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Closed | Archived Popup/flying/raising goods icones not matching collected ressources...


Computer health : Firefox & flash up-to-date, no other issues, fresh installation, blah blah blah...

Issue : when collecting anything (goods, supplies, troops, mana, etc) for the first time after login, the raising/flying icones that shows what you got aren't matching what I collected : they show I'm getting lot of goods when I'm collecting troops or supplies or mana...

Frequency : only first harvest after login but not every first ones, erratic

Started : I think it started just after my Trader was upgraded for collecting Halfling's seeds (level 2 ?)

Importance : very low, just to mention it, a wrong display but no effects on the amounts collected.

Evidence(s) : I'm trying to record a screen capture but as it doesn't happen systematically, it can take some times...
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My sympathies :(. I've had discrepancies in collected number of coins and mana myself. Strangely the number rising into my coffers is usually slightly higher :eek: , so I shouldn't complain ;).


When there are multiple factors affecting the totals in your game, then the display can be a little off, but the amount actually collected is correct. Its one of those interesting anomalies that will get fixed, one day, when everything else is working . :)