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Show Us Your Cities!!


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@sunrae I love that! So colourful! :)


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Apparently i've a 20% chance of an igloo on my next one.... I don't know how I feel about that
Igloos aren't for me. I can't bear to build any winter buildings.

I do love the Windmill of Evil, but with my own particular rules I find the building quite difficult to place. It has a tendency to overhang buildings that are nearby and I can't have that. It can be OK over towards the eastern corner of the city. So for me... I removed my Windmill ages ago, always with the intention that it would be back eventually. When it came to it, though, I find that I no longer have a suitable place to keep it.


You can open it in Photoshop and reduce the size. You can even do the same thing in MS Paint.

Tried, it is a small file now. Maybe I have restrictions on my account?

Could be a thread limit?
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when I use lightshot to take a screenshot it always downloads as a png but then I open up MS paint, open the screenshot, click save as, then click jpeg and it works


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@m4rt1n Sorry for the late reply dearest! I normally save the Screenshot to Paint and then upload it to here! In the Forum Rules it states that pics are restricted to 640x480 pixels but im not sure if thats because it can't support anymore than that, or if that's just our rule. I'll find out, but in the meantime (and if you can) try the Paint Option :)

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@m4rt1n , I have to load my images in another app first, save it, and then try and upload it here. I am not technology savvy enough to know what makes the difference or why I can’t upload a screenshot directly here, but have accepted that is the way I have to do it.

Can’t get a full overview of my city either on app, so very restricted on what I can show. Reducing browzer zoom is only on computers. A pity.