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Reduce number of clicks in the tourney without requiring new programming


This is primarily for the App, since most people use the App for tourney play, but can be adjusted to the browser version as well.
Since the topic of clicks in tourney has come up in various places now, and most of them require changes in game mechanics and additional programming here are my suggestions that can be implemented by an intern in 15 minutes without changing the game at all. It would still reduce the number of weekly clicks enormously, while working on bigger changes. This can be implemented by next tourney in beta if devs choose to do so:

Rerouting of the screen after encounters:

1. Instead of rerouting the screen after a finished encounter to the overview of 4 provinces, reroute it directly to the next encounter. I see no reason for not doing this, since the province overview contains very little info (rewards for current province) which can, if people need this info, be accessed by manually going to the province screen. Really everybody just clicks on the next encounter anyway, so why don´t you automate that step for us?

2. Same principle, higher level: After finishing a tourney province, do NOT display the map screen (it does then relocate the screen to the next province automatically, but we still have to click on it). This whole loading the map, relocating and then clicking the next province can be skipped, by simply opening the next province right after I finish the previous one. Absolutely no information is lost!

Assuming 50 provinces:

Change 1:
- reduces amount of clicks by 4*50=200 clicks per round or 1200 clicks per week.
- reduces screenloading times (because fewer screens are loaded)

Change 2:
- reduces amount of clicks by 50 per round or 300 per week
- reduces screenloading times (because fewer screens are loaded)
- reduces the waiting time for relocating between provinces to 0 (because it doesn´t do that anymore).
- An additional benefit is that the bug that prevents reopening provinces at a 0% cooldown time should become obsolete (if not, well, fix the bug anyway).

Any click counts, our fingers will thank you!


I like it, but with an option for #2 to start by the farthest province first. Starting round #2, I like to start with the hardest one and decrease till #1.

So, you would click on province #42 for example, goes the way you mention and it opens #41 (your option is to go backward vs forward as now). And also, for the game to take you to the immediately prior or following (depending on your option) province. So, if you want to 6 star only the first 20, you start 20th, and the game takes you to 19th, 18th... etc.

Both ideas require code, but minimal, and removal of other code (the current mechanics.)


I like it, but it's perhaps aimed more at the advanced player. Newer players are much less likely to want to go straight into the next province.

It would be nice if things like this were customisable for each person... but I'm daydreaming now.