the dutch pictures, if you have english versions of those picture please post them in this topic and I will swap them out, sometimes pictures are combined to stay within the limitations of the amount of pictures allowed in a post, is thats the case then please supply a combined englis picture as well.

It seems that a lot of players don't see why they should play the spire.
In this post I will try to explain how it works, why it's usefull and how you can benefit from all it's rewards.
  1. Introduction
  2. How it works
  3. Fellowship based adventure
  4. Prizes
  5. Moonstone Library set
  6. Mini-game / negotiations part 1
  7. Mini-game / negotiations part 2
  8. Unit Reward Calculator
  9. Tower difficulty calculations
  10. Conclusion
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1. Introduction:

The spire is a weekly minigama in the game of elvenar, you get access to this feature once you reach chapter 3.
The spire consists of 2 parts, once is the individual game where you get individual prizes and one muliplayer element that accumulates all the result of each individual result of each fellowship member to a fellowship reward for even more prizes.


2. How it works.


Each sunday from 16:00 CEST / GMT +1 until friday 22:00 a mystyrious spire arrives at the left side of yout town.
Each week a new spire arrives with new opportunities and rewards.
results from former spires do not carry over to the new one

You can get access to this feature by selecting the building or selection the option in your menu bar


When you select the feature you start at the bottom of the spire,
The spire consist of 3 levels that get gradually more difficult, each level consist of 4 section with each section having 4 ghost protecting it's reward chest and 1 "boss" ghost protecting both it's chest and the door to the next section / level.

When you select a ghost the following menu opens:

You can either fight or negotiate, the negotiation is different that you are used to from province and tournament negotiations.
This will be explained in more detail in the Mini-game / negotiations section of this topic

Fighting is very similar to the rest in elvenar with the difference of waves, some fights have muliple rounds, in these battles you have to choose your units once, and those have to battle each round consecutively without being able to change or replace units.

Both the above rounds need to be defeated with a single set of units.


As you can see the losses from round one are brought over to round 2 of the fight
With this each consecutive round becomes more difficult.

At most there are 3 rounds to be battled.
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Great idea! I´ll try to get you the screenshots next time the spire starts, poke me if I forget ;)

Wish I could edit some typos, it´s kinda difficult to point those out one by one, but I guess it´s something that can be done later...