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Oh right, a title.....lol


I'd love a pint! Dogs don't tolerate quantities of ale well though. Might ya have some beef or liver flavored water? Oh...I thought everyone spoke dog. :p No broth, eh? OK, how about ice cubes, or better, the round ones which I don't know what they're called because I'm just a dog. Icesphericles maybe? No....No don't go....I'm afraid of the dark! :::crawling under her bed::: :rolleyes:


hehe Dogs are always welcome, but I only speak staffie....haha
I can do you a dish of chopped livers, how's that for you.


yum, here-share mine? Has a little gravy too. ;) Funny, I thought I only spoke Mal, but understanding staffie perfect! Love ALL dogs! LIVER FOR ALL DOGS, ON ME...and lovers of dogs! (If ya like liver). Heheh!
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