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Recruiting new members


I am to insufficient to reply to the main thread. Corporate GREED!! Looking for Volunteers (aka free labor).


Speaking as someone who is not in a fellowship (something apparently lacking in this thread so far), and who has reached the Orc level playing solo, I'll give you my view. I'm not against fellowships I just don't see any advantages to being in one. As my neighbours can attest I regularly do the rounds of surrounding provinces giving out and receiving coins and sometimes supplies. This keeps me busy. I refuse to purchase diamonds, and this is my main reason for not joining one. This refusal means space is almost fatally lacking for me and my game must progress very very slowly with multiple city re-arangements, selling of culture buildings and juggling low levels of manufactured goods and few people with attempts to progress different types of buildings up levels. Frequently I am inundated with coins and supplies with nothing to use them on due to lack of space and people. So visiting my neighbouring provinces is not a daily occurrence, and sometimes not even a weekly occurrence - I just don't need the rewards of doing so. What would be my incentive to visit fellowship members daily or alternate daily as many ask for. The other main point of fellowships seems to be to offer KP to others to assist in the acquisition of Ancient Wonders. The rewards offered by many, or even most, of these AW often seem so paltry (unless I'm misreading something) that I can't see the point in going for them, but, more to the point I have absolutely no space for them. I don't have enough space for what I need let alone for these options, that generally are a bit on the large size.


This keeps me busy. I refuse to purchase diamonds, and this is my main reason for not joining one.
Most of people I've met in fellowships don't purchase diamonds and it's not a problem at all :)
And AWs are by no means compulsory, although some of them are good.
If you're not taking part in fellowships, you're missing on three things:
- more trade partners
-Tournaments (many rewards to gain there, KPs, spells, runes :) )
- nice chat and getting to know your fellow players
There are many FSs out there, so you could find one that doesn't need daily visits if that's a problem for you, so you could try and see how you feel in one.
Of course nothing wrong with flying solo if you want to, but do it for right reasons ;)

Edit: I visited your city on Win, and no wonder you have problems with space, you're producing all types of goods :eek: mate, this is very inefficient, you could do so much better if you only produced your boosted (planks, silk, dust) and traded for the rest. Check out this article for more information https://www.gamersgemsofknowledge.com/boosted-goods including some math ;)
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