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Answered Pet food (Fiery Arien)?


Simple Set:

1- Feed the Panda Bear (you get 'nothing' but start 1h worth of effect.)
2- Feed your Brown Bear (a must-have, when you do, you will get a certain amount of T1 resources 50 x your # of provinces (you get all three) from Panda.
3- For every feed to the Brown Bear, you will get the Panda bonus. In my end, I get almost 10K planks, 10K steel, 10K marble. 12 hours worth of 50% speed in troop generation (barrack, camp & grounds). Make your numbers for the amount of time you want the boost.
4- If you started to play before the Phoenix event, you were smart, and you have a Fire Phoenix, feed it too. (Not sure what the others do, I think they are junk, specially Auriete)
5- If you cannot manage the 6 stars by the 16-hour cycle, you can always feed your Polar bear, if so, do it after the first round, so you get Panda's bonus triggers, and you gain 8 hours.

Of course, all assumed level 10.

In my end, I am in fairies, started to play right before the Mermaid's (so no Phoenix sadly), and ofc I have Panda and Brown Bear at level 10. I can manage the region waiting cycles by going a little later to bed on Friday (not a big deal anyway, (I try to work less during weekends.) With this, you can reach leaderboards in some tournaments (but not all, as in the steel one, I did a personal record of 6000 and did not rank, yet, I ranked like 22nd in the dust one with 4.5K pts.) I do 20 regions catering/fighting in a smart way, but with auto, no time for manual fight.

You will use 5-10 foods (5 more with F. Phoenix to cover the entire tournament), and maybe three or four buildings (25% health each and a couple 50% attack to the needed best unit for the tournament. The last two especially without a F. Phoenix.)

I hope it helps :)
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Elvenar Team
This is an adorable train-wreck of a thread :) Poor Fiery Arien is an Alien now.
Hahahaha, oops. Fiiiixed now! Sorry @FieryArien - hides

I’m having fun too. After Muf-Muf’s post I had to actually clean the display of my tablet. :mad:
I'm sorry I made you clean. From experience I know that is not something people enjoy doing. :p

(Sorry for bumping this after so long, but I figured I have no choice but to fix this even if it happened just before my vacation started and is now several weeks overdue.)