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Oh right, a title.....lol


So an OldHag hobbles into the lounge on a crooked walking stick. 'I hope they serve beer here' she mumbles out loud.
She is drawn towards the 'beer garden' sign, it's inviting.
"Oh Look, an empty picnic table". Seeing some other witch heading towards the same table, she picks up the pace and her crooked walking stick. ;)
So she won the race and sat down, you don't want to know what happened to the witch...lol :)

Well that's how I got here.

Now, I like to think out loud sometimes and thought this might be a good place to do that and it gives my poor fs mates a break.....haha
We will see. :)

I like to chit chat and I've got a good ear. :)
Sometimes I talk what some people would call erm, I don't know....maybe dangly things?.....lol
I could have said rubbish but dangly things is funnier. :)
Sometimes I've been known to make sense, but either way, I like to chit chat.
When I think out loud, I often think in my local slang/culture, not going to say where that is, but I can only apologise in advance.....lol

You're all welcome to join me for a chat, and if the mood takes me, I just might send you an invite......lol :)

That's me thirst quenched for the night, I'll be back when the mood takes me. :)


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@OldHag I'll join you, what you having??


Beer she had a week ago... Orcs sure aren´t picky as long as it can be made to fit through that big mouth of ours it´fair game.
But sure why not a beer keg will fit :D


I reckon newcomers might feel a little more comfortable here then they do on the main forums, which can sometimes be a little be bit daunting when you're new to a game..........well not here!
As long as you supply your own refreshements, feel free to hang out here and ease your way into the game. :)

Some of you might even be my new neighbours!


and if you're still socially distancing, then what better place to do it, then at Hags Nest....an extension of my city.....a bit like a back garden....haha :)


So I tackled some blackberry briars in my dads garden today......cor blimey....I cut them all back at the start of summer, they grew back bigger, thicker, longer.....grrr.....I'm cut to shreds and full of thorns.....again....haha
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So Gargon667, what happens to the left over bones? There never seems to be many about, is trade going on or am I missing something?

chew toys for the little ones?